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Drink UHT Milk


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Drink UHT Milk

  2. 2. Present for over Meet the needs of people in more than
  3. 3. Come to Indonesia, by the name PT Jasa Brik, then changed its name become PT Brikindo Jaya Status as foreign capital companies, by the name of PT Tetra Pak Indonesia. Tetra Pak is now present in Indonesia in partnership with more than 20 leading food and beverage manufacturers to present a series of quality products such as milk, tea, juice, milk, traditional beverages, and more. Conducting the Drink Milk Campaign to promote awareness of the benefits of milk, while helping to increase the level of milk consumption in Indonesia.
  4. 4. Produknya terkenal, biasanya gue beli yang coklat. (Yusuf, Student, 20 y.o.) Kualitasnya bagus, dilihat dari packaging, produk yg dia buat itu rasanya enak.(Fika, Student, 20 y.o.) Nggak kenal sama perusahaannya, tapi kalo produk susunya tau. (Fitriyah, Student, 20 y.o.)
  5. 5. To increase awareness of the importance of drinking milk for health and growth. To encourage people to drink ultra-high temperature (UHT) milk. To promote growth of the local dairy industry in Indonesia. To support Tetra Pak‘s dairy customers’ marketing activities.
  6. 6. 1st Level • Consumers: • Mothers as decision- makers, especially with children ages 3 - 12 • Teenagers & Children • SES class: A-B-C 2nd Level • Government and key opinion formers as a platform for national drink milk movement (through Ministry of Health, Education and Agriculture) • Advocacy groups in health and nutrition • Media
  7. 7. Milk consumption per capita in Indonesia is very low (11.9 L/capita in 2009) due to low affordability and misperception. Increase in fresh liquid milk consumption nationally helps local dairy industry to grow by providing good quality, affordable milk. At present only 30% of milk in Indonesia is sourced locally, while 70% is imported. Powder milk is overwhelming preferred, especially for toddlers and young children.
  8. 8. Main competition to liquid milk is powder milk and sweetened condensed milk (SCM) driven by multinational companies through heavy advertising and promotions. This has created an image that longer shelf life for milk is good for consumers. Liquid milk also comes in other forms such as unprocessed street/farm milk, pasteurized milk in bulk, gable top cartons, plastic cups, plastic pouches or bottles, sterilized milk in bottles, or plastic pouches. Main competition is sterilized milk in bottles. Liquid milk is perceived as expensive, after opening all the contents must be consumed right away. Liquid milk claims on the packaging face BPOM restrictions such as the prohibition on ‘no preservatives’ label, whereas powder milk can make claims such as added DHA (a substance found naturally in liquid milk).
  9. 9. Milk in its original and most natural form is liquid. UHT milk is sourced from fresh, natural cow’s milk UHT milk is the most practical, nutritious and safest way to consume milk. UHT milk is without preservatives. Tetra Pak is a packaging company that “PROTECTS WHAT’S GOOD” across the value chain Tetra Pak packaging not only retains nutrition and taste, but represents environmentally sustainable packaging.
  10. 10. UHT milk is the most practical, nutritious and safest way to consume milk. Tetra Pak is a packaging company that “PROTECTS WHAT’S GOOD” across the value chain
  11. 11. Campaign Concept Media Activities
  12. 12. MILKY MOMMY DAY SELFIE THAT MILKY SHARE THE MILKY 01 MAY – 01 JUNE MILKY CREATIVE YOUTH 01 JUNE – 30 JULY 01 – 30 AUG 01 – 30 AUG Socialization fo mothers in Indonesia about UHT Milk Drink milks together with students in elementary and junior highs school in Indonesia Invite all youth to share their moment wit Tetra Pak milk product in their activitie, the uniq one get the prize Invite all youth to write a paper about the future of generations in Indonesia and drinking milk culture Endorsed : Dona Agnesia Coopertion with goverment Coopertion with goverment Endorsed : CJR Endorsed : CJR Endorsed : RAN
  13. 13. Media Gathering Media Profiling Press Release Distribution Media Monitoring
  14. 14. Date : • End of April 2016 Venue: • The Ritz-Carlton Time : • 10.00 am – 12.oo am Speakers : • Tetra Pak Indonesia spokeperon Target media: • 15 business media and 15 general media
  15. 15. Profiling the CEO of Tetra Pak Indonesia in selected targeted media Activitiy period: Mid May – June Proposed media : • SWA • Kompas • Tempo The story about how to build this business and how to face with ASEAN Free Trade Area
  16. 16. Media Release Video • Product • Company Profile Booklet / Brochure • Product Knowledge • Owner Biography
  17. 17. Media coverage depth vs breadth: • Increase quality of message delivery in key national and local media. Quantitative result to see how much the message has changed behavior of target audience. Conduct follow-up media audit at end of year.
  18. 18. Daily Newspapar Magazine Online Kompas Seputar Indonesia MIX Magazine Media Indonesia The Jakarta Globe Marketing Kompas Cyber Media Bisnis Indonesia The Jakarta Post SWA Tempo interaktif Koran Tempo Kontan Investor Vivanews Republika Koran Jakarta Tempo Okezone Indo Pos Jurnal Nasional Gatra Investor Daily HE Neraca Business Week Antara Suara Pembaruan Warta Kota Business Review Sinar Harapan Pikiran Rakyat Warta Ekonomi HU Pelita Surabaya Pos Trust
  19. 19. • June 2016 • In conjunction with Hari Susu Nusantara on June 1 Target Launch • May - December 2016Period