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Red Cross Hospital - Aug 2005


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Red Cross Hospital - Aug 2005

  1. 1. Red Cross Children’s Hospital - 21 August 2005 -
  2. 2. Hallie Zoe Our first stop! The oncology unit for cancer babies. As we entered we were greeted and escorted by two of the kids who were just too happy to see us, as were we to see them. Hallie is 2 years old and woke up to our ooh’s and aah’s as we entered. Zoe is 1 year and 7 months and is Hallie’s best friend. They share everything! Even our sweets and snacks! They were the mascots to our day of beautiful blessings…
  3. 3. Khaya Ndakisa This was our first stop inside the hospital itself. Unit B, for all kids who had sicknesses and chronic illnesses. There’s our lovely Lee-Anne trying to get a smile out of one of the little ones. Ndakisa is a little girl who hates fizzers! She cried when she saw them but settled for a lolly instead.
  4. 4. Mayoli Mayoli is one of the babies (6months old) who stares into space all day. His beautiful eyes captivated us and his spirit made us thankful for what we have and yet don’t value. He’s approximately 30cm tall.
  5. 5. Danielle Lisa These are the two orphans in the hospital. Danielle was brought into the hospital about a month ago. Her mother was tracked down and asked to fetch her but never showed up. The hospital’s next resort will be to send her to an orphanage. Lisa caught Lee-Anne’s heart when her eyes followed her as we left the ward. She’s also an orphan yet she is very healthy and responds so well to us. Lisa’s fate also lies within the hands of the hospital. Notice how the bottles are placed on blankets for support while they drink their bottles of milk as there aren’t enough hands to feed them individually.
  6. 6. Zinhle Onke Zinhle was one of our brightest little girls yesterday. She’s 10 years old and loves Usher and Spaghetti with mince!  She lives with her grandfather because she doesn’t have parents and is hoping to be discharged in September. She stays alone in a ward with a radio and her teddy named “Teddy”. Zinhle has been diagnosed with Tuberculosis. Onke is one of the burn victims at the hospital. Her smile could tell a thousand stories.
  7. 7. Kwakhanya Kwakhanya has water in her lungs. Notice the size of Aneshree’s hand next to her body. She grabbed her finger and when we left, she continued playing with her tiny fingers. She was just adorable!
  8. 8. Anganathi Vizicela Anganathi is a very sick baby. He suffers from Chronic Diahorrhea. He’s been in the hospital for quite some time as the living conditions in his home Aren’t conducive for his illness. He is however a very spunky lad. Vizicela is Annemi’s baby! Hehehe She grabbed a hold of Annemi’s finger and didn’t want to let go. We spent 5 minutes trying to part them two.
  9. 9. Wade Jamie Wade is a burn victim. He was sleeping like an angel when we got there. He has third degree burns on his legs. Below, he’s dreaming beautiful dreams Jamie (pronounced by her as “Damie”) is a 2 year old with one of the most magnetic personalities. She kept us laughing at her mis-pronunciations. She had a tumor on her brain two months ago.
  10. 10. Charlton OH MY WORD CHARLTON! This was by far the most energetic little one we met yesterday. He speaks Afrikaans and uses that smile to charm anyone! He tried to save us from his stuffed dragon! We had to bribe him into eating his food before he get any luxuries. What a delightful little one!
  11. 11. Alicia Alicia had third degree burns on her leg. She had a nice TV in her room but still made time for us to feed her and Allow us to enjoy her cute smile. She also contracted chicken pox while she was hospitalized.
  12. 12. Justin Dineo This was the last ward we visited-burn victims as well. These babies are in so much of pain but they still manage to smile and respond to everything that happens around them. They really are beautiful aren’t they…. They’re our little angels….
  13. 13. We will be sending regular mails with the details of our next visit. Please feel free to join us at any of these venues. We will stay in contact……. Annemi, Aneshree & Lee-Anne