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High email subscribers list building techniques


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List building is the process of generating contact information for consumers that are likely to purchase our product or service. It is an essential part of internet marketing as it allows you to reach hundreds of thousands of people with just the click of a button. The more people you are able to reach the greater percentage of products will be sold. If you perform list building tasks properly, it can easily be the most successful aspect of your internet marketing techniques.

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High email subscribers list building techniques

  1. 1. List Building For Warrior By Steve Lim www.internetsuccessnetwork.comNotice:This Product Is Valued At $27You Have 100% FREE GIVEAWAY RIGHTS Worth $27 To This ReportHowever:1. Do Not Have The Right To Modify Any Parts Of This Content2. Do Not Have The Right To Reprint or Resell This ReportYou can also giveaway this report to build your list fast using the secret trafficsources I’ll show you.
  2. 2. Table of ContentsAn Introduction to List Building ........................................................................................ 3Technique # 1: Warrior Forum ........................................................................................ 4Technique # 2: Ad Swaps ............................................................................................... 5Technique # 3: Solo Ads ................................................................................................. 7Technique # 4: Guest Posts ............................................................................................ 9Technique # 5: Article Marketing ................................................................................... 11Technique # 6: Video Marketing .................................................................................... 12Technique # 7: Pay-Per-Click Advertising ..................................................................... 14Conclusion .................................................................................................................... 15 Page 2
  3. 3. An Introduction to List BuildingList building is the process of generating contact information for consumers that arelikely to purchase our product or service. It is an essential part of internet marketingas it allows you to reach hundreds of thousands of people with just the click of abutton. The more people you are able to reach the greater percentage of productswill be sold. If you perform list building tasks properly, it can easily be the mostsuccessful aspect of your internet marketing techniques.The list building and relationship building with your subscribers is equally important,your goal as a business owner is to drive traffic to your website. There are manyways to build a list; in this eBook we will take you through the step-by-step variousways that you can do so successfully. You will learn how to use some of the mosteffective method in the industry right now to help build niche opt-in lists quickly. Infact, this technique is so successful that most business owners are able to generatea strong list in a matter of days.List building, like all things internet marketing related, has a specific foundation whichmakes it successful. Squeeze pages are designed to allow you to give away freesubscriptions to e-newsletters, ebooks, videos, audio clips or eCourses that talkabout the need and effectiveness of your product or service. The primary function ofa squeeze page is to get the viewer to enter their email address. Your squeeze pageshould include information on the product or service and related articles. Finally,managing your list can be difficult on your own. There are a variety of great emailmarketing software or autoresponder that are designed to help you be successfulmanage your email marketing system. The most preferred by internet marketers With this site you can manage all of your lists in one place. It isaffordable, reliable and easy to use. You can sign up for an account to get started. There are several techniques that areeffective for link building which we will discuss in the rest of this eBook. Page 3
  4. 4. Technique # 1: Warrior ForumAt you can sign up for a paid account and start makingposts. This is one of the fastest methods for obtaining subscribers. In a nut shell, thisforum is the go-to place for anyone on the internet looking for information regarding aproduct or service. People submit their personal opinions after receiving a product orservice for everyone to see.Warrior Forum is fairly simple. It is ranked as the most popular forum for internetmarketing in the world. In fact, people from all over the world use it to communicateand find the services that they need. Nearly all internet marketing gurus use WarriorForum to find the information they need in the internet marketing niche. When youlog into Warrior Forum there is a special section that is called “Warrior SpecialOffers.” In this section, you can post specials for your product or service that arethen blasted to various buyers who are ready to purchase your product or services.In order to post a WSO you will need a membership, this cost $40.When you post a WSO, you want to offer the option for buyers to sign up for yourfree product. Everyone loves free stuff. This is very effective and will easily help youobtain up to few hundred of new subscribers in a matter of days.Ok, so how do you decide what is the kind of offer you want to use? 1. To create a free e-book you can do research content from article directory, Google, yahoo answer etc and find a reasonable topic to write a ten page e- book. The content and the flow of the e-book should be good and informative for the reader. 2. Complete your e-book and submit at the Warrior Forum of the WSO thread. If they approve your e-book then you need to pay a onetime fee of $40 for posting it online. Once you have made the payments, people can see your free offer on WSO. 3. Write a compelling sales copy write option and link it to your page to download the free product. 4. If your WSO ranking of your thread drops, then you can pay and use a bump service $40 to push your thread to the first page, so that the visibility of your thread increases. 5. Always respond to the member questions, suggestion or any other query and ask people to post testimonies on your WSO sales copywriting. Page 4
  5. 5. As you can see, using Warrior Forums special offer program is fairly simple to do.The best part about it is that for your small fee of $40, you will be able to generatehundreds of new subscribers in just a few short days. Again, Warrior Forum is one ofthe most effective techniques when it comes to internet marketing niches. Page 5
  6. 6. Technique # 2: AdswapsUsing Adswap to generate subscribers to your business and build your list is anotherfast, easy and free method. The problem with Adswap is that many people do notknow how to use them properly. When using this technique effectively you will beable to generate hundreds of new subscribers in a day.First, you are probably wondering what exactly an Adswap is. Simply put, this iswhere you exchange your mailing lists with someone else with an equal size list whoalso talks about similar items. If you know that Blogger A has a blog similar to yoursand you both have a similar number of followers on your mailing list then you willexchange lists to promote your squeeze pages to a new group of people.The reason why ad swaps are so effective is because if Reader A already lovesBlogger A’s blog, then they are more likely to subscribe to your squeeze page to geteven more information on the things they already love. When you send out that emailblast, When send out the email blast, the content should offer a valuable free gift likeebooks or videos with squeeze page optin require, remember never sell in adswap).Internet marketers that have become well connected through sites like LinkedIn andWarrior Forum are able to do an Adswap consistency. By doing this they are easilyable to skyrocket their followers in a matter of a month. The only downfall of thisidea is that if you continually bombard your followers with Adswap, they are lesslikely to subscribe to other ones and may even stop being interested in what you areoffering. Subscribers like to be discreet and no one likes to feel as if they arereceiving “spam” mail every day. The trick to being successful with Adswap is limitingthem to once every two weeks and being discreet. The last thing you want is forpeople to find out you are trading their email addresses.As a few other rules to go by with Adswap you should only swap with reputablepartners and only with marketers that similar to yours niche. In order to find Adswappartners you will want to visit to find suppliers similar to you.Action plan: 1. You should find marketers with good reputation for your niche and the ones who can run ad swap with you with similar amount of subscribers. 2. Have a squeeze page conversation of a minimum of 30% 3. Create an email and send it all your ad swap partners to get best response. 4. Track your clicks at and get an idea of the conversion rate by analyzing the clicks. 5. Blast an email with your ad partner on the date of the contract for your ad. Page 6
  7. 7. Technique # 3: Solo AdsSolo ads are a cost effective way to build your list. It is possible to add up to 1,000new subscribers to your list in just a few days. Paid solo ads are a full length emailthat is sent to people who have chosen to opt-in to another person’s email list. In anut shell, you are borrowing another marketers email list only for the purpose ofsending one email. In your solo ad you will promote a free product that you areoffering so that people are more likely to join your list.This is another list building concept where Warrior Forum comes into play. Thewebsite itself is very multi-faceted at helping you connect with other people that canhelp you achieve your goals. You can check out the Joint Venture Partner section ofWarrior Forum to find prospective traders for your solo ad. Many of the people onthese forums have developed hundreds of thousands of followers and are making astrong income through the success of list building. Another site that you can use tofind partners for solo ads is Forum should always be your first choice for meeting new people to help youbuild your list or for any internet marketing techniques. When you find someone youthink might be the right choice for you then you want to ask them about their list size,guarantee click rate, response rate and the price they will charge you for a soloemail. The price of solo ads are depends on the size of the list or guarantee clicks.You will find that they offer range from guarantee 300 Clicks for $60 to guarantee1000 clicks for $200. You want to be sure that the return rate that these partners getis at least 30%. A general rule of sales that has been around for a long time is thatyou will only get a return of 25% that will result in sales.Before you start negotiating the price details with your new partner, you want to besure you have proof of both a solid list and the return rate. Any good marketer keepstrack of website statistics. If for some reason the person you are looking do partnerwith for a solo ad does not, then they are not worth your time.The last thing you want to be sure of is that your squeeze page is up to snuff andhas a conversion rate of 30% or more. If your page is not making the ranks that youwant, consider having it redesigned by a professional so that it will be the mosteffective squeeze page possible. You may want to use that same concept to haveyour email created if you do not feel that you can create an enticing email on yourown.Be sure that the guidelines of your email solo ad are clear with your partner. You willwant to check out their reputation and keep documents where you can. This will helpboth of you deliver on your promises and ensure that you get the results you arelooking for from your email solo ad. Page 7
  8. 8. Action plan: 1. Locate reputed marketers who can run solo ads for you. Get them on your list and email the, enquiring if they accept solo ads. Simultaneously find potential partners at Warrior Forum JV section or 2. You should have a squeeze conversation of minimum 30%. 3. Draft a fantastic email and send it to your solo ad partners in order to get best response 4. If you find the solo ad partner is trustworthy then might purchase a slot. You can track your click rate at, and with this you can roughly get an idea of the conversion rate. 5. The ad partners will send your email offer on the date you agree in the contract. Page 8
  9. 9. Technique # 4: Guest PostsPublishing guest posts on high traffic niche blogs is simply one of the fastest way togenerate subscribers for your list. This will allow you to quickly drive traffic to yourwebsite and do minimal work on your part. There are numerous ways to do this. Letsay that you have a niche page about dating advice. A very popular internet blog – - does a love/relationship advice several times per week. As aguest blogger you will be able to reach hundreds or thousands of loyal readers withyour message. The goal of course, is to continue being a guest blogger so you canattract even more subscribers in the future.So where do you start?It all starts with your first post. Guest post is a classic example of making profit byother person’s profit . If you write and post something on someone else’s blog thenthey benefit with free and unique content and you get an advantage of posting aback link to your website. Getting your first guest post is difficult but after that youcan leverage on it, you need to create a first blog post that will literally “wow” thepants off of the reader. If your post is interesting, heart-felt and informative, then youare sure to get the response you hope.When you write your post, be sure to be conversational and use second person. It isimportant that you draw the reader into the article and make them feel the wordsthey are reading. Blog posts are archived as long as the blog is still up and running.This means that if you write a guest post on the effective way to write and promoteeBooks, that topic can be searched in the future and your posting will pop up forpeople to reference. Basically, guest posts are one of the few ways that you cankeep generating traffic over the years with little work or maintenance on your part.Once you decide on the niche or topic you want to write about, you need to find theblog that is going to be most beneficial to you. You do this easily by performing aGoogle search and seeing which blog comes up at the top of the rankings for yoursearch. You want to find one that ranks high in search engines while also havingmultiple comments (which denotes high readership) and regular posts. Aim for a blogthat has at least three postings per week, if not every day. You will contact theblogger about performing a guest post and conclude your post with a link to yoursqueeze page for subscriptions. Page 9
  10. 10. Action plan: 1. Create a post that has good content, language and flow and most importantly should be relevant to that particular blog and should be unique. The blog owner has the liberty to reject the post and you can use it for some other purpose. 2. The website that you link back on the post should look professional. Blog owners don’t like to direct their readers to tacky pages. 3. Persuade the blog owner to publish your post in their form and you would return the favor by publishing their guest post on your blog. You can also notify your subscribers and followers on Facebook and Twitter about their blog.Once your guest post is approved and published on the blog owner’s wall you willget an influx of new subscribers as the subscribers are automatically notified of anynew post. In addition to this you can get a continual stream of readers who find yourpost via search engines. Your link on a high profile blog will also boost your searchengine ranking and will be helpful in getting new subscribers.You can replicate this same strategy by writing posts on other’s blog. This way youcan leverage the success of your first guest post then you can subsequently getmore. If your fist guest post gets positive comments and high readership then youcan use it for negotiating a good deal with subsequent blog post. Page 10
  11. 11. Technique # 5: Article MarketingUtilizing article directories has quickly become one of the top choices for peopleinterested in generating more traffic to their website. It is the most commonly usedmethod and is fairly simple. Basically, you are looking to write and submit a 400 to600 word article to directories such as with a resource boxthat contains a link that goes back to your squeeze page. Some people suggest thatto be successful at article marketing, you need to identify niche keywords, askeyword optimization will get your website on top searches. Unfortunately this onlinestrategy has been overused and it’s difficult to find keywords with high number ofsearches and low competition. Hence you can adopt a new strategy of writingarticles on random topics or anything that people would be interested in and you cantab traffic who get on to read your article and are directed to your website. This wayyou will get clicks, or register for email subscription at your website.You cannot be successful with article marketing by using just one article. Instead youneed to have dozens to hundreds of articles written that all have your resource boxattached at the bottom. You can use a website such as Google Keyword tool to findkeywords that are getting the most web traffic and will likely generate you the highestvolume of subscribers. There are few pointers you need to know about writing yourown article.  Write in second or third person. Third person is appropriate for most articles, however second person is useful on any health related articles.  Be sure your article is informative and uses information from credible sources. You want to build credibility.  Keep keyword density around 1% to 1.5%.  Articles should be around 400 to 600 words. Many article directories will not accept articles less than 400 words, be sure that you give yourself some buffer space in case you make any changes.  Include a catchy title with the keyword. This will attract the reader and help the article be better targeted in search engine results.  Use subheadings. Break up an article using subheadings, thi also increases the professional look of an article.  You need to create author resource boxes at the end of your article with the sole intension of getting clicks to your squeeze page which would direct the reader to your website/blog. You should constantly test new resource boxes to get maximum number of clicks. Page 11
  12. 12.  You should ping the article you post, it will improve your link popularity.Many internet marketers choose to write their own articles, if you are capable ofdoing this then it is a great idea to help save money. Alternatively you can outsourceyour writing to a professional writing company. The cost per article will vary, but for abasic article directory site You can hire a writer to create unique articles on randomtopics and you pay a nominal fee of $5-$7 per article. If you are lazy, you can hire awriter or freelancer who writes and submits your articles for you). Again, you can visit and gain more information on the bestoption for article writing companies as well as read reviews of the products andservices. Finally, you can take advantage of the article submission services fromoutsourced companies to help you save even more time and money.A well-written article that is keyword rich and uses specific highly trafficked words willeasily bring in hundreds of clicks to your squeeze page. The better the quality ofwriting you have in your article, the more likely you are to get a viewer to clickthrough to your site. You can spin the article and make it unique again and submit itat various article forums or directories and provide a back link of your website. Page 12
  13. 13. Technique # 6: Video Marketing1. Create a video clipUse a video or digital camera to create your video clip. If its a talking head video(you talking into the camera) make the length no more than one or 2 minutesotherwise youll lose the attention of your viewers. Slide show presentations can belonger. Create your video slide show using Microsoft PowerPoint or OpenOffice (freedownload) then record your computer screen using Camtasia Studio. Save yourvideo clip as an MP4, AVI or WMV file.2. Include a call to actionTo redirect visitors to the opt in form on your web page include a call to action at theend of your video. For instance you could say something like, "for more informationplease go to...." then include your full website address. To motivate viewers to visityour web page offer them an incentive such as a free report.3. Distribute your videoUse TubeMogul or PixelPipe to distribute your video to multiple video sharingwebsites. Instead of receiving a trickle of traffic by uploading your video to YouTubegenerate a flood of traffic and back links by submitting it to multiple sites. Youll firstneed to create accounts at the different sites before using one of these videodistribution channels.4. Optimize your videoMost video sharing sites allow you to insert meta-tags. These tags give the title anddescription of your video. Make sure you include your main keywords in these tagsso people can find your video in the search engines. YouTube allows you to place alive link in the title meta-tag so be sure to include the full web address of your opt inlanding page.5. Announce your videoAdd your new video to your Blog, Website and Facebook and announce it to yourTwitter followers and newsletter subscribers to generate more traffic to your listbuilding page. When writing a blog post about your video be sure to include yourmain keywords in the title and content of your post (as well as the video) so searchengines will find your video.Video marketing is a very fast and effective method for generating back links, highpage rankings and attracting lots of visitors to your list building page. Make acommitment to create at least one video each week and watch your list grow. Page 13
  14. 14. Technique # 7: Pay-Per-Click AdvertisingList building can be less arduous if you know which ropes to full. Pay-per-clickhappens to be one of the reliable methods of list building techniques that canactually translate the web traffic to potential sales in a given period of time. Forbuilding a highly-responsive list, the following 5 rubrics should be kept in mind:1. Topping the list is not essential for generating good business. Just make sure thatyour business is on the first page itself, that too in the in-between ranks of 1-8 to sothat it will surely catch the attention of any user. The higher number of clicks your adreceives, the more profit you can make out of it.2. Using precise keywords is essential to make your page lick on search engines.Wordtracker, an online tracing tool will help you coin the appropriate keywords foryour website. Long tail words will cost you less and can aptly describe the productyou are selling. Using too many keywords or using very less can affect the ranking ofyour web page.3. The ad should be descriptive and should hint the user beforehand what is in storefor him, if he happens to click on that ad. The clicks your ad receives should befocused and should convert into sales in the end. Search engines like Google willcharge you for each and every click. If the user clicks several times on your adunnecessarily then you will be made to pay that money resulting in loss for you.Instead of wasting money for unwanted clicks, you can use the same constructivelyfor generating business-generating clicks.4. Keywords are the secret mantra for any website to top the realms of page rankingof the search engines like Google. People do not remember website names oraddresses usually and generally type in the words that best describe the productthey are looking for. It is these words that you should find out and use as keywordsin your website name and content for generating quick traffic to your business. Whilecreating the ad, use your instincts and market survey to find out which words will ringthe bell with the customers.5. The landing page of your website should be welcoming, precise and interestingfor the user to be able to spend few minutes going through it. Let the user getacquainted with your website and your products first, so that he can sign up for yourwebsite and can come back later looking for more. If the products and the offers areenticing enough on your website, the user will surely come back and might even donthe role of a buyer for your product. Trick lies in roping him in and making him staylong enough to make all this happen.Customer research studies reveal that, usually, a user is likely to make 7 contactswith the vendor before he actually ends up buying their product. Have patience andbuild your pay-per-click responsive list on one- by- one basis. Page 14
  15. 15. ConclusionList building is essential for the success of any internet business and the best way tobuild that list is by engaging your customers. Though our eBook has put forth only 7ways of optimizing the list; in reality, there are many ways in which you can convertthe user to a subscriber and to a customer at a later period.Build the relationship of trust with your subscriber first; let them know that you valuetheir presence, by rewarding them with tips, tricks, special offers and resources andsee how receptive they will be the next time you launch a new product on yourwebsite. Don’t rely on selling products alone; think of building long-lasting clientelethat can work wonders to your business. Earning user’s trust is essential whenselling business services or Affiliate products; the more they trust you, the more theydo business with you and make you more money.To your success,Steve LimWebsite: www.internetsuccessnetwork.com Page 15