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Digital portfolio 1


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Digital portfolio 1

  1. 1. Christiana IzumiDigital PortfolioArt Educator K-12
  2. 2. Lesson SamplesBy Grade LevelPrintmakingDrawingPaintingSculpture and Clay
  3. 3. DreamcatchersKindergartenThis is an introductory lesson used when beginning the DLLA unit about theIndian Headdress. We created a variety of different projects to explore eachartwork outlined in the DLLA (Developing Language and Literacy through theArts)
  4. 4. Clay MosaicsKindergartenThis unit was created to illustrate the DLLA piece the Striding Lion mosaic. Students drew pictureson paper, transferred them to clay and then glazed each piece. The mosaic pieces were then puttogether on plywood and grouted to stay in place.
  5. 5. Little SnowmenKindergartenThese Little Snowmen are based on Edgar Degas’s, Little Dancer. Young artists were introduced tosculpture terms and clay hand building techniques to create their snowmen. They added the scarvesand stick arms to replicate the skirt on the Little Dancer.
  6. 6. Modes of TransportationKindergartenThis lesson is based on the Kindergarten unit about transportation. The art technique of watercolor resist is also introduced.
  7. 7. Coil Pots1st GradeStudents were introduced to the hand building terms: coil, slip, score and glaze. They thencreated these coil pots.
  8. 8. Wild Things1st GradeStudents explored Maurice Sendak’s classic book “Where the Wild Things Are”, thenused their imaginations to create Sendak inspired Wild Things.
  9. 9. Slab Owls2nd GradeThis lesson is a collaboration lesson based on 2nd grade science and reading unit aboutowls. Students were introduced to slab building techniques as well as mixed media.
  10. 10. Woven Kente Cloths2nd GradeStudents studied the African art of Kente weaving. They explored the meaningsof the colors and patterns of the cloth and then interpreted what they learned byweaving their own paper cloths.
  11. 11. Gyotaku Fish Printing3rd GradeStudents studied the ancient Japanese tradition of Gyotaku Fish printing then created their own fishprints utilizing rubber printing fish. Students also created their own “chop” or identification stamp tofinish their print.
  12. 12. Adinkra Cloths3rd GradeIn collaboration with the 3rd grade reading story based on the Asante African practice of creatingAdinkra cloths students researched the symbols and meanings that are traditionally woven intothe cloths. Students also were introduced to printmaking, they made their own Adinkra styleprinting plate that they used to create their own Adinkra cloth. Each student also wrote anartist’s statement explaining what their symbol meant to them.
  13. 13. Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Designs4th GradeStudents were introduced to Pennsylvania Dutch Hex Designs they also learned about radialsymmetry and basic compass use. Each student interpreted the traditional Hex symbols tocreate their own design. The Hex’s were watercolored.
  14. 14. Greek Vase Stencils4th GradeStudents explored ancient Greek vases they also learned about the art form of stenciling. Eachstudent created 3 different vase shaped stencils. Each stenciled vase was then embellished withsilver and gold markers.
  15. 15. Monster and Insect Reliefs5th GradeStudents were introduced to the term Alto-Relievo or high relief. They then created reliefsbased on either insects or monsters.
  16. 16. Frida Kahlo Inspired Tin Repase5th GradeStudents were introduced to Frida Kahlo’s self-portraits and the Mexican art of tin repase orpressed tin. They then created their own self-portrait tin repase using 36 gauge aluminum.
  17. 17. Audubon Observational Drawings5th GradeStudents learned about the biography of John James Audubon. They then used observationaldrawing techniques to draw birds from photographs. Color was added with colored pencil.
  18. 18. PTA PumpkinsAll Grade LevelsThe PTA provided each class with a pumpkin. Our job was to design and create a pumpkin as aclass that would be entered into a school wide competition. In each art class we voted on ideasand then worked as a class to create these AMAZING pumpkins!!
  19. 19. County Art ExhibitsWalter’s Art Gallery 2010Penguin ScherenschnitzBMA Art Is For Everyone Exhibit 2008Heavenly Dog Clay BellMiddle School Juried Art Exhibit 2010Observational Drawing OwlHenri Rousseaux Jungle Scene
  20. 20. General John Stricker Middle SchoolFamily Arts Night 2009Acomo Pueblo Pots 6th GradeOaxacan Anamalitos 8th GradeMixed Media Inaugaration Drawings 6-8 GradesSelf Portraits 8th Grade GT
  21. 21. GJSM Family Arts Night ContinuedTrophy Fish 7th Grade Paper Masks 8th Grade Masks, Mosaics and Clay Vessels 8th Grade GTClay Vessels 8th Grade GT, Supplies provided by the Baltimore Middle SchoolClay Grant Program
  22. 22. GJSM Family Arts Night ContinuedScherenschnitte (Cut Paper) 7th GradeFun @ Family Arts Night!!!
  23. 23. My WorkAngel ScherenschnitteClay Critters, Scherenschnitte & Painted BoxCustom ScherenschnitteMixed Media and Scherenschnitte currently on display at Clementine Restaurant, Harford Rd.Scherenschnitte for Relay Elem Silent AuctionSelf-Portrait Charcoal