If a Blog Falls in the Forest: How to get your blog to make a sound


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How to create great content for your blog for beginner to intermediate bloggers. Presented by Annie from the PhD in Parenting blog (http://www.phdinparenting.com) at Blissdom Canada in October 2010.

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If a Blog Falls in the Forest: How to get your blog to make a sound

  1. 1. If a Blog Falls in the Forest? How to get your blog to make a sound CONTENT I Image: kcolwell on flickr
  2. 2. PANELISTS Annie PhD in Parenting www.phdinparenting.com @phdinparenting Heather Globe Trotting Mama www.globetrottingmama.com @greenwooddavis Emma Embrace the Chaos (MSN) www.embracethechaos.ca @emmawaverman Amy Hearts into Home www.HeartsIntoHome.com @Amy_Urquhart Aidan The Palinode www.thepalinode.com @palinode
  3. 3. Image: ekai on flickr IT IS AS EASY AS THIS… Image: CRASH:candy on flickr THE SECRETS OF BLOGGING?
  4. 4. ANATOMYOFABLOGPOST Image: aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR on flickr
  5. 5. TITLE: CLEVER OR LITERAL? Long- term SEO Short- term SEO Grab attention
  6. 6. TONE YOUR BODY • Unless you are a gifted writer, either: - Keep it short (less than 500 words) - Structure it and use subtitles • Put keywords in the first paragraph and bold them for SEO. • A picture tells 1000 words… • The Internet loves lists… - Top 10 ____ - 50 Reasons Why ____ - 100 Things to ____
  7. 7. STYLES Image credit: Storyteller = The U.S. Army (flickr), Comedian = The Bloggess on twitter, Advocate = thivierr (flickr), Informer = jnthnhys (flickr), Artist = nmoira on flickr Storyteller Comedian Advocate Informer Regardless of style, a good blog post…. Artist
  8. 8. Image credit: PhOtOnQuAnTiQuE on flickr …makes you think.
  9. 9. TAGS/CATEGORIES • Categories: Predefined list of topics that you write about (use to create menu). • Tags: Keywords on individual posts (tag cloud to access posts). • LinkWithin: Fun plug- in that shows users related posts that they might be interested in.
  10. 10. WANT COMMENTS? • Invite them! – Ask your readers for their opinions. – Ask your readers to share their experience. – Ask your readers to give you advice on what you should do. • Respond to them! • Reciprocate! • Please thread them! Image credit: miss miah on flickr
  11. 11. DON’T FEED THE TROLLS! Image credit: Roberto Rizzato on flickr
  12. 12. TRACKBACKS • A trackback is a link from someone else’s blog back to your site. • Sometimes your blog will “catch” it and ask you to approve it. Do you want to? • But it doesn’t necessarily catch all. • Where to place trackbacks? – Default is usually between the post and the comments, which gives them high visibility. – Some people (myself included) put them after the comments. Image credit: jenny downing on flickr
  13. 13. PROMOTINGYOURCONTENT Image credit: Anna Gay on flickr
  14. 14. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION • Write well and write often. • Use words that people search for. • Use those words in your title, first paragraph, headings. Image credit: drinksmachine on flickr
  15. 15. • RSS Feed • Twitter • Facebook pages • Digg, Stumble, Reddit • “Share” button • Blog carnivals Image credit: Matt Hamm on flickr SHARING THE LOVE
  16. 16. FINAL TIPS • Don’t spam • Don’t steal other people’s content • Don’t be a jerk • Be authentic and transparent • Have fun!
  17. 17. PANEL DISCUSSION • What was your best post ever? • Where do you get ideas for blog posts? • How did you decide what to blog about? • How much personal information do you/should you share? • What do you need to consider when you are blogging professionally (i.e. paid by your employer and/or freelance for someone else) versus personally (100% your own blog)? • Video? Scary or a great idea? • Are there posts you wrote that you wish you had never written?
  18. 18. QUESTIONS?Image credit: Helga Weber on flickr