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Pensioners Project Jul 2009


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Helping Angels CPT handed out food parcels to the pensioners in Bothasig and Brooklyn, thanks to donations from Tygerberg Junior School

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Pensioners Project Jul 2009

  1. 1. Pensioners Project Helping Angles CPT Food Parcel Handout 4 July 2009
  2. 2. Helping Angels CPT handed out food parcels to struggling pensioners in the Bothasig and Brooklyn area. A huge thanks to Tafelberg Junior School for donating food items for these less fortunate people! Pictures of Tafelberg Junior school handing over donations to Helping Angels’ fundraising manager, Joan van Kesteren
  3. 3. Getting ready for the handouts on Saturday morning A big thanks to the management team: Sharon, Nicole & Joan, you are amazing!! Michelle thanks for giving us the names of these people in need and helping with the handouts! Joan Michelle Sharo Nicol n e Some of the residents that received food parcels: Ivan, John, Neesha & Esther
  4. 4. More pics of the handouts at Brooklyn & Bothasig What an amazing experience to meet everyone and hear their stories… it was so sad to see some of their living conditions and to hear how some have been abandoned by their families. Their needs are so basic, but yet some do not have ANYTHING in their fridges, and I mean nothing! No meat, no veggies NOTHING!
  5. 5. Joan was so kind to prepare a huge pot of food, so apart from the food parcels they also received a hot meal. THANKS JOAN!! Here you can see Nicole dishing up  It is Paul’s birthday on 4 September, he will be turning 66 and he kept saying he hopes that he will make it till then, how sad is that!! Poor Paul can barely walk and he seems to really be struggling living alone.
  6. 6. Thanks to Gavin from 084 SHUTTLE, who helped us with the transport, and everything in between! Gavin you are a lifesaver! To everyone that helped to make these handouts possible… THANKS FOR MAKING A DIFFERENCE!