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Why organo gold is creating so many millionaires in today


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Why organo gold is creating so many millionaires in today

  1. 1. Why Organo Gold is Creating So Many Millionaires in Today’s Economy Report by Annetta PowellThe full report can be downloaded at Contents When The Big Question Pops… Organo Gold: Why is this the Perfect Home Based Business Why Should I Start A Home Based Business? Why Is Coffee The Biggest Thing Today? Why Join The OG Movement? Meet Some of The OG Millionaires The Truth About A Home Based Business Why People Fail in Network Marketing FAQs About Organo Gold What makes Organo Gold the best company in the healthy coffee business? What makes the Organo Gold marketing system so easy? In what countries does the Organo Gold operate in? What comprises Organo Gold’s compensation plan? Why Choose Annetta Powell As Your OG Partner?© Annetta Powell 2012 Download the Full eBook
  2. 2. When The Big Question Pops…So, you have been spending all your life working a 9-5 schedule daily only to find yourself deprived ofthe material and financial gains that other people who decided to step outside of their comfort zoneare. You were robbed out of quality time with your family, friends and even yourself. Now you arewondering, is there any possible way out from this deadly routine that you’ve been following in life?Besides the countless sighs while thinking about every prospective part-time job that you can do foradditional income, you are close to giving in and accepting the kind of life that you have right now.Chances are there is still a persistent grain of hope inside of you that made you decide to check outOrgano Gold and you found me, Annetta Powell. Now that you found me, I want you to keep thatpositive attitude burning because you are about to discover a wonderful once-in-a-lifetime chancethatcould change your life forever. You are at the perfect place, at the right time – the time for you to takecontrol of your life and go for a detour that can lead you to a prosperous future. The best is still yet tocome…Organo Gold: Why is This the Perfect Home Based Business?Organo Gold is the only feasible home based business that has been creating a generation of multi-millionaires not only in the United States, but all over the world. Its primary mission is to help peoplelike you and me become healthy, wealthy and spread the knowledge of Ganoderma Lucidum all over theworld by implementing not only an attractive but a realistic system that can help you build a profitablehome based business.Ganoderma Lucidum, commonly known as reishi, is a hard, bitter mushroom traditionally used inChinese medicine to promote health and longevity. It is also the key ingredient of Organo Gold products,thus you are assured of countless health benefits.Why Should I Start A Home Based Business?Perhaps I have put you into a state of thinking as to whether you should start a home based business ornot. While I understand that you are really aiming to amass more than what your regular job can giveyou, I am also aware of the doubts and fears that are lingering in your heart and mind. However, let me© Annetta Powell 2012 Download the Full eBook
  3. 3. remind you that each of us is only given a single chance to live in this world and this fact alone shouldpush us into pursuing what we truly desire. Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years from now? Ifyour imagination reminds you of the things you don’t currently have, then you are definitely traversingdown the wrong path. This is a clear indication that you are not where you want to be in life. No need tofret, because this is the right time in your life for you to start a home based business.Going back to the question, “why should I start a home based business?” there are two main reasonswhy you should not hold back: time and financial freedom!Time FreedomTo date, time is the most priceless commodity that we trade for something else. We spend most of ourdaily time at work, sacrificing the quality time that we must spend with our loved ones. How many timeshave you been absent from special family occasions because you just can’t afford to lose an hour or aday’s pay if you call in unable to work? Do you wish that you could be at home with your childrenwatching them grow up day by day? Do you look forward to having some quality time for yourself andgoing on vacation so you can enjoy the fruits of your labor?A home based business allows you to work at your own pace. It entitles you time freedom that you justcan’t get when you are working for a company or for someone else. What can be lovelier than havingthe luxury of putting your time in your own hands and doing the things that you love to do on your ownschedule?Financial FreedomLet’s admit it, money makes the world go round and there are just so many things, both tangible andintangible, that we can’t buy because we don’t possess enough of it. While there are others who can doaway with life by just sitting silently on the porch and hanging out in their backyards, most of us can’tkeep up with the pace of the world by just remaining still. When reality sets in, we begin to realize howvaluable money is. The good thing is that with Organo Gold, each one is given the chance to cultivate hisor her own wealth. With undying commitment and zest for success, anyone can certainly come out as awinner in Organo Gold if they only believe that he or she deserve the best in life!© Annetta Powell 2012 Download the Full eBook
  4. 4. Organo Gold gives you the opportunity to earn as much as you can, and most of the time much morethan what you need. With its viable products and generous compensation plans, you can generate ahefty income!Why Is Coffee The Biggest Thing Today?Billions of people worldwide are greeted every morning with the aroma of either a freshly brewed orinstantly prepared cup of coffee. The latest coffee statistics from the International Coffee Organization(ICO) show that about 1.4 billion cups of coffee is being poured daily all over the world.The United States alone consumes about 45% of the mentioned cups or about 400 million cups a day.That’s a lot of coffee! With these figures, it is not surprising at all why coffee chains like Starbucks are allover the world.According to Yahoo Finance, Americans love fast food. The top 15 fast food chains in the nation raked ina combined $115 billion in sales last year, and their 105,000 total stores blank the landscape.Yahoo finance asked food industry research firm Technomic to put together a list of the biggest fast foodbrands in America. Theyre defined as LSRs — "limited service restaurants" — which include burgerjoints, sandwich shops, coffee cafés, pizza places and more and Starbucks placed at #3 with $9.75 Billionin sales last year with a total of 10,787 Starbuck locations and Dunkin Donuts placed at #7 with $5.92Billion in sales last year with a total of 7,015 Dunkin Donut locations. Based on the information alonefrom the Yahoo Finance, it tells you that coffee is a huge industry and people love coffee. is a multi-billion dollar industry with an estimated 9 billion dollar revenue. Each person in the U.S.spends about $4 for a cup of coffee and is in fact drinking several cups each day. Luckily, you won’t haveto trade an arm just to be able to franchise a famous coffee company, because with Organo Gold, youcan become the next coffee billionaire!© Annetta Powell 2012 Download the Full eBook
  5. 5. Compared to the regular coffee that you are sipping, the Organo Gold coffee product line is a healthieralternative. A fine, fully flavored gourmet coffee infused with an ancient secret (Ganoderma Lucidum),which is highly valued by kings and emperors more than gold centuries ago, can definitely put yourcoffee experience into a new perspective.If you have that think and grow rich attitude, take advantage of the world’s multi-billion coffee industryby becoming an Organo Gold distributor.The Beginning of Organo GoldBernie Chua worked for years in many different multi-level marketing companies. He was an executivewith Gano Excel and expanded its presence to other countries of the world. Gano is the companyresponsible for introducing him to the world products, such as coffee, that contain the ingredientganoderma in them.After more than a decade working with the company, learning about the product and developing keyproducts containing health benefits, he met Shane Morand. In the year 2008, the two founded OrganoGold with Jay Noland. The company’s popularity started off high with their healthy coffee.The company took in Holton Buggs, who is the Vice President of Sales, and several other key figures inthe marketing arena. Together, they worked on a plan to not only bring healthy coffee to people, but toallow distributors of the product to enjoy financial freedom if they chose to go after it.Why Join The OG Movement?With the thought of joining the Organo Gold movement hanging in your head, one of your biggestconcerns is probably the fact that it is a network marketing opportunity. I am aware that the networkmarketing industry has instilled some hard-to-deal-with trauma to many people who have invested in itand found themselves fooled and left with nothing. I understand how you feel and how the thought ofjoining a network marketing company frightens you. I, too, have been reluctant at one point in my lifewhen somebody approached me about this business. However, let me remind you that whatdistinguishes a successful individual from a failure is that the former take big, bold steps and surrenders© Annetta Powell 2012 Download the Full eBook
  6. 6. their self intelligently to certain risks that can bring about positive changes in their life. While you will beworried about should you invest in Organo Gold or not and then you decide not to join Organo Gold,chances are if you continue to watch from the sideline you will look up and your friend will be reapingthe rewards of Organo Gold while you are watching from the sideline.This picture is actually at an Organo Gold event I attended and you can see how many people have hadtheir lives changed by the Organo Gold opportunity. Now tell me this isn’t a movement?Meet Some of the Organo Gold MillionairesYou probably want to ask me about some of the Top Income Earners in Organo Gold. Well I have thefacts right here. If you still don’t believe me and you are still having second thoughts about signing upfor the business, then let me show you some of the more prominent figures in the history of OrganoGold distributorship.Holton BuggsIt was in September 2008 when Holton Buggs launched his OG business by starting out on a Gold Pack.He was $250,000 in debt and was about to lose his home to foreclosure. However, with hard work anddedication, he now earns a glittering $900,000 per month from his Organo Gold business. Life is whatyou make it when you decide to take control of your destiny. Learn more about Mr. Holton Buggssuccess in Organo Gold at: ArdonWho says that no one can win in Organo Gold? Well, twenty-eight year old Jose Ardon proves a lot ofpeople wrong. Mr. Jose earned $2 Million within the last 12 months as an Organo Gold Distributor.His success story comprises of a 4thgrade education and commitment he made to himself that despitethe ugly circumstances he was facing, he did not want to work for someone else. His desire and passionto succeed in life led him to try out a network marketing business and sure enough he failed, but it did© Annetta Powell 2012 Download the Full eBook
  7. 7. not discourage him from finding another network marketing opportunity. He later met Mr. Holton Buggsand decided for himself that Mr. Holton Buggs was the person he wanted to work with.The story goes on, Mr. Jose Ardon never gave up and since he continued to climb the latter he nowtakes home $500,000 monthly and he is the first Crown Ambassador in Organo Gold, which is thehighest rank you can achieve in Organo Gold.Learn more about Jose Ardon Organo Gold success at ImonitieAnother inspiring person that everyone in the Organo Gold business looks up to is David Imonitie. Hewas once a college dropout who is living proof that not everything we need to learn is found in school.While schooling plays a huge part in our personal and career development, Mr. David Imonitie shows usthat someone like him can still achieve the best that life can offer.At age 25, he got started in Organo Gold and managed to reach the rank of Crown Diamond in OrganoGold within three short years.Mr. David Imonitie accounts his success to the incredible mentorship of Organo Gold couple Mr. Holtonand Mrs. Earlene Buggs who coached him about the principles governing the creation of wealth throughthe Organo Gold home based business. David, as of June 2012, has reached a monthly income of$250,000.Amp up your enthusiasm with his incredible Organo Gold success story by going to:, Christian and Stephan Steinkeller© Annetta Powell 2012 Download the Full eBook
  8. 8. These three brothers are from South Tyrol, Italy close to the Austrian border. It was in August of 2008when a common personal acquaintance introduced them to the Organo Gold business. They initiallyused the opportunity as a means of a secondary income before turning it into a full-time businessventure. To date, the combined estimated earnings of the Steinkeller brothers amounts to about$145,000+ monthly, with a team size of about 35,000+ people. are just four of the millions of people all over the world whose lives have been drastically changedby the Organo Gold opportunity for the best. You can Google self made Organo Gold winners to find outmore success stories. Who knows, maybe you can be the next big name in the Organo Gold business.The Truth About A Home Based BusinessWhile everyone else is working a job (Just Over Broke), a home based business owner is splurging ontime and financial freedom. Think about this – earning a 4 to 7 figure income monthly from the comfortof your home, away from the hustle and bustle of a corporate or industrial work environment. Not tomention the lower stress levels and not having to deal with a nagging boss and envious co-worker tokeep your income. Gone are the days when thousands of people competed over a single job vacancy.You can work from home and enjoy just as many benefits as it you were working out of an office.In recent statistics, over 19 million Americans started to work at home in 2011 and this figure continuesto rise as the months pass. Direct selling is the most popular and most eligible way an entrepreneur canmake $19,000 per month on average. How about exerting more effort and working harder? This winningattitude can take you to even greater heights than you could have imagined!The website features direct selling facts and figures and MLMopportunities that you can check out for yourself. You will notice that among the top 10 home basedbusiness earners included 4 from Organo Gold: Holton Buggs at #2, Shane Merand at #5, JohnSachtouras at #7 and Jose Ardon at #8. While Amway tops the top 10 list with 5 of their members, buttake in consideration that Amway has been in existence for over 50 years and Organo Gold has onlybeen around since 2008, which is a little over 4 years and is achieving great success. Organo Gold Sales© Annetta Powell 2012 Download the Full eBook
  9. 9. in 2008 was $2 Million, 2009 $9 Million, 2010 $47 Million, 2011 $152 Million and in 2012 Organo Goldgoal is to do $300 Million in sales by December 31and as to date, Organo Gold in their first quarter did$100 Million in Sales. As you can see this company is growing fast, so why not be a part of Organo Gold.Organo Gold has also been recently featured exclusively in Success Magazine, only proving that it isgrowing enormously beyond control as more and more people across the globe discover its healthycoffee and has a great compensation plan.Enjoy the rewards of being an Organo Gold distributor right within the confines of your home and seehow much difference it will bring to your life!Why People Fail in Network MarketingYou may still contest me even when statistics have already been presented right in front of your veryown eyes and tell me stories about your friends or someone you may know who took risks in networkmarketing and failed. I am telling you don’t be awed or overwhelmed by too much negative criticismfrom what you have heard or read unless you have tried network marketing for yourself. Chances areyour friends joined the wrong network marketing company or misconstrued how it really worked.A lot of times, many people who encourage people to join network marketing opportunities don’t tell usthe truth so our pockets are empty and our passion for success is drained. Any network marketingopportunity comes hand in hand with your personal responsibilities. Once you decided to jump in it, youneed to let go of your laziness and procrastination. Your commitment to become successful takes timeand if you want complete financial freedom, even more time. No one becomes an overnight millionairein network marketing. It takes more than just believing. You have to believe while working harder toachieve your financial goals. This is what most people don’t understand. They sign up in networkmarketing businesses thinking that their cash will work for them and make them rich instantly. It doesn’twork this way! Remember that network marketing is a numbers game, so you must talk to a lot ofpeople on a regular consistent basis to keep the activity going in your business.When you become an Organo Gold partner, you will be working with mentors who will guide you by thehand to develop the right kind of attitude and skills that will help you become who and what you dream© Annetta Powell 2012 Download the Full eBook
  10. 10. to be. However, in the end, your success in network marketing will be dictated by the amount ofdedication, hard work, commitment and passion that you put in to it. Stop believing all the fakepromises you hear about network marketing and stop being lazy. Set up appointments and find leads tostart climbing the success ladder so you can take responsibility for your own victory!Organo Gold Products Organo Gold King of Coffee Organo Gold Black Coffee Organo Gold Gourmet Latte Organo Gold Gourmet Mocha Organo Gold Organic Green Tea Organo Gold Gourmet Hot Chocolate Organo Gold Black Ice Tea Organo Gold Red Tea Premium Gourmet Royal Brewed Organo Gold Gourmet Cafe Supreme Organo Gold Ganoderma Lucidum Mycelium Organo Gold Ganoderma Spore CapsulesFAQs About Organo GoldWhat makes Organo Gold the best company in the healthy coffee business?© Annetta Powell 2012 Download the Full eBook
  11. 11. Out of the three or four healthy coffee companies, Organo Gold is the best because it usesnanotechnology to capture the purity of Ganoderma spores, which is the key ingredient of its productline.What is the goal of Organo Gold leaders?The ultimate goal is to do $125 million in sales per month. Organo Gold is going to keep $62.5 tocontinue to grow Organo Gold and market the business and the other $62.5 will be shared among theTop Leaders in Organo Gold. The Visionary Goal is to capture 1% of the coffee market.What makes the Organo Gold marketing system so easy?Organo Gold’s main marketing strategy is handing out a sample of the coffee instead of just merelytrying to sell or convince individuals to sign up for the business. The more samples you hand out, themore exposure you will have. The more people you expose to the coffee by passing out the samples,the closer you will be to becoming one of the Top Income Earners in Organo Gold. Organo Gold has a 4Step System in place for you to achieve wealth beyond your wildest dreams. Feel free to check the 4Steps to Success call out at 916-233-3990 PIN 78302.In what countries does the Organo Gold operate in?The OG business operates in the United States, Canada, Dominican Republic, Peru, Ecuador, Jamaica,Mexico, Austria, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Spain, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, UK, Philippines andTaiwan and they are currently working on opening 80 more countries within the next 3 years.What comprises Organo Gold compensation plan?There are eight (8) different ways that Organo Gold pays: direct sales, fast start bonus, dual team bonus,unilevel, matching check bonus, leadership generational bonus, global bonus and the car bonus(Mercedes Benz Program). Organo Gold pays weekly. You can call 916-233-3990 PIN 71200 or go to to hear exactly how Organo Gold works.© Annetta Powell 2012 Download the Full eBook
  12. 12. Why Choose Annetta Powell As Your in Organo Gold Partner?Annetta Powell is one of the more prominent personal and professional success coaches that you canfind on the Internet. Starting in the network and Internet marketing business at age 32, she has built alarge team in Organo Gold and has a proven system that can help you accomplish just the same.Unfortunately, this Organo Gold business opportunity is not for everyone. Annetta Powell only workswith people who are serious about making a 6 Figure Income and changing their life for the better. Ittakes a certain type of individual to become a millionaire.If you have good work ethics, if you are coachable, teachable, you have a thirst for knowledge and youare a big dreamer but a bigger doer, if you are relentless about succeeding, and you are truly interestedin building a residual income, then you are the perfect person to join our team call Annetta Powell at800-557-9160.Look forward to working with you. Feel free to learn more about Annetta Powell or Google “Annetta Powell” and you will learn all about me!© Annetta Powell 2012 Download the Full eBook