Varingfees 2009 -7 Nov 2009


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Helping Angels took the children of Colleens House of Hope to the Varingfestival in Brackenfell on 7 Nov 2009.

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Varingfees 2009 -7 Nov 2009

  1. 1. VARINGFEES 2009 Colleen’s House of Hope- 7 Nov 09
  2. 2. <ul><li>Helping Angels took the children of Colleen’s House of Hope to the Varingfestival in Brackenfell on 7 Nov! </li></ul>The day started off with getting free MTN hats for all the kids, and then a bit of jumping!
  3. 3. The festival organisers was so generous to sponsor us with free entry for the kids, as well as free rides for the day and lunch!! The kids loved the Lollos show…
  4. 5. Then it was time for the rides !!!!!!
  5. 9. Time for publicity pics with Pedro Kruger and the Varingfestival organisers The kiddies then got spoiled with new Frisbees and water bottles 
  6. 10. lunch time hotdogs and cooldrinks to fill up the tummies as well as taking a break from all the activities
  7. 11. The kids watched the shows on stage...
  8. 12. And Sharon (13) competed in the dance competition!!! With her fans cheering her on…..
  9. 13. We are proud of you Sharon!!!
  10. 14. Pro Kids was so kind to sponsor all of Colleen’s kids with a Biometric ID kit   This is a comprehensive secure database that stores fingerprints, photos and information of children that assist in the recovery of missing children. With the press of a button this information can be made available to the media, Police and other relevant parties when a child goes missing.
  11. 15. Thanks to the following people : <ul><li>Varingfestival organisers, thanks Roanda for your kindness and giving us this wonderful day with the children </li></ul><ul><li>Kareemah Jacobs for sponsoring the printed T-shirts for the children </li></ul><ul><li>To all the volunteers that helped on the day and to the Helping Angels team for taking the time to make this day possible for the kids: Jellie, Elza, Nicole, Joan & Gerrit you made this day great fun for all! </li></ul>
  12. 16. And after worrying all day looking up at the sky hoping it wont rain….3 minutes after leaving the festival, big raindrops started falling from the sky.  and lets just say the trip back home was very quiet…. Thanks everyone, Annemi