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  1. 1. MACBETH English FAL Gr11 Reading and viewing Annemi Kruger
  2. 2. MACBETH PLOT  Story about the murder of a king.  Macbeth‟s rise and fall  Three witches who plot against Macbeth
  3. 3. CHARACTERS       Duncan: King of Scotland Macbeth: A general in the army of Duncan. Banquo: Macbeth‟s friend and general Lady Macbeth: Macbeth‟s wife Fleance: Banquo‟s son Macduff: Thane of Fife
  4. 4. THEMES:  Short tragedy  Tragedy of a  character  Tragedy of moral  order  Poetic tragedy
  5. 5. Macbeth Murder’s duncan  The audience gets the account of the murder as he retells the story to Lady Macbeth  The guards stir, but do not wake sufficiently to realize what is happening  Macbeth laments “I had most need of blessing and „Amen‟ / Stuck in my throat” (2.2.35).  Macbeth‟s “sleep no more” speech (2.2.38-46) suggests that he has murdered peaceful sleep as well – in fact, the two will not sleep well again for the remainder of the play.
  6. 6. The murder discovered In Scene 3, the porter provides comic relief to the tense scenes playing out on stage. Duncan‟s body is discovered and the guards are the prime suspects. Macbeth murders the guards before they can be questioned, saying, “Who could refrain, / That had a heart to love and in that heart / Courage to make‟s love known? (2.3.112-113) Macbeth is made High King of Scotland.
  7. 7. The apparitions  First apparition (an armed head): Beware Macduff  Second apparition (a bloody babe): No man born of woman can harm Macbeth  Third apparition (a royal child holding a tree): He will never be vanquished until Great Birnam Wood comes against him
  8. 8. The Death of the Macduffs  Macbeth plots the death of the House of Macduff He really has no motive to kill Lady Macduff and her children; they pose no threat to her Lady Macduff laments that she has been abandoned by her husband; he has left them alone, knowing that Macbeth will come for them; she calls him a traitor (4.2.4-5)
  9. 9. ACT 1  King Duncan hears about Macbeth‟s recent success in battling an army of Irish.  On the battlefield, Macbeth and Banquo encounter three witches.  The witches tell Macbeth that according to their prophecy, Macbeth will become King of Scotland.  However they also tell Banquo that his children will also one day be King
  10. 10. Act 2  Before killing Duncan, Macbeth suddenly has a hallucination; a dagger is floating in mid air pointing towards Duncan.  Macbeth rationalizes and concludes that the dagger is just a result of his mind coping with the guilt of killing the King of Ireland.  Macbeth leaves the hall to kill Duncan and Lady Macbeth enters.
  11. 11. Homework assignment Write an essay of 500 words where you discuss Macbeth‟s madness. Ranging from where he started to see the apparitions to killing the king. Due date: 20 March 2014
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