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Brand ambassadors: Getting universal buy in across the organisation


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Presented by Vanessa Northam from E.On at Another Marketing conference 2012 (

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Brand ambassadors: Getting universal buy in across the organisation

  1. 1. Brand ambassadors: Getting universal buy-in across the organisation Vanessa Northam: Head of Operational Communications and Engagement at EON
  2. 2. How internal comms can achieve universal buy-• Internal Comms – what is the actual purpose?• How can internal comms increase the success of marketing campaigns• Case Study: E.ON’s Best Deal for You Campaign
  3. 3. So what is the overall purpose of Internal Communications?Work with and support leaders to:• Create understanding of strategy and direction• Support organisational change• Keep people informed of company news• Build company pride And ultimately drive up company performance through increased employee engagement.
  4. 4. There are several roles which Internal Communications can play
  5. 5. But the purpose of Internal Communications is evolv
  6. 6. As Organisational Connectors Internal Communications can become a strong ally• They understand the organisation and are often the only team with a platform to make sense of the whole organisation• Internal Comms can provide the vehicle engage the parts of the organisation which can have the most impact on your campaigns - front-line staff: • Because they interact with the people you want to retain, attract and sell more to. These are your front-line marketers • The brand promise you strive to deliver lives or dies with the people who interact with customers• Internal Comms can support you by creating a campaign to engage the front-line, so they understand, are confident and can promote the products/campaign with passion: before you communicate with your customers
  7. 7. NatWest Customer Charter:• A prominent marketer went into 3 separate NatWest branches in the first week of launch and asked staff about the Customer Charter. The responses of staff ranged from:• “Yeah they told us about this last week, it’s how they will improve the service”• “It’s about serving people in 5 minutes”and• “Dunno about that”
  8. 8. So how did E.ON get universal buy-in for our Best Deal for You campaign?
  9. 9. The key steps to achieving high levels of engagement• Have a great product/campaign that staff can feel good about and can easily explain to customers• Have a detailed and fully integrated plan which includes every level of stakeholder and audience• Engage senior leaders and line managers upfront• Launch internally first and allow plenty of time for the messages to cut-through and to enable staff to get up to speed with the changes• Utilise and maximise your channels appropriately• Provide an appropriate budget• As a marketing function be visible and available for colleagues to be able to engage in two-way dialogue
  10. 10. And to re-cap…
  11. 11. Our Best Deal for You – in a nutshell
  12. 12. Over 3 months our internal campaign engaged over 5000 front line colleagues
  13. 13. Poster Campaign
  14. 14. A dedicated space on the company intranet
  15. 15. Leadership blog and videos
  16. 16. Promoting the external campaign
  17. 17. Visible leadership from the Marketing and Operational teams
  18. 18. Our Front Line Managers got right behind the campaign
  19. 19. And then colleagues took to Twitter to shout about the campaign
  20. 20. And some colleagues even wrote poetry!
  21. 21. And most importantly what did our customers thin• “This is amazing, Im going to get my brother to call in later on!”• "Its about time a company rewarded customers for loyalty, Ill definitely be staying with E.ON when I move“ • "You’ve been really helpful, and thank you very much. This is the first time I’ve said this about an energy company, but you were really good.”
  22. 22. And to re-cap…