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Simple Weight Loss Tips


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Here are a few simple tips to help you lose weight easily. For more visit

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Simple Weight Loss Tips

  1. 1. Healthy Weight Loss Tips Annette
  2. 2. Healthy eating is the best way of balancing the foodyou eat, in order to keep your body in super health.With healthy eating, youll have more energy more ofthe time, get the vitamins and minerals you need, staystrong for activities that you enjoy and maintain ahealthy weight.Coming up, youll find four great tips designed to helpyou lose weight and eat healthy.
  3. 3. 1. Don’t Skip MealsEating 3 meals a day with snacks in between is theideal way to maintain your energy and a healthyweight.When you skip meals you become hungry and youremore likely to choose foods that arent very good foryou.If you’re going to be eating away from home, takesome food with you or find out where you can gethealthy food.
  4. 4. 2. How To Prepare Your FoodInstead of deep frying your food - try grilling, stirfrying, microwaving, baking or even boiling.You can also try fresh or even dried herbs andspices to add flavour to your food.Before you eat any type of meat, be sure to trimthe fat and skin off first.
  5. 5. 3. Avoid Too Much SugarDrinks that contain sugar are a major source of emptyenergy.What this means is that the drinks contain a lot ofenergy that your body might not need and neitherdoes it contain any vitamins or minerals.If you must drink sugary drinks, dont go overboard -limit yourself to just one a day.
  6. 6. 4. Don’t Think You’re On A DietThere’s no such thing as good food or badfood. All food can be a part of a healthydiet, but only when eaten in moderation.Plus, you dont need to buy low carb, fatfree or even diet foods, as these foodsnormally have lots of other addedingredients to replace the carbs or fat.
  7. 7. Most traditional foods can be made low fat.Turkey is very lean without the skin andgravy can be made without any fat.Potatoes that are served without butter canbe very healthy.The beloved apple pie is verynutritious, although it can soonbe turned into a fatty dessertonce you add whipped cream.