Successful Children's Birthday Parties: It's all in the Planning


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Successful birthday parties don’t happen, the good ones are planned.

The secret is keeping the party manageable, yet flexible. Here are a few of the important details that need your consideration.

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Successful Children's Birthday Parties: It's all in the Planning

  1. 1. Your baby’s first few birthdays are really milestones that mark the anniversary of becoming parents. You blow out the candle(s), open the gifts and guide your little one throughout the birthday celebration. This is a chance to create memories that will last a lifetime, so remember successful birthday parties don’t happen, the good ones are planned. The secret is keeping thePlanning your party manageable, yet Childs flexible. Here are a few of the important details that needBirthday Party your consideration.
  2. 2. The Party InvitationDon’t feel you must create atheme to build the partyaround. Your party alreadyhas one theme-it’s a BirthdayParty! Your invitation cancenter around favorite stories,interests, songs, orcharacters. There are a widevariety of party invitations onthe market at very affordableprices. You can choose from"fill-in-the-blank" styles, printthem yourself or have yourinvitations custom printed. Acustom printed invitationmakes a wonderful,personalized keepsake ofyour child’s special birthday.
  3. 3. The DateWeekends are great,especially if you want helpfrom your spouse or baby-sitter. A small child won’t careif the party isn’t on hisbirthday. If your child’sbirthday falls on a holiday,make sure you send out theinvitations extra early orconsider having the party onanother day. Also be sure tofirst check the date withguests without whom theparty wouldnt be a success,such as grandparents,godparents, or best friendsand make sure theirschedules are free.Otherwise, you might behaving two parties!
  4. 4. The TimeFor a one-year old, keep theparty short. A good way toensure your party won’t run allnight is to only serve cake andice cream. They are really themain components of a partyanyway. Remember toconsider nap times and otherschedules too. A happy childafter a nap will love being thecenter of attention. For olderchildren, keep an eye on theclock, their energy levels andtheir interaction abilities withother party guests. A crankyguest of honor is no fun foranyone.
  5. 5. The DecorationsThese are the magic thattransform your home into aspecial place, and they don’thave to cost a lot. You candecorate with crepe paperstreamers, (attach to yourwalls with toothpaste, it willwash right off), balloons withcurled ribbon tails to bounceon the ceiling (buy heliumballoons the day of the party),and inexpensive posters(attach with rubber cement, itwill rub right off). The cakecan be your centerpiece withparty hats, blowers and partyfavors arranged around it.
  6. 6. The CakeFor kids, the cake is the party,and a "squash cake" (a smallcake especially for thebirthday person) is a must!Put it on their highchair tray orsit them on the table with theirsquash cake between theirlegs. Some children will bevery dainty and gently touch itand taste it and not makemuch of a mess. But otherkids will pat and hit the cake,dig their fingers in for ahandful, and even put theirface in it for a big bite. A videocamera is a must for this! Itwill probably be your favoritepart of the party, especially ifyou’re lucky enough to have achild that’s not shy with thecake! (A garden hose andextra change of clothes areusually a good idea too.)
  7. 7. Party FavorsFavors are definitely a must atany age. From simple sacksfilled with a variety of smallitems to personalized partypails or boxes, there’ssomething to fit any budget.Pass out the favors as yourguests are leaving. They willlove diving into them on thedrive home.
  8. 8. EntertainersDon’t let the entertainer be asurprise to your child. It couldprove to be terrifying insteadof terrific. Consider the age,interests and attention span ofthe children present. A one-year old might enjoy a puppetshow, a brief visit from aclown, or a story teller. Localor regional magazines thatfocus on kids are greatsources of ideas for partythemes as well as finding theperfect entertainer to hire foryour party.
  9. 9. Capturing MemoriesAt least a day before theparty, make sure you havecharged your video camerabattery and have checkedyour still camera batteries ordigital camera memoryavailable. Make sure youhave plenty of video tape andfilm set out in plain site so youknow where it is when youneed it! Some disposablecameras sitting around foryour guests to also capturethe action can yield some ofthe best pictures of you, theparents, with your child.Most of all, make sure youenjoy the day!