The Job Search Survival Kit -- Job Search And Linkedin Tips To Help You Get A Job


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This is a job search presentation to help you get not only a job but THE job. Being in transition is very tough and this will help you to get back in the workforce quickly no matter where you live or the state of the economy. This presentation has been seen by thousands with more people checking it out each day. Throughout it there are tons of tips,offers and helpful hints that when used can help a person get back in the workforce quickly. Check it out and good luck

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  • Talking Points: Before we start out with the tips, lets take a step back here. You need to look at this process as a bunch of bricks instead of say a building that is daunting and overwhelming. Each thing you do is a brick that helps to build the building if you can see what I mean. You meet someone for lunch, that is a brick. You attend a networking event and that is a brick. Focus on the bricks and the building builds itself. Remember, you are only looking for one job. There is no reason you cannot succeed and I mean greatly succeed. Lets go forward and I will show you.
  • The Job Search Survival Kit -- Job Search And Linkedin Tips To Help You Get A Job

    1. 1. Getting The Upper Advantage No Matter The Odds By: Anthony Hines
    2. 2. Looking for a job requires a strategic approach and shouldn’t be taken lightly. Whether you’re out of a job or looking to transition, the process can feel daunting and will make you want to give up at times. It’s important to understand that what you’re going through is normal, but it’s entirely up to you how fast or slow you want the process to be.
    3. 3. Who Am I….I am a hardworking guy who, like many others, found himself out of work during the economic downturn in 2010. After a long battle of wrong turns, job search strategies that led to no where, and dead end leads, I decided to take a more strategic approach to my job search. Like anything else in life, I needed to treat my search like a full- time job and create a plan that would allow me to stand out above the competition. Why Am I Sharing What Helped Me…because I quickly realized that to handle an event like that is to focus on what you can control and share the experience to help others. I believe that an experience not shared is a lost opportunity in life, and that smart people learn from their mistakes and smarter people learn from other people’s experiences.
    4. 4. TAKE THE EMOTION OUT Don’t Be A Victim  Regardless of your situation, embrace your reality and stay focused on the goal Don’t Roadblock Your Success  Negative energy, negative people, and stubbornness have zero value to you or a hiring organization  You only get one chance to make a lasting impression, it’s up to you to have that impression show the value you offer an organization or the negativity you portray
    5. 5. Focus On What You Can Control  Don’t waste precious time focusing your energy on the past  Utilize your network both online and in-person  Don’t let the stats distract you  Don’t take silence personally Leverage Like-Minded Professionals For Best Practices And Tips  Use your network and online networking sites like LinkedIn to gather ideas from others in your situation Many minds working together are always better than ONE!
    6. 6. Take Care Of Your Health  Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly to feel better about yourself, be more energetic, and fight stress Reward Yourself For Your Efforts  Celebrate small wins  Take time out to enjoy a hobby or spend quality time with friends and family  Lean on your friends and family for support  Bring up your excitement about possible opportunities, don’t just focus on the negative
    7. 7. Think & Portray Positivity  Stay proactive, enthusiastic, and positive even when you feel like giving up!  Manage your own and your family’s emotions Don’t Go At It Alone  You don’t have to go at this alone: lean on your family, friends, and professional network to guide you through this process.
    8. 8. PREPARATION LEADS TO SUCCESS Prepare Your Career Search Materials  Update your resume & other career search collateral  Optimize your LinkedIn profile.  Research companies & the target audience you plan to network with in-person & online Use LinkedIn Every Day  LinkedIn will be your biggest job search tool if used right. (check out LinkedIn Tips for more info)
    9. 9. Join Industry-Specific Groups  Use LinkedIn company pages, groups, and the homepage to get in front of your target audience Look Locally & Use Craigslist  Companies look for local candidates due to location barriers, so use your local newspaper and Craigslist for opportunities Register on Job Search Engines  Recruiters will source job boards for profiles and resumes that match their qualifications so make sure all profiles have current employment information Set up Automatic Job Alerts
    10. 10.  Get a copy of your resume over to the staff at Just send it to and tell them that I sent you. Use my name and you will get a free comprehensive and detailed report of how your resume looks and flows. Yes it is totally free. Go for it because without a great resume, you have no chance of getting any job much less a great job. The turnaround is very quick and the service is stellar. Plus they have lots more to offer. Check it out now.
    11. 11. Attend Job Fairs  Don’t underestimate job fairs or the companies that use these events to source candidates Track Your Efforts  Keep track of the jobs you apply so you know when to follow-up and in case needed for unemployment certification Place Calls In The Late Afternoon  Most people are busiest in the heart of the day so try and place calls later in the afternoon
    12. 12. Keep Your Skills Sharp  Get certified in areas that will advance your career or attend courses that you can use to sharpen your skills Volunteer to Get in the Door Take Time to Reflect  What are the strategies put in place that generated results and those that led to dead ends?
    13. 13. Don’t underestimate the power of LinkedIn and the resource it can be to your job search. LinkedIn is going to be your biggest asset to growing your brand as an expert in your field of expertise, networking with individuals for both professional and personal reasons, and driving your job search into high gear! I’ve listed a variety of tips and techniques that worked for my job search, but keep in mind that LinkedIn is changing (for the better) every single day so it’s important to stay updated with any new job search resources, updates, or additional resources LinkedIn implements on a constant basis.
    14. 14. Consider The LinkedIn Premium Account To advance your job search, I highly recommend signing up for the Job Seeker Premium account. Just a few of the benefits include:  Rise to the top as a Featured Applicant  Contact anyone with InMail  See the full list of who's viewed your profile  Receive Salary Data  Stand out in search results with a premium icon on your profile.  Get access to the Job Search Group & Webinars for Job search support and resources!
    15. 15. CREATE A “STANDOUT” PROFILE Headlines Count  Develop a catchy headline that is memorable and stands out amongst the millions of others in your field  Use industry specific keywords and list any certifications or credentials needed for your field Create A Stellar Summary Section  Use the summary section like your billboard, selling your highest level of achievements that align to the positions you hope to be considered for
    16. 16. Maximize The “Skills” Section  Come up with a list of 50 skills that are industry specific and relevant to your career focus.  Make sure you add all 50 skills as these are used as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keywords that allow to be more searchable and found by your target audience (recruiters & hiring managers) Complete Your Experience Section  Make sure the company names, dates of employment, and job titles are consistent with your resume  Add only the relevant information pertaining to the positions you hope to apply for  Ask for recommendations and give recommendations for each role you’ve had
    17. 17. NETWORKTOGETTHEUPPERADVANTAGE Join Groups  Join “Job” & “Professional” Related Groups. There are a great mix of hiring managers and recruiters posting their open positions, career development professionals that offer tips, and other people in the same position as you that can help. Follow Company Pages  Follow the companies that are both industry specific and those you hope to work for.  Recruiters source candidates from the company page  Don’t be afraid to comment on the company posts, but be careful to keep it professional and representative of your work
    18. 18. Actively Engage With Your Network  Don’t be a passive bystander, engage with members of the groups, company pages, and on the home page.  Build a presence for yourself by posting status updates, polls, articles, and commenting on other posts  Don’t forget the main goal….GETTING NOTICED! Ask for Introductions  Contact members who are in your 2nd or 3rd degree network.  If a member is within your extended network, you can contact them through connections you have in common.  Remember to include a personal and professional message as this will be viewed by all parties
    19. 19. Keep Your Status Fresh  Update your status often so you’re constantly popping up in the activity feed  Include industry-specific information, but make it interesting and catchy  Try and post updates on areas such as networking events you’re attending, volunteer work you’ve done, an upcoming meeting, a project you just finished, or a class you just completed  Always keep it professional; LinkedIn is not the place to post what you had for lunch.
    20. 20.  Remember, its all mental. Stay Confident In Yourself. Know your skills and love yourself. Let that project so that others will feel that confidence.  Just keep telling yourself that I need to continue to get possibilities because you are only looking for one job. There is no reason you cannot succeed. NONE.
    21. 21. Here is some free help to get you started.  Again, get a copy of your resume over to the staff at Just send it to and tell them that I sent you. Use my name and you will get a free comprehensive and detailed report of how your resume looks and flows. Yes it is totally free. Go for it because without a great resume, you have no chance of getting any job much less a great job. The turnaround is very quick and the service is stellar. Plus they lots more to offer. Check it out now.
    22. 22. If you want to quickly increase your linkedin connection total, including many recruiters, go to . This paid service will make your connection total explode. I caution that if you are not ready for a substantial amount of requests especially from recruiters, you may not want to sign up. Now if you want that, please use the above link for quick service.
    23. 23.  This just added (and not on the Youtube video) item will help you greatly. Check it out.  Come join the LinkedIn group that I recently created. It is called the Anthony Hines Job Search Survival Group. It’s a unique group because the people in it really support and help each other to get their next opportunity. Just log into, go to groups and join the above named group. People really seem to find it useful and I check in often as well. Come join today.
    24. 24.  If you have found this presentation helpful and would like to learn more about how I gained the upper advantage in my job search, please email me at and I will send you my complete 15 document set which includes a recruiter file with over 200 recruiters and even more tips for your use. Yes, this is all free. Request the set today.