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This is just only the fundamentals of the Os.

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  1. 1.  Introduction Features Architecture Application components Activating components Guidelines Bestpractice Application developed on Android Conclusion
  2. 2.  Open software platform for mobile development A complete stack – OS, Middleware, Applications An Open Handset Alliance (OHA) project Powered by Linux operating system Fast application development in Java Open source under the Apache 2 license
  3. 3.  Handset layout Storage Connectivity Messaging Multiple language support Web browser Java support Media support Multi touch Video calling External storage
  4. 4. Built in and user appsCan replace built in apps
  5. 5. API interfaceActivity manager – manages application life cycle.
  6. 6.  C/C++ libraries Interface through Java Surface manager – Handling UI Windows 2D and 3D graphics Media codecs, SQLite, Browser engine
  7. 7.  Dalvik VM – Dex files – Compact and efficient than class files – Limited memory and battery power Core Libraries – Java 5 Std edition – Collections, I/O etc…
  8. 8.  Works as a HAL Device drivers Memory management Process management Networking
  9. 9. Applicationcomponents are: Activities Services Contents Broadcast receivers
  10. 10.  Indents Method for activating Components startActivity() or startActivityForResult Intent to startService()or Intent to bindService(). sendBroadcast(),or sendStickyBroadcast() sendOrderedBroadcast () query() on a ContentResolver
  11. 11. Guidelines for creating an application are as follows:Build your activity designs based on fragmentsUse the action barImplement flexible layouts
  12. 12. Design for securityDesign for compatibilityDesign for Accessibility servicesDesign for Responsiveness
  13. 13.  In September 2008, Motorola confirmed that it was working on hardware products that would run Android. Huawei Technologies is planning to launch smart phones that would run Android in Q1 2009. Lenovo is working on an Android-based mobile phone that supports the Chinese 3G TD-SCDMA standard.
  14. 14.  HTC is planning a "portfolio" of Android based phones to be released summer of 2009. Sony Ericsson is planning to release an Android based handset in the summer of 2009. Samsung plans to offer a phone based on Google’s Android operating system in the second quarter of 2009. GiiNii Movit Mini is a Internet device based on Googles Android operating system
  15. 15. we concluded that the Androids platform which has developed by Google is going to play major role in Mobile applications because as it is an open source and it is also easy to develop mobile applications using Android as because in order to develop these applications all the APIs are available and these APIs are as same as java APIs which are easy to understand.