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Analysing perfume posters


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Analysing perfume posters

  1. 1. Analysing Perfume Posters Francesca Attah
  2. 2. This perfume would appeal to a female audience because it comes across as being very feminine. The colours would also attract females as it is pink and soft. The main colour used in this advert Is pink, this gives a much more soft appeal to the advert, which would attract a female audience. This perfume advert looks like it is targeted at young adults because Rihanna is a young adult. She is lying down in a sexual way, which would appeal to a male audience. The male audience may find it appealing and attractive and may want to buy it for their partner. Rihanna’s face looks very mysterious and flirty, which instantly describes how the perfume is. The lighting used is effective because it creates a very soft atmosphere and setting. This is a long shot as it shows her body horizontally. And it allows the audience to view the whole position of her body.
  3. 3. The model is shown to be wearing gold, however it does not show much of what she is wearing. The perfume bottle is gold, her hair, her skin and the water is gold. This gives the sense of elegance and may suggest that wealthy people would wear this perfume. The colours represent a calming tone, and is very feminine. Gold is the colour for wealth and luxury, therefore this perfume advert would attract the female audience so that they can be shown as wealthy and elegant. The model is looking towards the camera, which would engage the audience to the advert. The model shows a lot of skin which gives a sensational mood to the advert. The word ‘J’adore’ meaning ‘I love’ is shown in white on the right side. It is in a serif font which looks like it represent the passion of the advert. This is a mid shot as it shows more than just her head, but is still close enough to view the expression on her face.
  4. 4. The main colour used in this perfume advert is pink. This gives a girly tone to the advert and would appeal to a young female audience. The model is giving direct contact with the audience as she is directly looking at the camera. This would engage the audience and make them more interested. The model is smiling which give a positive mood to the advert and would make the audience feel more happy and enlightened. This image of the model is a close up shot. As it shows a close up of her face and clearly shows her expression that she is happy and bright. This advert would make young females want to buy the perfume because it looks very attractive and girly.