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Environmental Product Stewardship in Emerging and Transitioning Markets


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Product Stewardship is an environmental management strategy that means whoever designs, produces, sells, or uses a product takes responsibility for minimizing the product's environmental impact throughout all stages of the products' life cycle, including end of life management. The greatest responsibility lies with whoever has the most ability to affect the full life cycle environmental impacts of the product. This is most often the producer of the product, though all within the product chain of commerce have roles. This presentation covers EPS drivers and regulations, then takes a deeper look at what this looks like in emerging and transitioning economies in countries like India, South Africa, Indonesia, Singapore, China, Mexico, Peru, and Brazil.

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Environmental Product Stewardship in Emerging and Transitioning Markets

  1. 1. Presented by: Alizabeth Aramowicz Smith Consultant 518-281-6330 Environmental Product Stewardship
  2. 2. Antea Group Introduction OUR EXPERTISE Antea USA, Inc. 1 Antea Group is a global engineering and consulting firm that delivers fit-for-purpose solutions from strategy through implementation in the fields of environment, infrastructure, urban planning and water. By combining strategic thinking and multidisciplinary perspectives with technical expertise and pragmatic action, we do more than effectively solve client challenges; we deliver sustainable results for a better future. Environmental Liability Management Operational Performance & Assurance Sustainability & Corporate Responsibility Transaction Support Health & Safety Information Management System Supporting All Services
  3. 3. Global Connections Through Inogen OUR EXPERTISE 2Antea USA, Inc. To further expand global coverage for multi- national Clients, Antea Group founded the Inogen® Environmental Alliance in 2001. This is a global corporation comprising independently operated consultancies (Associates), which includes Antea Group. OVER 4,300 Staff Worldwide OVER 160 Offices Worldwide AMER Argentina Brazil Canada Chile Colombia Costa Rica Dominican Republic El Salvador Jamaica Mexico Panama Peru Puerto Rico United States Uruguay APAC Australia China Indonesia Japan Malaysia Singapore South Korea Thailand EMEA Abu Dhabi Austria Belgium Bulgaria Burkina Faso Chad Egypt France Georgia Germany Greece Hungary India Ireland Israel Italy Jordan Kuwait Netherlands Niger Nigeria Pakistan Poland Portugal Romania EMEA continued Russia Serbia Slovakia South Africa Spain Tunisia Turkey United Kingdom
  4. 4. Compliance – Never a Steady State Nixon Forms EPA EHS Focused on Facility Compliance Added Operational Specific (e.g., SIC code) and Chemical Specific Requirements Globalization of Companies and the impact of other regional regulations (e.g., REACH/WEEE) - DfE regulations Reporting environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data and Corporate social responsibility (CSR) disclosures Environmental Product Stewardship
  5. 5. What is EPS? 4Antea USA, Inc.
  6. 6. Environmental Product Stewardship (EPS) is an environmental management strategy that entails that whoever designs, produces, sells, or uses a product takes the responsibility for minimizing the product's environmental impact throughout all stages of the product’s life cycle, including end of life management. The greatest responsibility typically lies with producers. EPS Defined Environmental Product Stewardship Common Regulations Associated with Environmental Product Stewardship: • GHS and hazard communication • TSCA, REACH, and global inventories • FIFRA and biocides • Energy Efficiency • Packaging • WEEE • Battery Directive • Social responsibility 5Antea USA, Inc.
  7. 7. Type of EPS Regulations Environmental Product Stewardship 6 Cultural •Worker Safety •Social Responsibility •Governance and Human Resource requirements Material •Safe for humans and environment during extraction •Non-toxic during production, use, and disposal •Fewer and lighter: “Dematerialization” Efficiency •Minimal energy & water used during extraction and production •Short, efficient transit •Highly energy efficient during use •Reuse of water End of Life •Design for long life •Easy to upgrade, refurbish, repurpose •Fast disassembly into resalable parts •High-value end of life, encouraging recycling •Producer take back
  8. 8. Global EPS Drivers
  9. 9. Global Drivers of EPS Environmental Product Stewardship Antea USA, Inc. 8 Key Point – More regulations will come – and may reduce the spin of the cycle! World Population and Economic Growth Natural Resource Consumption Economic Growth Energy Use and Waste Generation
  10. 10. Economic Development Impacts Antea USA, Inc. 9 Developed Economies Emerging/ Developing Economies Economies in Transition Environmental Product Stewardship
  11. 11. • Saves Costs • Increases Revenues • Reduces Risk • Builds Reputation • Develops Human Capital • Improves Access to Capital Opportunities of EPS Environmental Product Stewardship • Green technology has virtually exploded in the last few years • Link to Internet is a Common Business Model • Quagmire of regulatory changes 10Antea USA, Inc.
  12. 12. Weak global economic conditions can cause a lack of support Emerging economies are struggling against corruption, crime, and lack of infrastructure, and unrealistic Environmental Product Stewardship requirements can be construed as a barrier to enter a market EPS Barriers in Emerging Markets Environmental Product Stewardship “In five years, there will be no access to international markets for companies that do not show respect for the environment. It is becoming fundamental to international trade.” 2010 - Rafael Wong, Executive VP of Reybancorp in Ecuador 11Antea USA, Inc.
  13. 13. Emerging Economies and Economies in Transition Global Spot Check
  14. 14. Global Spot Checks REGSCAN CONFERENCE Antea USA, Inc. 13
  15. 15. Environmental Product Stewardship 14Antea USA, Inc. Antea Group’s Global Reach
  16. 16. India – Efficiency Regulations Booming Environmental Product Stewardship • 65% of Indian states are having limited surface water availability and 4 out of 5 river basins are stressed. • India is suffering from a drought. • Little to no enforcement of water regulations on the rivers 15Antea USA, Inc. Source:
  17. 17. India – Rapidly Expanding Environmental Product Stewardship Antea USA, Inc. 16 Efficiency Mandatory recycling of grey water for toilet flushing in buildings with floor area > 20,000 m2. Construction of check-dams and weirs. Water tribunals and resolving the sharing disputes. River water allocation for industrial and commercial use. Regulating river water flows during the lean season. Some states have implemented Zero liquid discharge (ZLD) Some industries are regulated under ZLD scheme. Rainwater harvesting (roof area runoff) is mandatory All units seeking expansion and augmentation should adopt ZLD Charter for environmental protection (maximum permissible water use and wastewater discharge
  18. 18. India - Expanding Environmental Product Stewardship Antea USA, Inc. 17 Other Emerging Issues & Trends (Lack of understanding of regulations and compliance requirements) E-Waste Hazardous Waste
  19. 19. South Africa – Stable/Developing Environmental Product Stewardship Antea USA, Inc. 18 Cultural Focused on Mining Operations Funding of local Schools HR Requirements of hiring a % of Local Labor Equitable Wage Battle in the Press Cultural Resource management requirements Implementing Prevention and Care Health Strategies Materials National and Multi-Stakeholder Committee on Chemicals Management. Member of a number of international conventions, such as the Stockholm, Basel and Rotterdam conventions. Recycling is now mandatory (along with reuse) in the NEMA: Waste Act. GHG emissions report by country causing new requirements for industry
  20. 20. South Africa Environmental Product Stewardship Antea USA, Inc. 19 Efficiency The Energy Efficiency Accord, which is a voluntary agreement with 24 major industrial energy users and seven industrial associations, is the main measure for promoting energy savings in the sector. End of Life 2004 e-waste initiative but no solid legislation to enforce it. The e-Waste Association of South Africa (eWASA) was established in 2008 Life Cycle Assessment becoming the norm in all industries Cradle to grave approach focus of National Waste Act
  21. 21. Indonesia- Developing Environmental Product Stewardship Antea USA, Inc. 20 Cultural Company Social Responsibility Program required Materials Ecolabel is implemented Must implement SNI 19-14001/ISO 14001 and SNI 9001:2008/ISO 9001:2008 Ecolabel prohibits use of material which contains harmful/toxic chemicals Efficiency The Ecolabel regulation covers the requirements for environmental management following UU No. 32 Tahun 2009 including waste, wastewater, emissions, etc. End of Life The Ecolabel covers environmental management following UU No. 32 Tahun 2009 including waste, wastewater, emissions, etc..
  22. 22. Singapore - Developing Environmental Product Stewardship Antea USA, Inc. 21 Cultural Materials Green Labelling Scheme (SGLS) in 1992 ODS Regulations Efficiency Energy Conservation Act – also regulates the GHG production End of Life The Singapore Packaging Agreement (SPA) joint initiative by government, industry and NGOs to reduce packaging waste Ewaste (biggest area of change) Voluntary by National Environment Agency (NEA)
  23. 23. China – Actively Changing Future focus: • MEP has noted that soil, air, and water regulations will become more prescribed. • Heavy metals in waste and discharges will be the focus. • Chemical Safety - specifically for warehouses. • Regional CO2 Cap and Trade: • Hubei, as well as the cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, and Shenzhen have unique programs • By 2020, the Chinese government plans to link those regional systems into a national carbon market. • Link with Australia carbon markets to create an APAC Regional market. • Incentive for cleaner technologies within facilities • APAC product compliance – affects nonChina based facilities too. 22Antea USA, Inc. Environmental Product Stewardship
  24. 24. Mexico- Developing Environmental Product Stewardship Antea USA, Inc. 23 Cultural Voluntary program - Socially Responsible Company (ESR) Certification Materials Specific Chemical Restrictions (e.g., Lead, Cadmium, etc..) ODS Phase out as part of the Montreal Protocol Efficiency LEED Building Certification Voluntary Energy Efficiency Excellence Rating Program NOMs regulating the Electrical Efficiency of equipment which must be labeled Following the Montreal Protocol. Currently must inventory and report if >25,000 Tons of Co2/year End of Life
  25. 25. Peru - Developing Environmental Product Stewardship Antea USA, Inc. 24 Cultural Cultural Resource management requirements Foods must be labeled with GMO notifications Materials Working to comply with global conventions and protocols Chemical and Pesticide Registration being developed Efficiency Law N° 27345- promotion of the Efficient Use of Energy Equipment must have labels regarding energy consumption /efficiency End of Life WEEE Resolution has yearly collection goals for EEE producers
  26. 26. Brazil – Developing via Partnership Environmental Product Stewardship Antea USA, Inc. 25 Cultural Mining Operation Focus Materials Asbestos and Benzene prohibitions Efficiency Tax Program Biodegradable Packaging End of Life 2010 National Solid Waste Policy has Take Back Program: battery, oils, pharma, tires, pesticides, lamps. Returnable/Biodegradable Packaging
  27. 27. Summary – How to Manage Antea USA, Inc.26
  28. 28. Universal Truths: Compliance is Growing 27Antea USA, Inc. Global Environmental Managers Supplier Tracking Traditional Facility Compliance Product Compliance Environmental Accounting Environmental Product Stewardship
  29. 29. Environmental compliance is a dynamic system impacted by: • Natural resource limitations • Economic strength of the country and company • Publicity of bad offenders • Social agendas Universal Truths Environmental Product Stewardship Compliance areas that will continue to be the focus: • Air Emissions • Energy Consumption • Soil and Water Pollution from Waste and Materials Storage and releases • Water Reuse • Packaging • Toxicology • End-of-Life Liability 28Antea USA, Inc.
  30. 30. Best Management General Practices Environmental Product Stewardship: Good planning toward sustainable and green production tracking emerging Environmental Product Stewardship trends Selection of advanced technologies with low emissions Consideration of cleaner production, conservation, including water reuse Review suppliers and hold them to Brand established Environmental Product Stewardship standards
  31. 31. Best in Class Successful Business Models Environmental Product Stewardship Antea USA, Inc. 30 Documenting Compliance Reviews Internal and External EHS and EPS Audits EHS/EPS Aspect and Goal Annual Review Root Cause Analysis and Track Corrective Action Tracking Changes Country Specific – Protocols - RegScan Targeted Support – Global Help Desk Periodic Review of Product Compliance Chemical Management Green Chemistry/ Procurement Training on Import and Export Chemicals Training on EPS Requirements Environmental Management Involvement Participate with Development Teams Supplier Selection/ EPS and EHS Auditing Marketing/ Labeling/ Documentation for sales
  32. 32. EPS Gap Analysis Environmental Product Stewardship • Product Line Review (repeat periodically) • EHS and Environmental Product Stewardship Regulation evaluation • Financial • Supplier Conditions • Contractor review (e.g., waste sites) • Team includes representatives from • Management • Business Development • Finance • Marketing • Toxicology & Regulatory/ Product Stewardship Specialist • Regulatory Tracking • Link to processes for tracking changes & evaluating impact of Environmental Product Stewardship Regulation (e.g., RegScan) 31Antea USA, Inc.
  33. 33. BET TER BUSINESS, BET TER WORL D℠ Antea Group Offices USA Headquarters 5910 Rice Creek Parkway, Suite 100 St. Paul, MN 55126, USA USA Toll Free: +1 800 477 7411 International: +1 651 639 9443 Belgium Posthofbrug 10 2060 Antwerpen Colombia Calle 35 No. 7-25, Piso 12 Bogota, DC France 11, rue de la Vanne 92120 Montrouge Netherlands Monitorweg 29 1322 BK Almere Thank You!