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Sonia gandhi

  1. 1. q. how you involved in political life?My involvement with Indian public life began after the assassination of my mother-in-law andhusbands election as Prime Minister. As the Prime Ministers wife me acted as his official hostessand also accompanied him on a number of state visits.q. why you did not become prime Minister ? 9. Did not want to become the head of third-world country. 7. Needs more time move slush funds received by the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. 6. Laloo Prasad Yadav wants to be Deputy Prime Minister. 5. Wanted somebody else to stop investigations into the Bofors arms scandal. 4. Prefers to continue to control the government from behind the scenes. 3. If she proves unpopular, CIA plans to assassinate her and install her son, who is half-Indian, as PM. If she proves unpopular and the CIA does not assassinate her, her party colleagues plan to assassinate her and install her son as PM. 1. Has a bright political future back in Italy.