Combine use of m aterials


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Combine use of m aterials

  1. 1. Time for Quiz!!Natural and Man-made Materials
  2. 2. Natural materials are materials that come from I. plants II. chemical processes IV. animals A. I and III only B. I and IV only C. I, II and IV only D. I, III and IV only
  3. 3. •DNatural materials are materials thatcome from plants, animals and rocks.
  4. 4. Which of the following examples of natural andman-made materials are correct? Natural material Man-made materialA. Glass Synthetic clothB. Leather PolystyreneC. Silk IronD. Plastic Rubber
  5. 5. •BLeather is natural material while polystyrene isman-made material.
  6. 6. Which of the following objects is made ofnatural materials?A. B.C. D.
  7. 7. •AMetal spoon
  8. 8. Which of the following objects is made ofman-made materials?A. B.C. D.
  9. 9. •CGlass bottle is a man-madematerial.
  10. 10. Diagram 1 shows four objects, J, K, L and M. J K L MWhich objects are made from materials thatcome from animals?A.J and K only B. K and L onlyC. J, K and L only D. J, K and M only
  11. 11. Fur •D Leather Silk
  12. 12. Which statements below are correct? I. Man-made materials come from natural materials. II. Metal and plastic are man-made materials. III.Man-made materials are obtained through chemical processes. IV. Plastic is made from petroleum.A.I, II and III only B. I, II and IV onlyC. I, III and IV only D. II, III and IV only
  13. 13. •CII. Metal and plastic are man-made materials.II. Metal is a natural material and plastic is a man-made material.
  14. 14. Which of the following objects is made ofnatural material?A. RaincoatB. BalloonC. ContainerD. Straw
  15. 15. •BBalloon is made of rubber(natural material).
  16. 16. What are man-made materials?A. Materials that are reused.B. Materials that are produced through recycling.C. Materials make from animals, plants and rocks.D. Materials produced through chemical process.
  17. 17. •DMan-made materials madethrough the chemical process.