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  1. Barmitas restaurant Marketing PLAN
  2. OUR COMPANY Welcome to Barnitas This cutting-edge establishment blends the best of futuristic technology with a sleek and stylish ambiance, creating a truly unique experience for all who enter its doors. From the moment you step inside, you'll be transported to a world of advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, and innovative design.
  3. Seven Marketing Core Functions The Marketing core includes seven functions. These functions define all the aspects that are part of the practice of marketing.
  4. CHANNEL MANAGEMENT In our company, the main distribution channel will be the physical posts where people will attend (restaurants), it will be located in a central and busy urban area (Costa Verde). in addition to a second distribution channel which will be the delivery service. in addition to a web page through which orders can also be placed.
  5. MARKETING INFORMATION MANAGEMENT First of all, we are going to establish some profiles of potential customers for our product and save it in a data base, this will allow us to know who our target audience is, and what are the needs and capabilities of that target audience have and adapt to them and what we can do to cover theirs needs also is important know the competitors
  6. MARKETING PLANING We are going to have a Budget to Ads so the makteing plan Will be based on that budget an acording to our needs.
  7. PRICING After having established the profiles of potential customers, and also knowing how much the production cost of our product will be, we will reach a midpoint between the production cost and the cost of the competitors. We are going to get this information thnks to the data base used in the MARKETING INFORMATION MANAGEMENT
  8. PRODUCT/SERVICE MANAGEMENT Our principal goal is get the lower production cost, kepping the quality, after to know clients needs,and ours market oportunities, we can decide what is the best way to produce our product and get more beneficial form it .
  9. Promotion But Frist of all we have to place our Product in the market so we have to promote it, and a geat way to do it is digital media(Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, Twitter… and others) , other method is by tv ads, billboards, also we can hire influencers to promote our product.(the restaurant) to the mass, also in masives events(like soccer games)
  10. Selling May be our better strategy to sell Will be the kindnees, and and a good treatment to the people, The waiters/waitresses will always treat customers well, encouraging sales, because we always return to places that made us happy, right? That is going to be the difference between us and the competence