Your police your view 2013


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Presentation on what the High Peak Community Safety Partnership is and does

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Your police your view 2013

  1. 1. Your Police, Your View 2013Your Police, Your View 2013High Peak Community Safety PartnershipHigh Peak Community Safety PartnershipCllr Anthony McKeownCllr Anthony McKeown99ththMay 2013May 2013
  2. 2. What is the High Peak Community SafetyWhat is the High Peak Community SafetyPartnership (CSP)?Partnership (CSP)?Community Safety Partnerships were set up asstatutory bodies under sections of the Crime andDisorder Act 1998 and aim to bring agencies andcommunities together to tackle crime and Anti-Social Behaviour in the local community.They are made up of a range of different agencies,some of which are statutory (required to be thereby law) and some of which are voluntary or co-operating members. This includes social landlordsand partners from the voluntary sector.
  3. 3. What is the High Peak Community SafetyWhat is the High Peak Community SafetyPartnership (CSP)?Partnership (CSP)?Since 1998, High Peak Borough Council has been aleading partner on the High Peak CommunitySafety Partnership.The High Peak community safety partnership setspriorities, manages resources and monitors theactivity of the partnership.We have a joint community safety partnership withDerbyshire Dales which meets formally 4 times ayear
  4. 4. What is the High Peak Community SafetyWhat is the High Peak Community SafetyPartnership (CSP)?Partnership (CSP)?The partnership includes organisations such as High Peak Borough Council, Derbyshire County Council, Derbyshire   Police, High Peak Community Housing, Derbyshire Fire   and Rescue Service, Derbyshire Probation Service and NHS Derbyshire County and NHS Tameside and Glossop.Other organisations that we work with include communitygroups, residents’ associations, schools and collegesand organisations such as High Peak Women’s Aid,Derbyshire Association of Local Councils and Universityof Derby.
  5. 5. What does it do?What does it do?By law, we must work together to tackle:• Crime and disorder• Antisocial behaviour• Behaviour that spoils the local environment, like dumpingrubbish (fly-tipping), graffiti and dog mess in Public areas• Misusing drugs and alcohol• Adult offenders and young offenders reoffending (peoplewho cause trouble in your local area
  6. 6. What does it do?What does it do?We must carry out a review (a strategic assessment)of the problems in the district each year. We mustalso ask you about crime and disorder issues inyour area and about the problems that you thinkare the most important for us to tackle.We have to use this information to choose the mostimportant problems that we need to tackle in theborough in the next year. We must then produceplans that show how we will work together to tacklethese problems.
  7. 7. Current PrioritiesCurrent PrioritiesOur top 3 priorities at current are :1. Acquisitive Crime & Offender Management2. Alcohol Related Harm3. Anti-Social BehaviourAnd we receive funding from the Commissioner totackle these issues
  8. 8. Acquisitive Crime & OffenderAcquisitive Crime & OffenderManagementManagementCurrent Activities :Community Protection Officer Post – with the supportof DCC, Police and the Home OfficeDiscounted sale of crime prevention materialsCommunity Engagement EventsMarket Reduction ApproachFarm & Rural Community Watch
  9. 9. Alcohol Related HarmAlcohol Related HarmCurrent Activities :Street Safe Project – in partnership with the UODSafe & Responsible ManualsLicensing TrainingIntoxicated Campaign
  10. 10. Anti Social BehaviourAnti Social BehaviourCurrent Activities :Street GamesDreamscheme / RangersSignposting ServiceDying 2 Drive EventsMediation
  11. 11. How we monitor progressHow we monitor progressAmongst other measurers we review outcomes egFor Acquisitive Crime – we look for reduced theftand burglaries figuresFor Alcohol Related Harm – reduced assault andalcohol specific hospital admissions figuresFor Anti Social Behaviour – reduced calls for service,reduction in the number of young driver accidents
  12. 12. Other joint workOther joint workWe also work closely with the police around thefollowing :•Joint Housing visits•CCTV•Community Events•Licensing / Environmental Health
  13. 13. High Peak Community Safety PartnershipHigh Peak Community Safety PartnershipAny questions