Assignment 1 educ 1751 due friday 19th


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Educ 1751 assignment 1

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Assignment 1 educ 1751 due friday 19th

  1. 1. Assignment 1 Educ.1751Andrew ThomasStudent #C 3148412<br />3 Minute Presentation <br />Critical Reflection in practice<br />Specialisation: Science/Chemistry<br />
  2. 2. Presentation:<br />To listen to commentary on each slide simply click on the Speaker symbol.<br />
  3. 3. Points One to ThreeIntellectual Quality of the Learning<br />Did the artefact stay focused on important ideas of the topic or subject?.<br />Did it give students an opportunity to show their understanding of what is being taught?.<br />Did it get students to think about different points of view, different ways to solve a problem, or different solutions to problems?.<br />Energy Activity:<br />1)YESThe activity remained focused at all times about the topic<br />2)YES It gave students a chance to click and choose the power source that would have the least environmental impact <br />3)YES The interaction between choice and consequences of that decision meant they had to be careful about which power source to use.<br />Human Body:<br />1) YES It does remain focused on the topic.<br />2)NO The Giggle factor of the content will distract the students<br />3)NO The limited actions in the presentation restricts the problem solving<br />
  4. 4. Points Four to SixIntellectual quality of the Learning<br />Did it create tasks/questions that require the students to organise, apply, analyse, create or evaluate the new knowledge of the lesson?.<br />Did it get students to think and talk about language and how it works and how it can make their work or answers better?.<br />Did it get students to participate in meaningful discussions with me and the other students about what they were learning?.<br />Energy Activity:<br />4) YES The presentation has a graded score at each choice, so the students need to apply different techniques<br />5) NO The presentation was limited for this factor<br />6)YES At reflection time about the activity after it has finished.<br />Human Body:<br />4)NOThere was no such feature in this presentation <br />5)NO Again limited interaction about this.<br />6) NO Its purely a simple limited non discussion presentation.<br />
  5. 5. Points Seven to NineQuality of the Learning Environment<br />Did It provide the quality of work that students needed to reach or modelled and explained what was required well?.<br />Did it make sure that part of it was challenging or difficult for all the students enough to keep them interested?.<br />Did it give students some say in the what the lesson was about or how it unfolded in real time in the classroom?.<br />Energy Activity:<br />1) YES Very well presented and explained the topic in a simple meaningful way.<br />2) YES The thought process that the students have to apply will keep them interested.<br />3)YES As they got to choose which city to input into the presentation.<br />Human Body:<br />1)NO The quality of the presentation was very low and non informative.<br />2)NO The simplicity was not at all suited to the growing minds of students.<br />3) NO Again the interaction between students and teacher would be a failure.<br />
  6. 6. Points Ten to TwelveSignificance of the Learning<br />Did it use Metacognition to demonstrate how to link what the students were learning with what they already know?.<br />Did it make sure that it considered the cultural beliefs/views or knowledge of all students in the class ?.<br />Did it use questions to guide students in linking the lesson/unit learning to other topics or subjects<br />Energy Activity<br />1)YES the presentation would add to their already known factors of environmental issues.<br />2) YES The presentation was non religion biased.<br />3)NO the limitations of this were apparent in this presentation.<br />Human Body:<br />1)NO The limited understanding of the human body and say puberty, would only confuse them about what they already know.<br />2)NO The demonstration was only limited to Caucasian students<br />3)NO There was no evidence of this feature at all. <br />
  7. 7. Points Thirteen to FifteenSignificance of the Learning. <br />Was it careful with questioning/setting up groups to make sure all students equally included in the lesson ?.<br />Did it make sure that the lesson had a real world application or connection between what the students were learning and their future learning needs ?.<br />Did it make sure that it built the field or context using stories that made the learning more meaningful or accessible for all students?.<br />Energy Activity:<br />1)YES The activity was aimed at getting the students to compete.<br />2)YES The real world application only makes students even more aware about environmental issues and the effects of the future power needs.<br />3)YES the activity used context that could be understood by all age groups.<br />Human Body:<br />1)YES I believe that all students would have participated in this activity only even if it was for a giggle or laugh...but not constructively.<br />2)NO the connection just was not there for future learning techniques.<br />3) NO the presentation lacked context and would not be meaningful to the students.<br />
  8. 8. Conclusion:<br />Thanks for listening to my presentation.<br />Now for the vote about which presentation had the most impact and was most applicable to lesson content and context:<br />The Energy Activity had 13 YES and 2 NO<br />The Human Body had 13 NO and 2 YES..<br />Strong evidence of a good and bad presentation are clear in the results !!<br />