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Freifunk Munich - How to scale Jitsi

How we built an open video conferencing service to help people stay connected during corona

You can watch the Youtube Recording here (german):

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Freifunk Munich - How to scale Jitsi

  1. 1. ffmuc: How to scale Jitsi
  2. 2. awlnx ● Senior Network Engineer @AS51324 ● Twitter @awlnx Krombel ● IT Consultant ● Twitter @kr0mbel Who are we?
  3. 3. Jitsi to close the social gap during corona • An upcoming Freifunk Meeting was about to get canceled because of Corona • In the past we used NextCloud talk but we had issues (max 6. users per conference) ■ We needed something different for at least 20 - 30 people ■ jitsi seemed easy and straightforward to install ● “apt install jitsi-meet” => Done ¯_(ツ)_/¯
  4. 4. Debian package wins over Docker • We had some issues with docker-proxy in the past • docker image didn’t look up to date • With scaling in mind ■ Planned using dedicated hardware for Jitsi anyway ■ Debian packages are available
  5. 5. First test - looks promising • testing with some people of Freifunk Munich • Worked like a charm, with a handful of people • The idea was born: ■ Maybe other people have the same problem? ■ Why not open it for the public? ■ Maybe teachers, healthcare workers, etc need that, too?
  6. 6. We need insights! Let’s monitor! • How many users are on the platform? • What’s the impact on the Hardware/VMs? • Do we have bottlenecks? If so: Where?
  7. 7. We have to scale! • One server cannot take the load => Bottleneck CPU on Videobridge • Scale horizontally → Videobridges need dedicated hardware and we may need many! → Looking for sponsors
  8. 8. How we scale!
  9. 9. The project gains attention • Interviews • BR, DigitalCourage, Focus Online, Stimme, SZ, … • diverse Listen
  10. 10. Problems start - Prosody • Change network_backend to “epoll” - No more 1024 connections as a limit
  11. 11. Don’t tune only one part of the stack - nginx • 502 all over the place • Raise the number of nginx workers • Raise max open files limit
  12. 12. More problems - JVB Version 1 • CPU Usage … • Upgrade to JVB Version 2 → Bottlenecks moved to context switches and PPS
  13. 13. Firefox breaks user experience • Users experience problems especially in large conferences (25-40 people) • Add warning for Firefox users … it’s mostly ignored … so problems still exists • Deactivate Firefox support and release FreifunkMeet app →
  14. 14. Upgrades sometimes break stuff • apt update && apt upgrade • Configs get wiped … good to have a testing environment • Once again this time … ar x … scp and git diff ...
  15. 15. Lessons learned • Dedicated Hardware… non-shared resources (NOT the 2€/month VM ) • Know your audience and react to behaviour • Know your technical limitations • Check, test, fix, tune and repeat • Monitoring, Monitoring, Monitoring
  16. 16. Thank you very much! A special thanks to all who helped writing/translating the FAQs. Also thank you to all the users and of course our supporters: