Relearning SEO - Untangling false assumptions


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This is a slidedeck I have put together that aims to help educate our clients about what SEO in 2013 involves. There are now five core pillars: #1.Technical SEO #2.UI/UX #3. Content Marketing #4. Social Media #5.Public Relations

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Relearning SEO - Untangling false assumptions

  1. 1. Relearning SEOUntangling false assumptionsDigital Marketing is Our Forte
  2. 2. What is SEO?…in plain English?WebsiteAccessibilityto searchenginesWebsiteProminenceon searchengines+ =OrganicTrafficfrom searchenginesIt’s all about…getting FOUND on search engines GOOGLE!
  3. 3. TechnicalSEOSocialMediaPublicRelationsContentMarketing&OutreachUserExperienceUX/UIGood Great Content and Story TellingThe Pillars of SEOAnalytics & Reporting
  4. 4. WebsiteAccessibilityto searchenginesOn-page SEO goodness…Keyword researchInformation architectureMicro-dataRich Snippetsschema.orgPage load timesResponsive designXML SitemapsGoogle Webmaster ToolsCanonical TagsBroken links404 pagesMeta tags301 redirectsrel=“publisher”rel=“author”Site speed
  5. 5. WebsiteProminenceon searchenginesProminence of your Content, Brand &Website on other websites…on-site bloggingpodcastsSurveysGoogle+guest bloggingInterviewswebinarsTwittervideo contentOnline communitiesDocument sharingPresentation sharingImage contentSocial MediaInfographicsPress mentionsAudio contentThought leadershipCompetitionsmobile appsWhite papers
  6. 6. WebsiteProminenceon searchenginesBuilding your BrandIt’s largely down to….Online
  7. 7. WebsiteProminenceon searchenginesTelling your Storywhich involves….
  8. 8. WebsiteProminenceon searchenginesCreating…ContentWhilst staying creative by….
  9. 9. WebsiteProminenceon searchenginesPromoting… your Contentand then….
  10. 10. We need to send signalsto Google to earn ourrankingsGoogle is renowned for serving the most relevant resultsOrganicTrafficfrom searchengines
  11. 11. Does my website reallydeserve a Page 1 rankingon Google?Have a look at the content on your site and compare it toyour competitors. Then answer the question below:OrganicTrafficfrom searchengines
  12. 12. Google rewards goodgreat contentBecause….OrganicTrafficfrom searchengines
  13. 13. We all love consumingquality content onlineAnd….OrganicTrafficfrom searchengines
  14. 14. Google is pretty good atfiguring out contentpeople love onlineAnd….OrganicTrafficfrom searchengines
  15. 15. Citations i.e. LINKSHow does Google figure out quality content?OrganicTrafficfrom searchenginesPeople talk about, write and link to great content
  16. 16. Social SharesHow does Google figure out quality content?OrganicTrafficfrom searchenginesPeople share great content on social media platforms
  17. 17. Bounce rates from yourcontent to Google’s resultpagesHow does Google figure out quality content?OrganicTrafficfrom searchenginesIs your content not engaging enough to people?
  18. 18. Average Time VisitorsSpend on your Site incomparison to yourcompetitorsHow does Google figure out quality content?OrganicTrafficfrom searchenginesDoes your content keep people glued on consuming it?
  19. 19. WebsiteProminenceon searchenginesGreat ContentGreat SEO hinges on….
  20. 20. WebsiteProminenceon searchenginesThat grabs the attention of…PEOPLE
  21. 21. TechnicalSEOCreate aSuperior UserExperienceUI/UXPublishCreativeContentPromoteContentBoth on-site & offsiteviaSocial MediaviaOutreachCampaignsviaPRIn Summary SEO is about…
  22. 22. Contact Usto chat more about SEOemail: @fuzzonemediatel: +44 (0)1865 600062