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Krest overseas education


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bachelors,masters,phd programs.* 100% admission
gurantee. Your biggest opportunity
lies under your own feet.So, what are you waiting for? just buzz us at
040-44433434, 9963800088. CONTACT US2nd Floor, SOLITAIRE
PLAZABeside Image Hospital,Ameerpet,

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Krest overseas education

  2. 2. Why Study In Europe ? There are more than 4000 Higher Education Institutions in Europe which ranges from Top Level research establishments to small, teaching focused colleges. Truly a Fascinating Destination.
  3. 3. In A Recent Survey It Was Mentioned As :
  4. 4. But which country should you go to? Which course should you choose? What do you need before you leave? What will happen when you arrive? These are just some of the questions you’re probably asking yourself already. HOW? WHAT? WHEN? WHERE? WHY?
  5. 5. Krest Overseas Education Krest Overseas Education is here to help. We provide up‐to‐date information on Thirty‐Two European Countries, their universities and what it takes to live and study in them. Counselors at Krest Overseas Education can guide you and your parents through the entire process of arranging your studies abroad from selecting a course in a right institution, securing admission, Visa guidance and ensuring that you arrive safely at your chosen destination. Contact Krest Overseas Education to find the university that suits you best. A well‐informed decision will make your time abroad even more valuable.
  6. 6. Excellence Europe has a worldwide reputation as a center of excellence in learning. Year after Year, European universities rank prominently among the top 100 in the World. Only Europe can offer State-of-the- Art facilities and Cutting Edge research opportunities together with the chance to walk with The chance to walk in the footsteps of so many of the world’s most influential thinkers. Quality Assured Europe is developing a scheme of quality assurance. A comprehensive quality control process is planned for 2010, by when Europe will be emblematic of a guarantee of quality in higher education.
  7. 7. Value for Money These high academic standards are achieved without breaking the bank. Tuition fees and daily costs are reasonable, the education sector being a top priority for Europe's competitiveness.   Lasting Legacy Europe boasts many centuries of academic excellence. A rich academic heritage is based around many landmarks in human knowledge, and today's European Higher Education Institutions benefit from this lasting legacy.
  8. 8. Choice There are thousands of higher education institutions in Europe to choose from, offering a great variety of degree programs. From leading research universities to small, friendly teaching colleges, you're sure to find what you're looking for. Multicultural Europe offers a unique cultural experience in a dynamic, multinational environment. Besides earning a world‐class qualification, you'll have the chance to learn new languages and intercultural skills that are of great value to future employers and an essential advantage in an ever‐changing world.
  9. 9. World Renowned Studying in Europe gives you a top‐quality education which will be respected the world over. Moreover, you can take advantage of the many scholarships that European universities offer. Opening Doors Employers won't only be impressed by your education; they'll also appreciate the other skills you will have acquired. The time you spend in Europe will prepare you for the global economy, developing assets such as self‐reliance, independence and intercultural and linguistic abilities that will set you apart from the competition
  10. 10. Assured Admissions* to 1000s of Universities/Colleges Career/ Education Counseling Cross Country Comparison TOEFL/ IELTS Preparation University Selection/ Admissions Formalities Language Classes Up to 100% Scholarships Visa Counseling Soft Study Loans without Collateral for the 100% Cost of Education Pre Departure & Post Arrival Briefing Giving You The Peace Of Mind To Follow Your Dreams @ KREST
  11. 11. Computer Science Computational Engineering Computational Logic (non-consecutive) Computer and communication technology Computer science Computer Science in Economics Computer Simulation in Science Data and Knowledge Engineering SAP –MS in Computer science Software Engineering and Management Software Engineering for Industrial Applications Software Technology Sensor Systems Technology Courses Offered
  12. 12. Advanced Optical Technologies Analytic Instruments, Measurement and Sensor Technology (AIMS) Communications and Information Technology Computer and communication technology Electrical and Information Engineering Electrical Communication Engineering Electrical Engineering and Information Technologies Microsystems Technology Electronic Systems and Engineering Management Electronics Engineering Mechatronics Energy Systems Information and Automation Engineering Information and Communications Engineering Information Systems Electrical /Electronic & Communications Engineering
  13. 13. Business Consulting Master Financial Management International Business and Management - MA International Business Consulting (MBA) International Industrial Management Electronic Business & International Business MBA in Global Management MBA in International Business Management MBA in International Tourism Management Software Engineering and Management Entrepreneurial Leadership International Finance Business / Management
  14. 14. European Management European Master in Project Management International Management International Management of Resources and Environment Master in International Finance/I International Marketing Master of Finance Small Enterprise Promotion and Training International Marketing International Business in Developing & Emerging Markets International Tourism Management Labor Policies and Globalization Aviation Management Economics and Management Science Master in Management International Business and Economics International Management Business Administration and Engineering Economics and Institutions (MBA) European Management International Business International and Development Economics Renewable Energy Management International Economics and Finance SAP Master of Arts in International Business Environmental Health & Safety Risk Management Master of Engineering in Energy and Environmental Management Business / Management
  15. 15. Mechanical , Automotive & Aerospace Aeronautical & Aerospace Engineering Aeronautical Management Aerospace Engineering Aerospace Engineering - mit Research Semester Analytic Instruments, Measurement and Sensor Technology (AIMS) Applied Computational Mechanics Automotive Vehicle Integration/Power train and Chassis Engineering Automotive Vehicle Integration/Power train & Chassis Engineering – with a research semester Autonomous Systems Aviation Management Mechatronics Process Engineering Process Engineering & Energy Technology Process Engineering & Plant Design
  16. 16. Bio-Medical , Pharmaceutical ,Bio-Technology Master of Microbiology Neurosciences, experimental and clinical Master of Science in Biotechnology Pharmaceutical Medicine Chemical and Bio Engineering Molecular Biotechnology Molecular Medicine Mathematics in Bioscience Epidemiology -Biometrics, Cancer Epidemiology Epidemiology, Genetic Epidemiology, Infection Epidemiology Radiation Epidemiology
  17. 17. Masters in Hydro Science & Engineering Masters in Environmental & Resource Management Masters in Environmental Technologies Masters in Euro-Hydro informatics & Water Management Master of Engineering in Energy & Environmental Management Master of Engineering in Renewable Energy Systems Renewable Energy Management Environmental Management
  18. 18. Cognitive Science/Neuro Sciences Neuro- Behavioral Sciences Neuro-Cognitive Psychology Neuro-Sciences Neurosciences, Experimental & Clinical Developmental, Neural & Behavioral Biology Cognitive Science
  19. 19. KREST OVERSEAS EDUCATION 2 nd Floor, Solitaire Plaza, Beside Image Hospital, Ameerpet Hyderabad Phone No : 040- 23750062 / 9000404182 E-Mail: [email_address]