Studio Design Considerations


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  • My attempt in this presentation is to direct your attention to issues, not necessarily to provide answers within my presentation. The primary thrust of the workshop is to enable participants to engage in Q and A on specifics. Note that this is an extended version of the presentation containing additional detail regarding elements of access mission.
  • Studio Design Considerations

    1. 1. STUDIO DESIGN CONSIDERATIONS FOR ACCESS MEDIA FACILITIES © copyright 2006 - all rights reserved
    2. 2. THE PRESENTERS Donald Berman - Pres. BevCam Board Dennis Dutra - Dutra Video Systems Peter Scott - Scott & Scott, Architects Peter Zawadzki - E.D. Watertown, MA
    3. 3. MISSION STATEMENT provide promote enable support
    4. 4. MISSION STATEMENT To provide a place for people to learn about the use of technology for communication To promote a more vibrant community life by providing a forum for the public To enable citizens to monitor public meetings more conveniently To support citizens in their effort to produce media based programming
    5. 5. Municipality School System Library Local College Independent nonprofit OWNERSHIP ALTERNATIVES
    7. 7. EQUIPMENT MISSION Live Recorded PRODUCTION PROGRAMMING Meetings Events Shows Foreign Studio Location Playback Staff Users CONSTITUENCIES Administration Civic Organizations Schools Individuals Board of Directors ByLaws Policies and Procedures OVERSIGHT
    8. 8. MISSION COMMUNITYCHARACTER What is the composition of your community? Is there a silent un-served minority? Why not first-come-first-served?
    9. 9. MISSION COMMUNITYCHARACTER Your Constituencies Municipal Administration Civic Organizations Schools Businesses Individuals
    10. 10. BOARD COMPOSITION <ul><li>Why not a user-controlled board? </li></ul><ul><li>What about an appointed board member? </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Mayoral </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>School Representative </li></ul></ul><ul><li>Does the board perpetuate itself? </li></ul><ul><li>How about the business community? </li></ul><ul><li>How about culture and arts? </li></ul>MISSION
    11. 11. PROGRAMMING Where do you get your programs? Your access producers? Your staff? Community sources? Outside-the-community sources? MISSION
    12. 12. MISSION BYLAWS Bylaws - The object is to maintain independence HOW? By the Election process Policy and procedures MISSION
    13. 13. ORGANIZATIONALSTRUCTURE MISSION Municipal agency Administrative control and policy is in the hands of the local government Private nonprofit Independent of government control Policy set by board of directors
    14. 14. The Physical Plant The People The Technology Cost Time Quality /Scope The “Iron Triangle” of Production Pick any two and lose the third Apply this equation to the following considerations
    15. 15. Cost Time Quality / Scope TIME - when does the project need to be finished? COST - financial resources availability - cash flow can change orders with increased costs be accommodated? QUALITY / SCOPE - how clearly defined is the project scope of work and quality of finish? THE PROJECT DRIVING FACTORS
    16. 16. RISK ASSESSMENT TIME COST SCOPE If time is fixed, then cost will go up to enable the project to complete on time OR ELSE scope must be modified If cost is fixed, then in order to maintain scope, time needs to be sacrificed, OR ELSE scope needs modification If scope (project design elements) is fixed, then time needs to be sacrificed OR ELSE cost must be increased Application of the “iron triangle”
    17. 17. PROJECT DELIVERY METHODS GENERAL CONTRACTOR - provides all construction services directly or with subs - very active client CONSTRUCTION MANAGER - oversight and control of construction activities - very active client MULTIPLE PRIMES - very active client manages - subs relate directly DESIGN/BUILD TEAM - combines architect and contractor with active client TURNKEY TEAM - combines architect, contractor, financing and management with passive client
    18. 18. THE CONTRACT LUMP SUM sets up a fixed price limit COST - PLUS pays all costs plus additional amount for overhead and profit GUARANTEED MAXIMUM a fixed max, contractor shares info with owner & has a contingency fee, savings shared per agreement FIXED FEE similar to cost-plus but a fixed amount for overhead & profit regardless of changes in budget or schedule
    19. 19. SELECTION METHOD BID - competitive based on full construction docs GUARANTEED MAXIMUM PRICE - based on full or partial construction docs & sets a cap - any item not documented as an expense is not paid by owner - contractor absorbs excesses NEGOTIATE - uses full or partial docs once experience and qualifications are established QUALIFICATIONS COST - uses experience, references & reliability along with competitive pricing for designer & builder QUALIFICATIONS DESIGN/COST - as above plus design proposals as criteria for selection
    20. 20. CHOOSING PEOPLE Consultant Architect Contractor Video Designer / Installer Staff
    21. 21. CHOOSING PEOPLE WHAT CONSTITUTES DUE DILIGENCE ? Check references Visit other work Talk to other access clients Maintain control and oversight Contract provisions Hands-on involvement Think in terms of cost-benefit - not just lowest cost
    22. 22. EQUIPMENT CHOICES The “Early Adopter” is a beta tester - beware of being on the leading (bleeding) edge Using “Tried and True” well tested gear and methods is a prudent approach The rush from analog to digital - “speed kills” make sure you see the bumps in the road Teach students what they are likely to encounter in the industry - it is a responsibility Clear separation of functions promotes a smoother workflow REMEMBER YOUR MISSION USE APPROPRIATE TECHNOLOGY
    23. 23. SETTING UP A FACILITY SOME CONSIDERATIONS Accounting Bookkeeping Payroll Janitorial Landscaping HR Oversight Telephony HVAC Internet Security Electrical Plumbing Roof Legal advice Insurance Staff supervision Benefits Hiring Evaluation Property Management Funds Management Publicity Promotion Press Relations Website Development Website Maintenance Printing Board Development Tax Filings Annual Reports
    24. 24. CONTACT INFORMATION [email_address] [email_address] [email_address] [email_address] Donald Berman Peter Scott Dennis Dutra Peter Zawadzki