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GS RF-02 Sponsorship Brochure


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GS RF-02 Sponsorship Brochure

  1. 1. Team Gear Shifters Sponsorship Brochure GS RF-02
  2. 2. Letter from the Team Captain Founding the team in November 2011 with a dream of developing a culture of Student Automotive Research in UAE by creating research opportunities and training facilities for the students fills me with pride when I look back today. Since its commencement, till this day it has been a journey filled with learning, fun, enthusiasm, passion and diligence. To see young minds joining the team with a hope of learning and living their dream and evolve as a true leader in society is an achievement in itself. Since BAJA-The first built, to FSAE - The third, team member count raised from 15 to a stagerring 120. To see this army of engineers ready to travel together in time through the journey of building our fourth race car named GS RF-02, I feel we changed and will continue to change lives of many students in our society. Nothing can ever bring me more joy than to see a family in Dubai away from home. Together we loved, together we worked; in times of joy, in times of sorrow, for it was success or was failure; their support proved to be indespensable. This team, these young students keep the spirit going and brings my vision closer to its ultimate goal . I wish this team a very good luck and may God bring Team Gear Shifters success and prosperity in all its future endeavours.
  3. 3. S.M.S. Dhiraj Research Lead Akshan Mehta Procurement Lead Nitish Anand Management Lead Aditya Garg Design Lead Tanya Tyagi Electrical Lead Mohit Gupta Design Lead Aaryan Jindal Marketing Lead Sadjyot Biswal Mechanical Lead Abdul Muqeet Development Lead Shaurya Selhi Reports Lead Team Gear Shifters
  4. 4. SAE International provides its resources and expertize to projects and programs in STEM education, professional certification and collegiate design competitions. The SAE collegiate design series encourages college students to step in the world in which theoretical knowledge is put to actual practice. FSAE Australasia Calder Park Raceway, Melbourne FSAE Japan Ogasayama Sports Park, Shizuoka-ken FSAE Lincoln Lincoln Airpark FSAE Michigan Michigan International Speedway FSAE Brazil Esporte Clube Piracicabano de Automobilismo FSAE Germany The Hockenheimring Baden-Württemberg FSAE Austria FSAE UK Silverstone Circuit FSAE Italy Circuito Varano de Melegari Founded in the year 1905, SAE international formerly known as Society Of Automotive Engineers is a U.S.A based professional organization present globally which caters to engineering professionals in various industries. The Society develops technical standards based on unrivalled practices identified by the SAE committees including various ground vehicle and aerospace standards.
  5. 5. Team Gear Shifters is a group of students from varied streams of BITS Pilani- Dubai Campus, living with a dream of developing a culture of Student Automotive Research in UAE. The culture at Gear Shifters is not just to promote Automotive Research, but also to inundate the character of a true entrepreneur; “A Gear Shifter” into the members. The team has learned the real essence of teamwork, reliability, hard work, time management, engineering, manufacturing, finance and marketing. The team started with 5 members at the time of foundation to 15 during its first international participation in BAJA 2013 at Tennessee Tech in USA and then to 25 during Formula SAE 2014 Michigan International Speedway, held between May 14 to May 17,2014. The team took part in many small scale projects as well. One of these projects was Sand Dukes, a delta-wheeled ATV, which was an internship program for freshers who were striving to gain practical experience so they could be an integral part of the main team. This year Gear Shifters proudly holds the strength of 120 members in its family ready to build the next Formula SAE car named GS RF-02 for the year 2014-15. This year, the team has shifted its aim from just building a race car to building it the RIGHT WAY, with the integration of ERP solutions, corporate level Departmentalization, Finance Handling, Training Capsules and Data Mining. The team looks forward to professional collaborations with various R&D and Educational Institutions in UAE to help build a stronger platform for the young minds of UAE that aspire to do the same. Living The Dream
  6. 6. Hoosier Racing Tyres 20.5 x 7.0 – 13 R25B 21.0 x 6.5 – 13 WET K&N Air Filter RC-4890 Universal Clamp On Round Conical Torsen T-1 LSD Differential University Special 012000 FOX Custom Made Exhaust System 4-1 Config. with Custom Muffler Honda CBR 600cc F2 Converted to MPFI 3D Printed Air Intake ABS and PPSF Material MoTec ECU M4 with Sensor and Wire Harness Keizer Kosmo Magnesium Wheels 13.0 x 7.0 - Centre Lock 1st FSAE Car named GS RF-01 to ever Represent UAE in Michigan International Speedway from 14th - 17th May 2014
  7. 7. Pro-Shift Paddle Shifter Automatic Up-shift with Titanium Paddles FRP custom made parts Body Panel and Driver’s Body Moulded Seat OMP Racing Seat Belt 6.1 Belt Harness BSCI Impact Attenuator DOW IMPAXX 700 WilWood Braking System Dynalite Dual Piston Calipers, Rotors, Brake Pedal with Dual Master Cylinder and Balance Bar Jupiter Shock Abosrbers Jupiter 5R FSAE Special Jenvey Throttle Body 40-50mm Parallel Individual Flatshifter Throttle Blip System Clutchless Down-Shift Acceleration: 0-70 km/hr in 3.5 sec Top speed: 130 km/hr Weight: 350 kg with the Driver Team Gear Shifters
  8. 8. Sponsorshipcouldbecategorizedasoneofthemostvital constituents of this venture as it is with your support and assistance we will be looking to get our materials, tools and other resources essential for building the car to its optimum level. Without your support, the team would not be able to attain the goals set and give UAE its very own Formula SAE race car. Being the Pioneers of FSAE and SAE BAJA in UAE, we are definitely the team with more need of a strong backing but that doesn`t mean you don’t get your share of benefits. FSAE is considered to be the pinnacle of automobile competitions with teams coming from all parts of the world. The teams and the event receive extensive media coverage and airtime. This promises an excellent opportunity to the sponsor to promote its organization internationally. Given that our car at the event is promoting the nation indirectly, there will be widespread local media and press coverage hence giving your organization great publicity at the local level as well. The sponsor reserves the right to use the achievementsoftheteamforitsownpublicitycampaign. Sponsorship Proposal 2nd FSAE - GS RF-02 SAE Event Sponsors Around the World
  9. 9. BITS Pilani, Dubai Campus Dubai International Academic City Dubai - 345055 , UAE Ph No : +971-555531826 E-mail: