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Birthday Party At Masigcine - Jun 2009


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HELPING ANGELS CPT hosted a birthday party for 3 children at Masigcine Children's Home - June 2009

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Birthday Party At Masigcine - Jun 2009

  1. 1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Masigcine Children’s Home 6 June 2009
  2. 2. Its birthday time for some of the kids at Masigcine Children’s Home… Babalwa Bobotyana is 5 Andiphiwe & Andisiwe Mniti is 4
  3. 3. Andiphiwe & Andisiwe Mniti turned 4 Babalwa Bobotyana was unfortunately in hospital! We hope this little angel feels better soon!
  4. 4. Joan van Kesteren hosted a lovely party for the kids!
  5. 5. Lots of balloons & snacks…
  6. 6. A big thanks to Joan van Kesteren who hosted this party and made all the lovely snacks and goodies for the kids!!!