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Antea Group Design for Circularity Workshops


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If you work for a company that makes durable products, then instead of selling the product, you can maximize revenues by renting it, maintaining it, upgrading it, reselling it multiple times, and then comprehensively mining it for usable parts and materials. When companies offer customers better-designed, service-based systems, deploying the "borrow-use-return" model instead of "take-use-waste," customers will perceive the offer to be a better way of getting what they need.

Let Antea Group show you how and give your organization a common language to talk about it with a customized Design-for-Circularity Workshop.

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Antea Group Design for Circularity Workshops

  1. 1. About Antea Group’s Design-for-Circularity Workshops _____________________________ By Pamela J. Gordon Antea Group Senior Consultant Technology Forecasters Inc. CEO +1-510-406-9460
  2. 2. Antea USA, Inc. 1 Linear Model in Electronics Supply Chain Raw Materials Components Brand Owners Customers Down-cycling or Landfill Contract Manufacturers -----------------------------------------------BUSINESS ISSUES------------------------------------------------------ Ferrous Metals Precious Metals Supply Interruption Brand Exposure Regulatory Risk Customer Disloyalty ABOUT ANTEA GROUP’S DESIGN-FOR-CIRCULARITY WORKSHOPS
  3. 3. Antea USA, Inc. 2 Circular Model in Electronics Value Chain 1. Move away from ‘selling’ products. 2. Offer customers 'a better way to get what I need.' 3. Offer more capability with existing assets. 4. Specify non-toxic materials as feedstock. Ken Webster, Feb. 17, 2016 Ellen MacArthur Foundation --------------------------------------------------LEGACY EXAMPLES------------------------------------------------- ©By ProhibitOnions at English Wikipedia Photo courtesy of Dr. Kirstie McIntyre ABOUT ANTEA GROUP’S DESIGN-FOR-CIRCULARITY WORKSHOPS
  4. 4. Six Business Benefits for Circularity 3Antea USA, Inc. 4. Supply Chain Disruptions 6. Regulatory Risks 1. Customer Loyalty 2. Brand Advantage 3. Product Reliability 5. Cost of Goods Sold ABOUT ANTEA GROUP’S DESIGN-FOR-CIRCULARITY WORKSHOPS
  5. 5. Workshop Value: Thrive in the Circular Economy Antea USA, Inc. 4 Design Your Products for the Circular Economy Apply the Circular Economy to Your Company Align Your Suppliers to Your Circular Strategy Competitive Advantage Supply Chain SupportRevenue Growth ABOUT ANTEA GROUP’S DESIGN-FOR-CIRCULARITY WORKSHOPS
  6. 6. Photo by Michael Kirschner Time Morning Topics and Exercise Presenters 9:00 Corporate Commitment to Profitable Sustainability Client Executive Sponsor 9:20 Regulations and Six Business Benefits of Design for Circularity Antea Group 10:30 How to Design for Circularity, introducing Checklist for Designers and Executives Antea Group 11:00 Break 11:10 Circular Input from Manufacturing and Recycling Suppliers Strategic managers from 1 to 2 key suppliers 11:45 Exercise #1: Disassembly Antea Group facilitates, then each team presents Sample Morning Agenda (customized for each client) Afternoon topics and exercises on the following slide.
  7. 7. Time Afternoon Topics and Exercises Presenters 12:45 Lunch and Q&A 1:30 Exercise #2: Best Circular Design Antea Group facilitates, then each team presents 2:30 Product Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA) & Other Tools for Circularity Antea Group 3:00 Exercise #3: LCA Antea Group facilitates, then each team presents 4:00 Team Awards Judged by Client Executive and Antea Group 4:15 Commitment: Individuals and Groups Antea Group facilitates; Client Executive Reviews Sample Afternoon Agenda (customized for each client) Morning topics on the previous slide. Photos by Michael Kirschner
  8. 8. Typical Attendees at Design for Circularity Workshops 7Antea USA, Inc. Product Launch Teams Manufacturing and Recycling Suppliers Executive Sponsors Design Engineers: Hardware & Packaging Product Compliance Managers Repair and Refurbishment Teams Workshop size: 10 to 70 attendees Locations: Each of clients’ design centers ABOUT ANTEA GROUP’S DESIGN-FOR-CIRCULARITY WORKSHOPS
  9. 9. B E T T E R B U S I N E S S , B E T T E R W O R L D℠  Circular Economy Strategies  Product Compliance Process Efficiencies  Life Cycle Assessments  EICC Code of Conduct Coaching  Product Stewardship Audits  High-ROI Sustainability Roadmaps  Design-for-Environment Workshops since 2005 in Asia, EMEA, and North America. Antea Group Silicon Valley +1-510-406-9460