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Rick McKinney Recommendation Letter


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Rick McKinney Recommendation Letter

  1. 1. United States Department of the Interior BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT National Operations Center Denver Federal Center, Building 50 P.O. Box 25047 Denver, Colorado 80225-0047 March 2, 2015 To Whom It May Concern: I am writing this as a recommendation letter for Mr. Anthony Ciapusci. Anthony has been working on a large project for me since October 2014. In our office, we have a very large project library containing information on our software applications dating back many years. We are in the process of converting all of those hard-copy documents into electronic documents. Anthony has been tasked with cataloging and scanning the contents of each binder into a PDF document, which will then be saved in an electronic database for use by those in the bureau. Throughout this task, Anthony has been very conscientious and detail-oriented. He has worked independently, and has been performing the tasks accurately and dependably. Once a particular task is completed, he is quick to ask me what the next task will be. He is technologically savvy and is quite skilled working with our bureau systems. If you would like to speak with me concerning Anthony, please contact me at 303-236-6555, or at Sincerely, Rick McKinney BLM Management Analyst