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Omni ID Lead Generation & Digital Display for B2B Marketers


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Use solid B2B data for CPL priced, lead generating, dedicated email deployments and digital display.

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Omni ID Lead Generation & Digital Display for B2B Marketers

  1. 1. Email Lead Gen & Digital Display For B2B Marketers
  2. 2. MeritDirect is a traditional Direct Marketing company with a solid foundation of Business to Business Data
  3. 3. Because we are first and foremost a direct marketing company, accurate and deliverable data is the main area of our business. 1. Data hygiene is done daily and taken care of on the front end of a program. 2. We only deliver to opt-in email prospects who have activity engaged an email within the last 12 months. 3. We only send to business email domains and remove the gmail, hotmail, yahoo’s, etc.
  4. 4. Now the question is how do we take all of this fantastic business data and turn it into solid leads and prospects for you… and the answer is OMNI ID.
  5. 5. OMNI ID is a CPL priced, Non-Gated Landing Page, Email Program. This program simply replaces your standard gated registration page with direct access to your asset.
  6. 6. Omni ID With upfront access to the full contact name, company name, address, job title, phone, employee size and business domain only email address for over 52 million B2B prospects we have no need to inundate your interested prospects with a registration form before receiving the promised Asset (whitepaper, webinar, etc.). An instant download, or a 1-Click registration button in your HTML email immediately takes registration page conversion rates from the 12.5% average to a steady 100% each and every time…
  7. 7. Omni ID Samples
  8. 8. Omni ID With 55% of emails being opened and read on a mobile device today, landing page conversions continue to plummet. Prospects simply will not fill out a long request form with their thumbs and on a small screen.
  9. 9. Step 1 Determine Your Target
  10. 10. Choose From The Following Selectivity To Determine Your Exact Target Audience Across Our Extensive Database • Job Title – Function - Level • Industry – Sic Code (2 or 4 digit) – NAICS Code • Employee Size – Sales Volume – Years In Business • Product Interest – Purchasing Authority • Geography – State – SCF – Zip – Zip Code Radius • Named Account Lists – Exact Job Titles – Etc…
  11. 11. Step 2 Design your Dedicated HTML Email based on the asset you would like to promote.
  12. 12. Step 3 Get Rid Of Your Gated Reg Page
  13. 13. Step 4 We Test The Email To All Parties To Assure Links Are Working And Formatting Is Correct.
  14. 14. Step 5 We deliver the HTML Email to your targeted audience and all Unique Clickers of the Instant Download Button are delivered as leads within 24 hours of the email deployment being completed.
  15. 15. Omni ID Here’s a lead data report sample for your review… Date – Business Domain Email – First Name – Last Name - Full Name – Company Name – Job Title – Address – City – State – Zip +4 – Country - Phone Number - Asset Downloaded
  16. 16. Omni ID – Omni ID Review Target audience criteria is determined and reporting can be generated and reviewed by you to assure the quality and accuracy of the audience meets your standards. A set price per lead will be established based on the total audience size available and the amount of leads you are looking to generate. You provide an HTML email (at minimum one, we suggest testing two different assets and/or creatives) with Instantly Request verbiage. A From Line, Subject Line and Suppression file are also required. Merit provides the audience and runs the dedicated email campaign within 48hrs of receiving all creative/suppression files. A tracking report is provided at the completion of each deployment showing sent, delivered, opens and click-thru rates by link and in total. Leads are then delivered via a .csv file (either through email or placed on a SFTP site for pick up) based on the unique clickers of the instantly download button within each creative. If multiple assets are tested then a separate lead file will be sent for each.
  17. 17. Omni Digital Display – Reach Extension Now you can also use your pre-selected email audience, or hyper targeted demographic criteria, for a parallel digital display program. A digital campaign allows you to either fortify your email message with banner advertising , helping to bring prospects through the finish line, or simply to use it on its own for branding and reach extension using job titles, industries and employee sizes which match your exact target audience. Average Cost for this program is $14 per thousand impressions, with a $10K spend minimum or 715K impressions.
  18. 18. At MeritDirect we offer the following marketing solutions with the highest quality of B2B data…  Direct Mail  E-Mail  Telemarketing  Digital Display  Content Syndication  Online Video  Re-Targeting  Reach Extension And all with the largest and most qualified data sources available in the business to business marketplace backing it up. We offer data options for rental, purchase, modeling, appending, hygiene, CPM, CPL, & CPC, as well as the ability to monetize your own data sets. Feel free to contact me or visit our website for further information, thank you. Anthony Carraturo - Vice President of Data and Media Services Directline: 914.368.1083 - Mobile: 914.312.7380 - MeritDirect, LLC – 2 International Drive - Rye Brook, NY 10573 -