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Presentation to the Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals in 2014 about collaboration in parks and conservation in the Bay Area

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  1. 1. Partnerships to get the job done Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals May 16, 2014
  2. 2. This is Annie Annie Burke @BA_OpenSpace
  3. 3. Where were you at 5:04pm on October 17, 1989?
  4. 4. Open Space Council members and supporters Photo: USGS
  5. 5. A group of conservationists were flying home from New Mexico and the National Open Space Conference…
  6. 6. “Many events plant seeds, imperceptible at the time, that bear fruit long afterward.” Rebecca Solnit in A Paradise Built in Hell: The Extraordinary Communities That Arise in Disaster
  7. 7. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Aristotle
  8. 8. Relationships Photo by Jen Hale
  9. 9. Members!  Nonprofits: land trusts, advocacy organizations, friends groups, conservancies  Cities: big and small, urban and suburban  Counties: each one is different!  Special districts: major players in the region  Resource Conservation Districts  California State Parks  Federal agencies: National Park Service, USFWS Fifty organizations and agencies consisting of:
  10. 10. Bay Area Protected Areas Database • 1.37million acres of protected lands • 68% of our way to goal of 2 million acres • Includes fee and easements • Almost 1million acres publicly accessible
  11. 11. Creating a culture of collaboration 1. Identify and magnify similarities 2. Break bread together 3. Share information (and not just the good stuff) 4. Make it visible and tangible 5. Have fun
  12. 12. Identify and magnify similarities Photo: Jen Hale
  13. 13. Break bread together
  14. 14. Share information (and not just the good stuff)Photo: Jen Hale
  15. 15. Make it visible Photo: Jen Hale
  16. 16. Have fun
  17. 17. Why?
  18. 18. Established Bay Program of the California Coastal Conservancy Photo: C.E. Meyer, via Wikimedia Commons
  19. 19. Accomplishments of the Bay Program Over $300 million in funding for acquisition and restoration projects Over $1 billion in matching funds Over 425 projects More than 200 miles of trails More info at:
  20. 20. Lead creation of a regional conservation vision More info at:
  21. 21. Save the Redwoods League – photo contest More info at:
  22. 22. Building a regional movement Where we are Vision Call for a regional marketing campaign Fragmented victories Supporters don’t reflect diversity of the region Engagement is city/county specific Build a movement instead of a one-off campaign Connect more and more diverse residents to natural and working lands Activate residents to volunteer, donate, vote, advocate, promote
  23. 23. Your Bay Area - Theory of Change Created in collaboration with members STEP 4: BUILD Build online and in-person platforms that encourage and enable Bay Area residents to champion natural and working lands. STEP 2: CREATE Create overarching narrative, brand, and message platforms STEP 5: ACTIVATE Mobilize Bay Area residents to volunteer, donate, vote, contact business/elect ed officials, and promote on social media STEP 3: CONNECT Build the capacity of members to connect more and more diverse people to the land STEP 1: EXPAND Expand the conversation and include more people in the initiative Create clear pathways for new groups to participate in the initiative and guide subsequent steps. Should be action oriented, values based, adaptable to any geography and type of land. Target the bottom rung of the ladder of engagement – knowing about and enjoying Bay Area lands. Platforms should use tools developed in Step 2, support all OSC members, be easy to use, centralized, and self-selecting.
  24. 24. Photo: Lech Naumovich What else is happening around the Bay Area? Many collaborations, like…
  25. 25. Learn more at
  26. 26. • Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy • National Park Service • California State Parks • Marin Municipal Water District • Marin County Parks
  27. 27. Bay Area Ridge Trail • 25 years old • Planned 550 miles • Currently 340 miles and counting • Across everything: counties, cities, park agencies, land trusts… More at
  28. 28. San Francisco Bay Trail • 25 years old • Planned 500 miles • Currently 330 miles and counting • Will link 47 cities More at
  29. 29. Creating a culture of collaboration 1. Identify and magnify similarities 2. Break bread together 3. Share information and not just the good stuff 4. Make it visible and tangible 5. Have fun
  30. 30. 27Photo: Jen Hale Questions?
  31. 31. Jean Akers Intertwine Alliance @TheIntertwine Annie Burke Bay Area Open Space Council @BA_OpenSpace Rick Just Idaho Recreation and Tourism Initiative