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  1. 1. Why video’s? The need for the music video The importance of a music video A music video or song video is a short film integrating a song and imagery, produced for promotional or artistic purposes. According to Chris Parr, modern music videos are primarily made and used as a marketing device intended to promote the sale of music recordings. Music videos first began in the1980s, when MTV based their format around the medium. Prior tothe 1980s, these works were described by various terms including "illustrated song, "filmed insert", "promotional (promo) film" etc.Music videos are extremely important nowadays within the musical industry, theyallow the public to engage with the artist and meaning of the song/s. Music videos can represent a narrative or just a PV (promotional video). The power of the internet in the last few years has had a huge impact on music videos as most people view music videos online via YouTube. It is important to have a music video as an artist, as it will widen their audience as it lets different people access their videos who aren’t usually familiar with that particular genre of music, as Chris Parr mentions, “A lot of people who may not have grown up listening to country music may find themselves searching it out, music videos are an entry point”. Music videos use a wide range of styles of film making techniques, including animation, live action filming, documentaries, and non-narrative approaches such as abstract film. Some music videos blend different styles, such as animation andlive action. Many music videos interpret images and scenes from the songs lyrics,while others take a more thematic approach. Other music videos may be without a set concept, being merely a filmed version of the songs live performance. Here is the link to back up Chris Parr’s views on the importance of music videos: The purpose of a music video
  2. 2. The main purpose of a music video is to; sell the song in such a way that it invokes a reaction that will leave people with a vivid memory of the video or song. Severalartists help promote their music by having themselves in the music video which has no storyline or meaning whatsoever. Two examples of this would be Geri Halliwell ‘It’s raining men’ and Rihanna and Drake ‘Take care’. In both these videos the artists are constantly on camera making the video all about them, there is no reason for this other than for promotional purposes. Although these music videos may have irrelevant story lines they help extend the artists income, this happens through Google’s partnership with YouTube. VEVO is an official channel onYouTube which permits an artist to make their first public viewing of the music video online. Through the trust of VEVO artists can see how many views it has received and feedback on the song/ video. Music artists share a percentage of the moneymade; Google pays for the artist’s music video to be uploaded to YouTube (which isalso owned by Google) which then VEVO shares a percentage of the income made with Google.The success made from the ‘Take care’ video did it justice as it remained in the top10 official chart for 24 weeks making it 2x Platinum by selling over 162,000 digital copies. Music videos become better and better each day, along with technology, most artists nowadays focus on the message they wont to put forward through their music video rather than the sales the song brings in. through my research I havenoticed that music videos are more creative now than they have ever been before. To sell any song, a music video is really essential now as more people are
  3. 3. interested in watching it rather than hearing it. To have a successful music video the storyline/ props / actors/ editing has to be creative to capture the audience’s attention and convince them to buy your song or album. A song can easily be illegally downloaded from various untrustworthy websites but to avoid people from doing this the artist must persuasively assure the audience to purchase their song or album through the shops, itunes tv etc. Another way artists can convince the public to buy there songs is by the way the artists look in the music video. An artist like Beyonce involves both male and female audiences, she does this by the way she portrays herself in her music videos. In some she is wearing rather revealing clothing to attract a male fan base; however Beyonce not out of many continues to remain her dignity by believing in her music and what she produces. The video is a global sensation and her dance moves are iconic."Crazy in Love" was a commercial success in the United States. Although it was not yet released to retail stores, the single gained much attention and reached number one on the Billboard hot 100 the official US singles chart, based on heavy rotation alone. By October 6, 2010, "Crazy in Love" had sold 47,000 physical units in the US, and as of October 2012, 1,597,000 paid digital downloads. Beyoncé’s iconic dance moves has set a trend and is associated with each other whenever the song is played. To be able to have a music video that can be associated with something orsomeone can immediately have an effect on the audience; Entertain, Educate and Inform. videos will continue to get better and more creative as artists will want to up their game and compete with each other.
  4. 4. Justin Bieber is global teen sensation and has had risen to fame through his covers he originally put on YouTube for fun. In 2010 Justin Bieber released his single ‘Baby’ and became a huge success all over the world. Justin Bieber is a classic example of an artist whose popularity has grown through the years due to the incredible amount of views on his video ‘Baby’. The song is predominantly upbeat,featuring Bieber’s R&B vocals over a backdrop containing a dance infused beat, full of keyboard and "disco string" synths. On August 2, 2010, the song was certified double-platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America for shipments of 2,000,000 units As of October, 2012, the song has sold 3,718,000 digital downloads in the US Billboard reviewed the video, saying, "Those new dance moves hes showing offcan only mean one thing: all over the world, tweens hearts are melting right now. In July 2010, the video became the most viewed video in YouTube history until it was surpassed by PSY’s hit single, "Gangnam Style", on November 21st, 2012. As ofDecember 22, 2012, the video has had over 800 million views on YouTube. Despite this, the video has more than twice as many dislikes as it has likes. Both these music videos have had such an effect on the public that parody’s and fan videos have been created and uploaded online. It is global trends that sever people are participating in via social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Justin Bieber currently has over 30 million followers on Twitter and is one of the most successful artists under the age of 20 to come out of the US. Many fans ofhis can communicate with him through this networking site and see all the updates on new music material that he is will publish.
  5. 5. This is a fan video of ‘Gangnam style’ Through my secondary research I found out that there are more than a few sites online discussing the worst and best music videos of all time. According to NME music online there was just over 50 music video’s voted by the public as worst of all time. Two that caught my eye in particular were: Cher Lloyd ‘Swagger Jagger’ and Britney Spears ‘Gimme more’.In 2007 Britney’s song ‘Gimme more’ received negative criticism for her ‘come back’ album. The video was seen as unpopular because she had apparently gainedweight which didn’t appeal to the viewers as she was known for wearing ridiculously skimpy outfits. due to personal dilemmas that were constantly in the public eye Britney spears and her music career payed the price for the negative propaganda. Not only had she suffered the adverse publicity but was appealing with the same music to a new generation as her stalwart fans were becoming dislusioned.
  6. 6. Swagger jagger’ with reality TV pop-star Cher lloyd really only suffered in the ukwhen america embraced her style. controversially the music video was un popular as the artist had no real music pedigree and was regarded with little respect irrelevant of how her music or video happened to be may also bear reflection on her champions Cheryl Cole and who are not considered musical genius’. In comparison, Justin bieber already had a huge youtube following and his loyalfans, show complete dedication to all of his productions. Britney spears an example of a child star becoming publicly jaded as she matures yet stays within the samegenre as pop music. Cher lloyd (although hugely popular in the us) is a product of a talent show trying to represent and distinguish her self as a white rapper. as a fledgeling pop artist she needs to establish her career before she will be acknowledge as a musical talent. The importance of music channels, DVD downloads/ sales. The use of music channels are the most prolific and vital advertising platform for any new release or artist. Music videos also help people understand the song better, by being able to see it visually which they can do through music channels like ‘MTV’, and ‘channel AKA’ and also through various social networking sites. Music video’s allow people to see new material on TV first hand and let’s themaccess it without going through the trouble of finding the official music video online. i have also noticed that many music channels show a lot of interviews with artists which if you’re a hardcore fan can watch and relate to the artist. Each musicchannel is categorised in a different and specific genre for example ‘STARZ’ mainly presents new material or R&B, pop, dance songs whereas ‘Channel AKA’ and‘Kerrang’ play dub-step rap and heavy rock and metal. The importance of this is to not let viewers be misled by what they’re watching. More people are likely to tune into a music channel if they know and like the songs that are bound to played. Use of synergy - songs for Films, TV programmes and adverts Synergy funding is a way of gaining money by promoting two things at once, a good example of this is the video for Skyfall
  7. 7. by Adele this both successfully promotes the song and the film at the same time. This is good as it often requires less money to be spent in the Skyfall video for example they just use bits of the film for the video this means that they did not need to shoot a video as well because they already had the footage from the film this mean that the company has saved money by only producing one set of clips. However this is quite a unique way of doing things as often artists are not signed to companies who also produce movies so most of the time it will not be done. However it is a reason that music videos are made because it is able to promote two things at the same time. A lot of popular TV programs such as The X Factor have made a huge impact on chart sales, According to the Official charts Company, James Arthur ‘Impossible’ has already sold more than 379,000 copies, and then went straight to no.1 forseveral weeks. It has also boosted the original artist sales of the song which is has been brought up into the top 100, whereas before it was not and was released in early 2010. opening-sales-ever-1753/ factors-james-arthur-narrowly-leading-christmas-number-one-sales-8424011.htmlMany TV adverts have had a huge impact on sale income and popularity due to thefact adverts are on 24/7 throughout the day. A great example would be John Lewis ‘ the power of love’. This particular advertisement was a christmas special and was only aired from november to beginning of January. The advert had a huge successand went to no.1 within a matter of weeks due to the video. The advert was aired on many popular channels like BBC1, E4, ITV etc, this had been done purposely as these channels are mostly viewed by people who watch well recognized TV programs. More people who watch the advert will be able to identify the song withthe advert, which could lead people to then look up the song and original video and hopefully purchase it on iTunes is the advertisement is that successful and persuasive. “The lovestruck snowman proved a winter warmer for John Lewis after it revealed bumper Christmas sales.Adverts starring the character proved a big hit – with more than three million views on YouTube and it also spawned a best-selling children’s book.
  8. 8. The song from the ad, Gabrielle Aplin’s cover of the Power of Love, became the first John Lewis No1 single. The Snowman’s Journey campaign followed the success of an award-winning Christmas commercial the previous year.John Lewis boss Andy Street said the ads ensured the chain was talked about andthat it also enjoyed a flight to trust in the wake of Comet’s collapse and controversy over rival Amazon’s tax affairs. “People want to shop with a retailer they trust will do the right thing in the long term,” he told the Daily Mirror. His comments came as John Lewis confirmed total sales soared by 14.8% to £684.8million in the five weeks to December 29 against a year before. Sales in stores open at least a year leapt 13%.” conclusion music videos now play a vital part in the distribution and promotion of any artist by having an outstanding and enjoyable music video, it is clear that themusic sales escalate. The viewing public can now be more discerning in what they watch as there is such a varied array of music channels.