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Andes Mts


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Incan haunts

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Andes Mts

  1. 1. Andes Mountains Terraces for the gods
  2. 2. Andes Mountains The Andes run the entire length of South America, from the humid tropics of the Caribbean to the ice fields of Patagonia. The longest north-south mountain range in the world, the Andes encompass a tremendous range of ecosystems and are home to a rich variety of plant and animal species and human communities.
  3. 3. The black, grey and white Andean Condor is usually about 4 ft. long and has a wingspan of about 10 ft.
  4. 4. highlands As the elevation changes in the Andes, so does the climate. While it may be 90 degrees and raining at the base, it can be dry and below zero at the summit.
  5. 5. Vertical climate zones
  6. 6. Incas Originally a warlike tribe from the Andes mountains above Cuzco. Around 1000 CE this tribe successfully conquered neighboring tribes and began moving down into the valley of Cuzco.
  7. 7. Peruvian Andes
  8. 8. Macchu Picchu
  9. 9. Macchu Picchu Its ruins are located on a high ridge northwest of Cuzco.
  10. 10. Cuzco
  11. 11. Salt Pans
  12. 12. The Andes as seen from a plane flying from Santiago, Chile to Buenos Aires, Argentina
  13. 13. Chile National Park
  14. 14. Patagonia Ice Fields
  15. 15. Lago, Argentina
  16. 16. Links Patagonian icefields