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Known SEO. No SEO - A more powerful approach to SEO


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I spoke at Wordcamp Mumbai 15-16th March 2014. I spoke about a new practice called 'No SEO'

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Known SEO. No SEO - A more powerful approach to SEO

  1. 1. No SEO, A More powerful way to do SEO with WordPress Annkur P Agarwal
  2. 2. @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai #SeoMeow #WCMumbai Known SEO. No SEO.
  3. 3. I AM • Naam: Annkur P Agarwal • Kaam: Co-founder – • Alumni – 500 Startups • Blogging @ (now responsive) • Volunteer @ HeadStart Network • Twitter @annkur • Email • SuperPower: I design the best ppt you ever saw ;)
  4. 4. I Am Not Not to be mistaken for Harsh Agarwal aka @denharsh aka the SEO guy! The differences are plenty … but most importantly Image via Facebook / Harsh Agarwal
  5. 5. THIS Image via Facebook / ShoutMeLoud
  6. 6. • Local • Content • Value • Memorable • Real love Image via newHDwallpapers@annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  7. 7. SEO What do we know about it? @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  8. 8. Okay, Give Me SEO Tips @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  9. 9. Why Are SEOs So Popular? Why are the folks related to SEO so popular? @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  10. 10. Search Engine • What Is It? • Why Do Search Engines Exist? @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  11. 11. Gulab Jamun @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  12. 12. Search Engine • Is the middle man • It is supposed to let the user find something they are searching for • Do you remember that stranger who sent you to nandoo halwai? • Though! On the web the stranger is sticky on a separate note - difference between searching and finding @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  13. 13. How Did Our Stranger Know Nandoo Halwai? • (S)he tried the Gulab Jamuns himself? • (S)he overheard many people talking about Nandoo? • (S)he saw a rush at that shop? @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  14. 14. But What If You Liked Sambhoo Halwai More? Image source
  15. 15. So what did the stranger think? What could be the reasons he sent you to Nandoo? @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  16. 16. So back to our koschen But What If You Liked Sambhoo Halwai More? • How will the stranger know that? • How will the stranger tell you what to go for Nandoo or Sambhoo? • What if Nandoo’s quality deteriorated over time? How will the stranger advise you better? @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  17. 17. You will never know what are the assumptions, experiences & preferences that prompted the stranger to send you to Nandoo. Lesson: There are more factors affecting SEO than you can imagine. @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  18. 18. The SEO Lie • I acquired 1.2 million unique visitors / month sometime back • Q: how much money did I make? @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  19. 19. The SEO Lie • So 10 people, after a spending of INR 50L, consulting from top business folks In India and Silicon Valley and we make … • INR 1.25L / month. Good enough? Pure SEO + Ads income. • NOT WORTH IT! @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  20. 20. Ideally Ideally SEO compliments a good business @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  21. 21. Some Technical • Site Speed • Bounce Back • Page Rank / Authority / Backlinks / Citations • Click Through Rate • Returning Visitors & Direct Traffic • User Interaction / Time Spend / PVs @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  22. 22. Good SEO Practices • All of the above technicals that can affect your SEO can be directly tied to user experience & traditional marketing for your product / service SEO is the means to reach an end goal, not the original purpose. @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  23. 23. Search Result Page
  24. 24. Ideas? (Why NO SEO!) • Why Site Speed & How to improve it? • Why care for bounce back? How to … • Backlinks  Why, How? • CTR – Why? How? • Returning Visitors? How? • User Interaction? Why? How? @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  25. 25. Some Common Mistakes • Anchor Text Abuse • Tag cloud / Category – Wordpress • Comment Spam (both ways) • Meri Site aur Meri Site, I scratch my own back @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  26. 26. Innocent Mistake All I wanted to do is share your content to my 4500+ twitter followers. @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  27. 27. Must Do • Go on the ground and see how actual users use your site. On what devices and how do they navigate. • Mobile is huge. For PriceBaba 51% traffic is now mobile web. Don’t screw that up, usability would be a bigger factor when considering SEO for mobile. @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  28. 28. Do consider • – structured results – helps search engine read your content in context, show better search results @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  29. 29. Request • Give up the obsession with backlinks • It is very important. But you don’t need Backlinks you need….? @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  30. 30. • YOU NEED A SCALABLE BACKLINK STRATEGY. And that cannot be gamed. @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  31. 31. No SEO / OFFLINE SEO • Consider Doing NO SEO. • Everything you do online and offline is SEO. • Good Product + Good Marketing = Good SEO • Even Advertising Builds Your SEO • Think, Would Annkur (me) want to rank #1 on Google for “Annkur” or Google would want me to rank #1 for my name? @annkur #SeoMeow #WCMumbai
  32. 32. Remember this? 1994 - 1996 Think of your offering as in the real world!
  33. 33. Questions? @annkur aka the PriceBaba! #SeoMeow
  34. 34. NETWORKING