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Strategic planning facilitation SME Strategy facilitator services

By using a facilitator for your next strategic planning session you'll get better inputs, better information and a better use of time and money towards creating an implementable strategy. Call SME Strategy to facilitate your next strategic planning session, or strategy event.

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Strategic planning facilitation SME Strategy facilitator services

  1. 1. Strategic planning facilitation services.
  2. 2. You want to get your people together
  3. 3. To talk about the future. Of the organization Of the company Of the business unit.
  4. 4. How do you get consensus?
  5. 5. To get buy in for the strategy and implementation?
  6. 6. From the ground to 30000 Feet
  7. 7. We can help facilitate all aspects of the strategic planning process
  8. 8. Your strategic plan: • Vision • Mission • Values • Balanced score card • Strategic priorities
  9. 9. Your strategic plan: • Risks • Communication plan • Competitive advantages • Opportunities for innovation • Changes in consumer preferences/ target customer
  10. 10. Measuring success: • KPI’s / Critical success factors • Non-financial measures of organizational success • New methods for adding value to your supply chain • How to achieve better alignment with your strategy • Tactics on how to best focus resources and energy
  11. 11. “If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, when are you going to find time to do it over?”
  12. 12. Inputs to your strategy SWOT • STRENGHTS • WEAKNESSES • OPPORTUNITIES • THREATS
  14. 14. Monitoring external forces
  15. 15. Building a capability driven strategy Core competencies and competitive advantages
  16. 16. Internal Analysis • What are you doing now? • Get input from stakeholders, management and staff at all levels of the organization.
  17. 17. Inputs • External analysis o SWOT • STRENGHTS, WEAKNESSES,OPPORTUNITIES, THREATS o PESTLE • POLITICAL,ECONOMICAL,SOCIETAL,TECHNOLOGICAL, LEGAL,ENVIRONMENTAL • Internal Analysis o Stakeholder and management team inputs.
  18. 18. Vision Mission Objectives Strategies Tactics Aligning your strategy with your vision
  19. 19. Vision
  20. 20. If success was a place, how would you know if you got there? Where are you going? Why should you go there? What is winning?
  21. 21. Mission Why do you exist? Who do you do it for? Who is your main customer? What do you do for them?
  22. 22. Strategic mission. • Focus: What you want to offer to the target customer and what you don’t • Difference: Why your value proposition is divergent from competitive alternatives. • HBR Article: The Art of Crafting a 15-Word Strategy Statement
  23. 23. Who is your customer? • If you could focus the bulk of your energy serving one key customer, who would it be? • (Stakeholders, clients, shareholders, suppliers, government, other)
  24. 24. Values • What values are important to the organization? • How would you describe the organization if it were a person? • What is: “the way you do things around here?” • What is not acceptable behavior?
  25. 25. What can people expect from your organization 100% of the time? What is your company promise?
  26. 26. How do you get alignment? • Communicate clearly and simply • Get buy in o Bring people into the strategic planning process. • Match goals and motivation • Capability to execute o Are they given the tools they need to succeed?
  27. 27. Balanced Score Card Financial Customer Process Org Capacity If____then___ Howdowe?
  28. 28. Cascading Goals • Organizational Level • Team Level • Functional level • Individual level
  29. 29. KPI’s Performance measures and targets What are the critical measures or ratios in your business?
  30. 30. Where to add value? As part of the strategy
  31. 31. Supply/Value Chain
  32. 32. Where do you go next? • Red Ocean- An area that is expensive and challenging to be successful in. Lots of competitors. • Blue Ocean- New industry, new market, new opportunities. o Spurred by innovation and/or disruption.
  33. 33. Strategic intent • Headlines or themes for how you will execute your strategy. • Broadly specific areas of focus. • Makes it easy to communicate and focuses action. o “Think of new years resolutions”
  34. 34. Top 5 and top 1 of 5 • What are your top 5 priorities for the quarter? • Of those top 5 priorities, which is the top priority? • Make significant progress on a few initiatives vs. incremental progress on many initiatives.
  35. 35. Risks to good implementation • Leadership • Communication • Resources • Buy-in o Push vs pull
  36. 36. • Harvard business review interviewed 26000 people at 31 companies to determine what traits align with strong strategy execution. • 06/the-secrets-to- successful-strategy- execution
  37. 37. Identifying gaps What skills or resources do you need to make your strategy a success?
  38. 38. Implementation constraints • Time • Budgets • Human Resources • Technology • Other Constraints?
  39. 39. Risks • What uncertainty exists in your organization? • What are the impacts of that uncertainty? (risk) • What is the likelihood of that happening? • What can we do to mitigate that risk?
  40. 40. Stakeholder analysis • Who are your Stakeholders? • What is their influence/power? • What is their interest in what you’re doing? • What is important to them? • Actions
  41. 41. Stakeholder Analysis Keep Satisfied Monitor Closely Monitor Keep Informed
  42. 42. Strategy is about choices
  43. 43. Choose us. 1-855-895-5446