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Digital Divide - the emerging differences between prosumers and the dying breed of consumers


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A session for Bonnier.

Published in: Business, Technology
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Digital Divide - the emerging differences between prosumers and the dying breed of consumers

  1. 1. DIGITAL DIVIDEThe emerging differencesbetween prosumers and thedying breed of consumers. Annika Lidne for Bonnier Photo by Be.Futureproof / Flickr Photo by Be.Futureproof / Flickr 2011-09-08
  2. 2. “The illiterate of the 21 c wont be those who cant read and write, but those who cant learn, unlearn, and relearn.” Alvin Toffler, futuristPhoto iStockPhoto
  3. 3. The State of Nowa compression of space and time where every minute is filled with some kind of activity.Young people don’t want to interact withthings that are not valuable to them. Everyclick is a risk because if they choosesomething that are not meaningful tothem, they waste precious time. Katarina Graffman, antropologist Photo Alyssa L Miller / Flickr
  4. 4. Media habitsA look at the future ofconsumption. Photo by Björn Falkevik
  5. 5. SHARING
  6. 6. READING
  7. 7. Watching. TV?Emerging media habits of the next gen Photo by Annika Lidne
  8. 8. Listening.
  9. 9. MULTI-CHANNELdistribution
  10. 10. education income 1910 2010
  11. 11. This is mainstream mediaPhoto by Mr Jan / Flickr
  12. 12. Objectivity is a commodity (and boring)
  13. 13. The human beaconPhoto by Robert Scoble/Wikimedia Commons
  14. 14. “Networks are sentient socialobjects. You can’t reach me if youdon’t reach my network.” - Mark Comerford
  15. 15. News News+ aggregation Aggregation+ curation+ distribution &= Summifynewspaper Distribution SharingPhoto by Ben Sutherland / Flickr
  16. 16. VideoVideo+ aggregation Aggregation+ curation+ distribution Frequency & Chill= TV Sharing DistributionPhoto by Cloudzilla / Flickr
  17. 17. What’s professionally composed images of Foto av Harshit Sekhon / Flickrcute 2-year olds worth if nobody sees them? “I add camera manufacturers to the list of people who with whitening knuckles are hanging on to the past. My Android phone with horrible optics are outompeting all SLR cameras on the market.” Sam Sundberg, SvD
  18. 18. But what aboutEYEBALLS?
  19. 19. Foto av Toban Black / Flickr.
  20. 20. Thanks for listening! twitter: annika facebook/linkedin: Annika Lidne skype: annikalidne email: mobile: +46 (0)70 435 05 45 www: slides: