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Airhead Education - Bett 2016 presentation


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A presentation by Jason Dixon of Airhead Education at Bett 2016 in the Microsoft Partner Village.

Published in: Education
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Airhead Education - Bett 2016 presentation

  1. 1. “Three ways to transform learning with Airhead" Jason Dixon Airhead Founder Visit us at the Microsoft Village on Stand C300
  2. 2. “Three ways to transform learning with Airhead" 1.  Online Learning Resources 2.  Online Communication 3.  Online Collaboration
  3. 3. §  Meets the learners where they are (online!) §  Re-use the most up-to-date content at lowno cost §  Delivers deeper & richer learning experiences 1. Online Learning Resources
  4. 4. §  Builds essential skills for the 21st century §  Develops effective teamwork and communication §  Students learn together and from each other 2. Online Collaboration
  5. 5. §  Improves whole school communications §  Reduces costs of printing, photocopying and postage §  Supports better parental engagement 3. Online Communications
  6. 6. §  Sign-in with any Microsoft Account §  Tiles for every Microsoft online service §  Widgets for Outlook, Calendar, OneDrive files & file previews §  Share with Office 365 Groups Summary of Airhead + Microsoft Integration
  7. 7. §  Sign-in with a Groupcall IDaaS account §  Share with MIS groups (via Groupcall Xporter) §  Tiles for every Think-IT partner online service §  Integration with Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Summary of Airhead + Think-IT Partner Integration
  8. 8. Stand D100 Stand B188 Stand C300
  9. 9. END