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Analysis 2


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Analysis 2

  1. 1. Idea 2 – Perfume advertFor my second idea I came up with an idea of producing a fun fast paced advert. In comparisonto my first idea I plan to make this advert wacky wild and fun. I plan to use this by using upbeatmusic and fast paced editing in between scenes. This idea is slightly similar to my idea 1 as I stillwant to advertise the same thing which is a perfume.In this advert I want it to be abstract and stand out from the others seen on TV today. I would dothis by using bright coloured clothing and weird crazy settings. This may include paintfights,camp fires and more. I would like to use an underwater camera for some scenes duringthis advert as I think it will stand out from others and won’t fill the stereotype of normaladvertisements. I’m hoping to film three different scenes, 1) In the woods at night, maybe Gee(Class peer) starting a camp fire with friends 2) Walking along a beach all summery and girly 3)In party environments, e.g. strobe lights being used as well as cans of paint and various otherutensils.Depending on what perfume I advertise also depends on what I can film. Some successfulperfumes out there already have several key features about them that we associate things with.For example, Channel comes across extremely glamorous and expensive, which it is. So to do aweird fun wacky advert wouldn’t necessarily fulfil what Channel is all about. I will have to lookat the connotations of the perfume I do use so I can plan in advance what is appropriate to film.I would like this advert to be two minutes long, I’ve have chosen this because I would like to tella story throughout the sequence so people who watch it will be drawn to it and will want to seewhat the product actually is. Just like the first idea I want this advert to be an anti-realist onebecause it allows me to be as creative as I want to be although the consequences of it being twominutes long mean it would most probably been seen online than on TV and radio because it’slonger than most advertisements.I aim to market this advert at sixteen to thirty year olds. I have made it such a big age gapbecause during my filming process the footage could turn out differently than expected. Alsothis is advertisement won’t be like any others on TV that are so obvious to point out who theadvert is targeted at. With my advert it can appeal to almost anyone because it is fun, bold anddifferent.