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History Channels by Writers Per Hour


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Who loves History? I do! And here I'm going to show you the reason why. Hope you like it, any feedbacks are very welcome!

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History Channels by Writers Per Hour

  1. 1. Which events shaped our world as we know it today? History is a universal subject that is also very controversial in its nature. We know that this statement is debatable, but so are most of the historical events. Here is a list of history TV channels and networks from different countries that have anything and everything ranging from factual series to the ones about aliens and reality TV shows. Here are the sources that we used to gather this information and logos: • • • • • • • • You can visit the links to see if the channels are available in your region or browse through the shows that they have. Someday our world leaders, events, and wars will make it into history textbooks just like the previous events and people did. By learning history we can make smarter choices not to repeat the events like WWII and atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. What will people say in hundred years reading about our age? What are you thinking about when flipping on a history channel?
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  3. 3. • There are a couple of history TV channels in UK, but Discovery History is the one that plays factual shows and they are proud of it, but so are we. • If you are into military, warfare, and military history check out the American Heroes channel (US). • Viasat History Channel is available in Europe and translates not only factual shows, but compliments them with series about society and culture. The chances are pretty high that you’ve seen the History channel’s logo. This channel is presented in US, Canada, Europe, and India. They have a channel in French, which is called Historia and another unique channel American Heroes Channel (in the past Military Channel).
  4. 4. • There is also American History TV that can be accessed through C-SPAN3 (US), which offers shows like Lincoln and Kennedy Assassinations and Presidential Campaign Commercials 1992. • If you really like National Geographic channel, then you know that they have really a lot of great programs about history, but don’t take our word for it and check them out yourself. • Also there are Travel Thru History series, which were designed to spark interest in viewers about our amazing history. Give it a try and see what you think! Order now with 20% Discount: