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Surveys and peer feedback


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Surveys and peer feedback

  1. 1. Question Answer1) What do you like most about my advertIdea?2) Do you think it is appropriate to marketmy advert at young female adultsaround the age of 15 – 28 years of age?3) What do you think could be improved tomake my advert better?4) Do you think my idea for an advert fulfilsthe stereotypes of advertisements outtoday?5) Where would you expect to see myadvertisement? TV (what specificchannels) Radio, Internet.6) What kind of song do you expect to hearwhen you think of my advert? Slow,upbeat music?7) Do you prefer to watch ‘typical’ perfumeadvertisements that glamourizeeverything or an advert that is differentbold and unique?
  2. 2. 8) From the information given from myidea do you think people will be able totell that I’m advertising a beautyproduct, or perfume in particular?9) Do you think that my advert would workwell alongside other adverts out today?10) How do you think I could promote myadvert?