Catanzaro Portfolio: 2010


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Works from 2006-2010

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Catanzaro Portfolio: 2010

  1. 1. p o r t f o l i ocatanzaro
  2. 2. t a b l e . o f c o n t e n t s1 P.C.M.A. Spa: Hoboken, NJ2 ReBuild.ReVive: Philadelphia3 Rome, Italy: Analytique4 Recent Competition Entries5 Frasier Centre: State College6 Case Study: Palazzo Linotte7 Music & Concert Hall: PSU8 Study Abroad: Sketches
  3. 3. 8
  4. 4. 1 p c m a : s p a hoboken,nj __The Pennsylvania Concrete Masonry Assoc. sponsored this design competition for a spa in Hoboken, New Jersey. __The spa, located on the banks of the Hudson River, was designed as a gesture to New York City across the river. __The experiential serenity of water provided the framework for the building’s concept: the initial feel of water on feet, the progression to waste deep depths, and finally full submersion and release. __The transitional building sequence follows this path until finally reaching the main pool. __This project was a finalist in the competition and received First Honorable Mention credits. sp_07
  5. 5. _a spa for hoboken W S 10
  6. 6. ty ion s k ci ard yor ens tow newext E 11 N
  7. 7. _cooling level plan _refresh level plan _immerse level plan 12
  8. 8. coolingrefreshimmerse 13 hallway circulation
  9. 9. 2 rebuild:revive philadelphia __This two part project consisted of a team competition entry into the Ed Bacon Foundation ReBuild ReVive project in the city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. __The team urban design focused on community concentrated growth spawned by catalytic architectural implementations. __The organic growth between blocks, vacant lots, and roadways provided a framework for growth for the community to take part of the entire process. __The individual design project focused on one of the 4 catalytic architectural implementations: A new regional rail train station __This station provides infrastructure connections while becoming an axis point in the neighborhood for continued growth fa_08
  10. 10. group work: jeff harner, matt hoffman, adam longenbach 16
  11. 11. 3 3 3 2 1 urban master plan concept17
  12. 12. ground floor plan_9th & girard ave. train platform plan_9th & girard ave. 18
  13. 13. community space view to city longitudinal section19
  14. 14. model study 20
  15. 15. aerial perspective view north21
  16. 16. 3 rome:analytique __Architecture is amplified and embodied in cities. Since most architecture is set in cities, and since the city is itself an architecture, it becomes necessary for us to evaluate the relationships that affect the making of buildings for cities and the organization of buildings into a meaningful whole. __The analytique drawing assignment vvas an in-depth personal evaluation of four months immersed in the city of Rome in the form of a drawing that explores our own personal connection to the city and its architecture. [original: 4 9x12] sp_09
  17. 17. 24
  18. 18. 25
  19. 19. 4 d e s i g n competitions __This competition presented the design challenge of an architectural monument in the city of Norristown, Pennsylvania. A museum of industry and industrial art was to be conceived from the skeleton of the former Norristown County Penitentiary. __The prison architecture is juxtaposed with a contemporary addition that breaks the barrier of the prison’s walls by the inner forces brought about from confinement. __Art work is the production of works through the creative human spirit. This breaks down the conveyor belt mentality of industry and reformative ideals of prison. __Resulting architecture weaves in the midst of the old while creating a new vocabulary sp_10
  20. 20. the john stewardson memorial fellowship in architecture 2010[original 2 20x30] 28
  21. 21. 29
  22. 22. corbelletti design_charette __the corbelletti design charette is the department of architecture’s annual competition in honor of former professor raniero corbelletti. __known for his incredible rendering capabilities, corbelletti’s legacy inspired the competition to require all submissions to be hand-drawn. __the program was established to try and unify the arts campus on penn state’s campus either through architecture or installations. my interactive concept for unification earned a place in the final round and an honorable mention distinction. [original 24x36] fa_0830
  23. 23. 31
  24. 24. 5 frasier.centre statecollege,pa __This mixed-use facility designed for the downtown of State College, Pennsylvania comprises a program of condominiums, cinemas, retail shops, as well as long term parking. __The structured, regimented style of living quarters becomes the framework from which the retail and cinemas break away, thus creating a void between the two. __Their resulting architectures produce a dichotomy of concrete and glass seemingly being pulled apart at the center. The program dictates its placement in each portion of the building. __A curtain walls reveal life and commotion while the condos are isolated and privatized. fa_07
  25. 25. 34
  26. 26. residence retail & cinema vertical circulation the ‘break’ 35
  27. 27. section modelresidencethe ‘break’cinemacinemaretailparking 36
  28. 28. 37
  29. 29. 6 a d v a n c e d hand.drawing __An elective hand drafting class was offered that taught the essential tools necessary to understand the geometries of space and translating them into drawings. __I took part in this intensive course in order to further my skills of hand drawing while also taking the first steps into complex architectural analysis; whether it be buildings around me every day or case study buildings. __This case study building, the Palazzo Linotte, was my semester long assignment to document in plan, section, and elevation. __The three drawings comprised a drawing set that measured 30” wide by 24” high. sp_08
  30. 30. PALAZZO LINOTTE rendered elevation 40
  31. 31. ground floor plan building section 41
  32. 32. 7 &.concert.hall __With a series of precedent studies of the world’s most famous concert halls, our design project took on the task of a new school of music and performing arts center for Penn State’s campus. __Located at a northern access point to campus, the new music building follows many paths of existing circulation while manipulating the pedestrian path through the building, much like a composer who manipulates his audience. __The main focus of the design was a multi- story concert hall specifically for professional performances. __Acoustical considerations were introduced throughout the project’s duration. sp_08
  33. 33. section A-AMusical Analysis Model: Vivaldi :: Spring_With an assigned piece of classical music, anin depth analysis of the piece was done in orderto understand the movement, metaphor, andarchitectonic experiences of a musical ensemble._Vivaldi’s ‘Four Seasons’ are an emotional journeythrough the annual transitions both nature andpeople experience with the changing of the weather._‘Spring’ is a fruitful excursion into the livelyresurgence of life after a cold, dark winter._This interpretive model utilizes an array of materialsto symbolize the image of life breaking throughthe barriers of winter, much like the crocusesprotruding the snow and soil at winter’s end._The metal grate is punctured organically bypainted wooden rods. Winter’s harsh climateis seen in the jagged edges of the metal yetis found to be vulnerable to the changingseasons as the protruding organisms beginto intertwine symbolizing the rebirth of spring. 44
  34. 34. model 1 model 2 model 3 model 4 B A A Bground floor plan second floor plan third floor plan 45
  35. 35. east elevation_courtyard concert hall sectioncourtyard view to concert hall west elevation_allen street 46
  36. 36. section B-B47
  37. 37. __during the spring semester of 2009, I spentfour months studying architecture and historyin rome, italy.__the art of sketching enables one to capture amoment, a feeling, and an emotion on paper; thisis something simple notes cannot accomplishalone.__my travels took me throughout thearchitectural wonders of italy from rome, toflorence, to venice.__these sketches are a representation of thefour months abroad and the architecture andsites I absorbed, analyzed, and embraced. sp_09
  38. 38. pazzi chapel, quick spatial studypencil piazza di santa maria novella_florence, italy pencil 50
  39. 39. st. peter’s basilica_rome, italy: cupola detail pencil51
  40. 40. the pantheon_rome, italy: door studypencil the pantheon_rome, italy: capital detail ink 52
  41. 41. ponte vecchio_florence, italy ink53
  42. 42. brunelleschi’s dome_florence, italy: view from hotel roofcharcoal crayon 54
  43. 43. piazza san marco_venice, italy: analytique of piazza and church pencil & charcoal55
  44. 44. temple of athena_paestum, italypenciltemple of hera II_paestum, italycharcoal crayon 56
  45. 45. san lorenzo_florence, italy: plan, section elevation analytique pencil57
  46. 46. __Architecture’s embodiment of ideas is aprocess that begins with the first stroke of apen on paper or the first cut of a paper model.__It is my preference to immerse myself in anexperiential methodology of design in order tofully grasp that in which I am thinking, designing,creating, or building.__Complete comprehension cannot be reacheduntil all facets of a design have been explored.__My personal satisfaction with a design isachieved once it encompasses the depth andcomplexity that can only be ascertained througha polemic between ideas thus creating thestrongest result.