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Activities and other seminars - CIDOB 2002


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Activities and other seminars - CIDOB 2002

  1. 1. 30 Activities and Other Sem i nar s
  2. 2. A c31 v i t i e s ti 31 International SeminarsWAR AND PEACE IN THE 21ST CENTURY:THE TRANSATLANTIC RELATIONSIn the framework of an important series of debates on Europe’s role in theworld, begun in January 2002, this seminar enjoyed sponsorship from theBarcelona City Council in relation with the Forum of Cultures 2004.The objective of the encounter was to establish a rigorous analyticalframework in order to try to understand the underlying causes anddynamics of the situation in the world. It was a one-day meeting in whicheminent European and U.S. experts and politicians intervened. The debatetook place first between the speakers and then was opened up to expertsand politicians from Catalonia and the rest of Spain. The meeting tookplace behind closed doors.Participants: Manuel Castells, Lecturer, Internet InterdisciplinaryInstitute (IN3), Open University of Catalonia; Anthony Giddens,Director, London School of Economics; John Ikenberry, Professor of War and Peace in the 21st Century: The Transatlantic Relations ›Global Justice, Georgetown University; Robert Kagan, Researcher, Narcís Serra and Manuel CastellsCarnegie Endowment for International Peace; Ambassador KenstonKeith, Vice President of Meridian International, former Director of theUSIA Department for North Africa, the Middle East and South Asia; PascalLamy, Commissioner for Trade, European Commission; Narcís Serra;Javier Solana, Secretary-General of the Council of the EuropeanUnion/High Represenative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy.January 18. Pedralbes Palace, BarcelonaFOURTH FORUM OF THE SPANISH-ITALIAN DIALOGUE: SPAINAND ITALY IN THE EUROPE UNDER CONSTRUCTIONOrganised by: the CIDOB Foundation and Arel (Agency for Research andLegislation)The Forum of the Spanish-Italian Dialogue brings together representativesof civil society in an annual encounter which has been held on analternating basis in each country since 1999. The Forum debates arestructured around three informal discussion groups, with a plural andmultidisciplinary composition of high-level representatives of thepolitical, business and academic spheres. In each group, composed ofsome thirty participants, two speakers (one from Italy and one fromSpain) introduce the topic from their respective points of view to launchthe debate. Sponsored by private businesses, the Forum receives supportfrom the authorities of both countries, support which is demonstrated bythe presence and participation of the Foreign Ministers and other high-ranking officials from both countries in the plenary session.Participants: Annamaria Artoni, President Giovani Imprenditori,Confindustria; Fabrizio Barca, General Director of Development Policy, Fourth Forum of the Spanish-Italian Dialogue: Spain and Italy ›Ministry of the Economy and Finance; Rocco Cangelosi, General Director Narcís Serra, Ferdinando Cassini, Ana Palacio, José Luís Olivas, Luciofor European Integration, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Lucio Caracciolo, Stanca and Rita BarberáDirector, Limes; Ramón de Miguel, Secretary of State for EuropeanAffairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs; José Fonollosa, General Director of theAmerican Retail Bank, BBVA; Jaime Ignacio González González,Government Delegate for Immigration Law and Immigration, Ministry ofthe Interior; Emilio Lamo de Espinosa, Director of the Elcano RoyalInstitute for International and Strategic Studies; Iñigo Méndez de Vigo,MEP for the EPP, Chairperson of the European Parliament Delegation in theEuropean Convention; Aldo Olcese, President of the Financial StudiesFoundation (FEF); Manuel Pizarro, President of ENDESA; BeniaminoQuintieri, President of ICE; Giuseppe Zadra, General Director of ABI;Giorgio Zappa, President of Alenia Spazio.January 24 and 25. Convention Center, Valencia
  3. 3. 32 A e c i v i tn e s S ctció i FIRST EUROPEAN MAYORS CONFERENCE Organised by: The LSE’s Cities Programme and CIDOB Foundation’s Aula Barcelona Sixteen mayors from large European cities met with urban experts from London and Barcelona with the aim of comparing projects and exchanging experiences. Each mayor presented an emblematic project from his/her city relating to real estate development and infrastructures with urban design, with a subsequent debate with the other mayors and experts. The goal of the conference was to allow mayors, scholars and experts to freely discuss the underlying tendencies that make up the emerging reality of the “Europe of cities” and to exchange views on and experiences with the interrelationships between urban design and urban society. The European Mayors Conference is a meeting of mayors, set in an academic framework with an informal tone, in which topics relating to the physical transformation of cities are discussed and are the centre of a high-level debate among mayors and experts, without any political, electoral or media determinants. Participating Mayors: Pawel Adamowicz (Gdansk), Sir Albert Bore (Birmingham), Sergio Chiamparino (Turin), Joan Clos (Barcelona), Gérard Collom (Lyon), Charles Gordon (Glasgow), John Fitzgerald (Dublin), Richard Leese (Manchester), Ali Müfit Gürtuna (Istanbul), Ken Livingstone (London), Soren Pind (Copenhaguen), Rosa Russo Iervolino (Naples), Peter Strieder (Berlin), Wolfgang Tiefensee (Leipzig), First European Mayors Conference › Francisco de la Torre Prados (Malaga), Michael Zampleas (Nicosia). Anthony Giddens and Joan Clos Participating Experts: Richard Burdett, Anthony Giddens, Simon Jenkins, George Jones, Charles Landry, Pasqual Maragall, Dame Judith Mayhew, Richard Rogers, Richard Sennett, Saskia Sassen, Narcís Serra, Tony Travers. February, 7-8. London School of Economics, London PREP-COM FOR THE SEMINAR “FROM THE WASHINGTON CONSENSUS TO A NEW WORLD GOVERNABILITY” Preparatory Committee for the seminar for the Forum of Cultures – Barcelona 2004. The objective of the seminar is to try to review the Washington Consensus. In this preparatory meeting, we discussed reviewing, not redefining, this agreement since we believe that while certain elements of the original consensus are necessary for the correct functioning of economies, there exists the need to broaden both its objectives and its implementation. It is in this sense that it seems more appopriate to us to arrive at defining a “code of good conduct” in economic policy that will serve as a framework for a new, better world governability. The project, which is directed by Narcís Serra, has a motor group of Spanish economists (Guillermo de la Dehesa, Miguel Sebastián, Jordi Galí, Jaume Ventura, Ramón Caminal, Antón Costas, Joan Tugores and Xavier Vives) whose function is to advise and supervise the development of the project until its end. Also, Prof. Joseph Stiglitz and his team from Columbia University, along with the Initiative Policy Dialogue, is co- directing the project. Narcís Serra and Joseph Stiglitz June 2 and 3. Barcelona Prep-Com for the seminar “From the Washington Consensus to a New World Governability” › Narcís Serra and Joseph Stiglitz
  4. 4. Activities 33 Launching of the CIDOB International YearbookCIDOB INTERNATIONAL YEARBOOK 2002. 2003 EDITIONLaunching of the 2002 CIDOB International Yearbook, 2003edition, led by Narcís Serra, President of the CIDOB Foundation,and Miquel Valls, President of the Barcelona Chamber ofCommerce. As part of the presentation, the Spanish Minister ofForeign Affairs, Ana Palacio, gave a speech entitled “Europe, 21stCentury.”September 18. Barcelona Chamber of CommercePresentation of the CIDOB International Yearbook ›Miquel Valls, Ana Palacio and Narcís SerraWith the collaboration of ›