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Pensioners Project, Brooklyn - 12 Sept 2009


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Helping Angels handed out food parcels to 50 needy pensioners in Brooklyn on 12 Sept 2009.

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Pensioners Project, Brooklyn - 12 Sept 2009

  1. 1. Pensioners Project, Brooklyn 12 Sept 2009 Helping Angels CPT
  2. 2. Helping Angels visited the pensioners in Reyger Court in Brooklyn to hand out food parcels to 50 needy pensioners that are really struggling to survive.
  3. 3. These pensioners get R1010 in pension, with their Communicare flat rentals starting from R530 upwards, which leaves only about R400 or less for medical exp, food, electricity, etc, so they are really struggling!
  4. 4. …….. Our very own marshmallow Auntie Carol, all dressed in pink and white, same as all the curtains in her house. She gives the best hugs in the whole complex 
  5. 5. The day was filled with lots of tears and joy, helping these poor forgotten residents of Reyger Court brought much happiness to our hearts. Just look at this smile from uncle Paul… even though he didn’t have any shoes!!
  6. 6. Some members of the group even went back on Sunday to give Uncle Paul and his flat a makeover!!! Before and after…
  7. 7. Thanks to everyone that blessed Uncle Paul with new appliances and helped to clean out his flat! Well done Angels! Before and after…
  8. 8. We were so blessed with the wonderful helpers that made this day so special: Thea, Sandy, Alfrieda, Janine, Gerrit, Deanie, Gavin, Joan, Sharon, Olivia, Nicole and all the other helpers! Thanks for making a difference!!!
  9. 9. To our sponsors that made such a difference… • Tess Brorson • Lorraine Groothuizen • Young Eagles Christian Academy • Rita Walters & Annemarie Barnard • Storm Buckingham • J&A Bread suppliers • 084 Shuttle • All the people that collected food items, bags, toiletries, etc… so many people that helped!! A huge thanks from the Helping Angels Team!!