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The conversationaboutlove


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The conversationaboutlove

  1. 1. Theconversationaboutlove A transmedia marketing experience... GO
  2. 2. Transmedia workingdefinitionThere are varying definitions of transmedia. The two main contenders are from Geoff Gomez andHenry Jenkins.Jeff Gomez Franchise Definition Henry Jenkins Storyworld Definition Transmedia storytelling represents a process where integralTransmedia is specified by the fact that it refers to a narrative elements of a fiction get dispersed systematically acrossthat is significant in scope and plays itself out across different multiple delivery channels for the purpose of creating a unifiedmedia platforms (traditional and digital) in ways that leverage and coordinated entertainment experience. Ideally, eachthe specific features of that platform. Transmedia storytelling medium makes it own unique contribution to the unfolding ofallows for us as producers to interface with mass audiences in the story.ever more artful and deeply satisfying ways.Transmedia is also signified by the fact that by definitiontransmedia narratives invite dialog with the audience.Technology allows us as producers to remain in listening withour viewers, our participants, allowing them to expressthemselves and allowing us to act on that expression. Thepossibilities are gorgeous.
  3. 3. Directed by Sarah PolleyStarring Michelle Williams, Seth Rogan & Sarah Silverman
  4. 4. the Task:to bridge the TIFF GalaLaunch with the theatricalreleaseto build an audience andcreate a buzz around TakeThis Waltz
  5. 5. the Catch:the theatrical launchwas 8 months awaywe couldn’t use anycharacters orstorylines from the filmthe budget was slim
  6. 6. But we believed that:‘the best storytellingdevices are, and havealways been, rooted inhuman behaviours anddesires’- Mike Monello
  7. 7. and digital media is inherently aplatform for humanCONVERSATIONINTERACTION &CREATIVITY
  8. 8. we knew we couldwe knew we coulduse this touse this tocreate acreate amultiplatform campaignmultiplatform campaign that would that wouldengage, entertain & growengage, entertain & growan audience.
  9. 9. The Conversation{inspired by the themes and ideas in Take This Waltz by Sarah Polley}
  10. 10. we LOVE to TALK about LOVE
  11. 11. The Conversation isframed throughopen ended statementstaken from the film.This invited theaudience in and gives them anopportunity to engage at the level thatis most comfortable to them.
  12. 12. WE created a participatory experienceprovides bothIMMERSIVE & ACTIVEengagement for the audienceIMMERSIVE: a fully populated ACTIVE: an opportunityart gallery with videos, for audience engagementartworks, texts from the famous through creative& not so famous among us means & a variety of platforms. Everyone can get involved on some level.
  13. 13. content is curated & user generatedWhen I let go I become a cow in a disaster film drawn and painted by ten Korean men in a fifteenth floor studio in Seoul who watch msky while drinking tall sweating beers with racing forms laid out at their elbows becoming old men after becoming young men after eamovie theatre on Yonge street, which is also what I become when I let go. When I let go I become a cartoon Czar in a Saturday morninrug plush that engulfs knees and ankles not wobbly but not strong as I practice being tired which is a skill that comes in handy later onthe shoe factory or men’s wear store on Yonge street on Saturday night with lights, 70s lights, and John Candy in an afro and sideburnsbeer and whiskey or coffee maybe from a tall cup that looks small in his hand which looks smaller through the lens, which is also whaI let go I become huddled in the dark of a room stamped with bootdirt and butter crust and snack boxes and lipstick casings-- criminaland her-- before me and YOU-- went to see the Blues Brothers movie-- it was a date, my first-- and what was weird was how she just rafter erk and joey and snails dropped us off-- I followed you, thinking, well, this is when I get to kiss you, I guess-- but she didn’t speathe year which made me wonder whether I’d said or done something weird or maybe I shouldn’t have followed her to the door I dunnoand snails who looked back and saw me and I climbed in waving around a bag of joints listening to cheap trick and the jam as tires squgod is this what happens when you grow up because if it is life is gonna be strange and weird and difficult and so I sat there getting storolling past feeling lonely and suddenly old which shouldn’t happen when I let go but you know it does it does it does it does so cmonDave Bidini, Toronto
  14. 14. love
  15. 15. MOBILE
  16. 16. Analytics
  17. 17. Get in touchContactmeemailhello@antheafoyer.comWebsiteantheafoyer.comtwitter@antheafoyer
  18. 18. thankyou!