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An interactive infographic installation celebrating 10 years of CFD history co-created by Patrick Dinnen and Anthea Foyer

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Cfd 10 Years of Connections | red squid lab

  1. 1. CentreforfacultyDevelopmentAn Infographic Installation.... GO
  2. 2. About the... projectPatrick Dinnen & Anthea Foyer were hired by the Centre for Faculty Development {CFD}, University of Torontoat St Michael’s Hospital to create in interactive infographic to celebrate their 10th Anniversary. The CFD waslooking for a way to highlight:+ the associated institutions + The Education & its ImpactThere are 9 main institutions, some of these have up to 19 associated Testimonials from past participants make it obvious that this program isinstitutions, as well as several other connected institutions. Most of impactful for the people that have attended.these are local but a few are regional or international. + ... and most importantly ... The connections+ The teachers, learners & staff The CFD is most proud of the way it has created connections betweenThere are 3000+ people that have been associated with the CFD over institutions and people. It was very important to them that this wasthe past ten years. showcased in this projects.
  3. 3. What we proposed... ourideaTo create an engaging, informative, poetic and participatory experience for allCFD stakeholders including the University and Hospital management, currentand past facilitaors & learners, as well as for future learners and otherinterested parties.It would consist of an interactive installation that would allow stakeholders{event attendees}, in a playful way, to learn more about the CFD in the areasthey are most proud of.
  4. 4. CFD 10 Years of Connections PROJECT HIghlight We wanted the audience to feel as though they could have their own experience reflected in the project. Description The red and blue rectangles are responsive surfaces. When the year and institution tokens are placed into these slots, RFID tags in the tokens trigger responses on the screen. For example, if an audience member uses the token from 2003 and pairs it with the image associated with St Michael’s Hospital the screen will change to show an image that reflects the amount of people who were new that year from that institution. It will also bring up a graph that showcases that particular institution and its number of connections with the CFD each year.
  5. 5. CFD 10 Years of Connections PROJECT HIghlight: institutions Description The audience was invited to choose both the year they joined the CFD and the institution they came through. These two events triggered responses on screen that allowed the audience to see their institution in relation to the rest and also to see the growth each year of the organization. The dates were straight forward but the institutions had picture clues rather than names. This encouraged the audience to work together to figure out the institutions. It also enabled them to open up and start conversations with each other about their roles and experiences with the CFD.
  6. 6. CFD 10 Years of Connections PROJECT HIghlight: The teachers, learners & staff The core of the CFD is the people involved with it. Description We incorporated them through a series of rotating images of admin, teachers and learners through out the year. The audience really enjoyed seeing familiar faces.
  7. 7. CFD 10 Years of Connections PROJECT HIghlight: The Education & its Impact Measuring the impact of the CFD was important for this initiative. Description Using quotes from all key stakeholders allowed us to showcase the great work that the CFD has done for the past 10 years. These quotes rotated along with the photos to give a personalized experience to the audience.
  8. 8. CFD 10 Years of ConnectionsPROJECT HIghlight: The InteractivityProviding an engaging experience was of key importance.DescriptionHaving a physically interactive experience was important to achieving this goal. The experience of moving the pieces around and seeing how theiractions were affecting the infographic on the screen gave a stronger connection for the audience and also provided a reason to stay longer with thepiece.
  9. 9. GallerytheSetup A big projection. an interactive table. * and a computer hiding in the background.
  10. 10. GalleryinSitu Here it is.. insitu
  11. 11. GalleryinSitu Here it is.. insitu
  12. 12. Here are some..Screenshots
  13. 13. Here are some..Screenshots
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  15. 15. Here are some..Screenshots
  16. 16. Here are some..Screenshots Here are some.. Screenshots
  17. 17. Here are some..Screenshots Here is .. thetable
  18. 18. Our members Meettheteam Patrick Dinnen Anthea Foyer Founder at Media Lab Toronto Head Squid, Red Squid LabPatrick is a Creative Technologist who designs and Red Squid Lab makes beautiful things usingexecutes playful, interactive installations that people technology, compelling narratives across platforms, and starts conversations between strangers &experience in the real world. His projects range from a friends – on and offline.canopy of colourfully lit balloons that respond tocrowd noise to a video tour of Torontos historicstreets experience by pedalling a stationary bicycle.Patrick is happiest when combining his broadproduction skills (from electronics to softwaredevelopment) and talent for problem solving tocustom create a brand new experience within aclients unique set of constraints and possibilities
  19. 19. Get in touchContactUs Anthea foyer Website Email hello@antheafoyer,com Patrick Dinnen Website Email