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Manager, Media Relations


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Manager, Media Relations

  1. 1. Anne Nicholson:Manager, Media Relations Applicant
  2. 2. Did you know that @PRNGreentech is the most influential volunteer handle? Only@PRNewswire and @PRNAlert beat us in popularity and influence*, despite the fact that wecover a niche market.*Source:, Accessed 4/22/2013
  3. 3. How can I assist the Audience Development team in theManager, Media Relations role?I am a(n)…@PRNGreentech CuratorClient Outreach ExpertSEO StrategistSenior Person in CCSTraining ResourceOnline Content ManagerTech Support SpecialistDedicated 5 year employeeAuthority on MultimediaCollaborator with Sales
  4. 4. The Manager of Media Relations will focus on increasing usage of PR Newswire services formedia and other content creators (PRNJ), with a focus on creating and managing news-feed registration campaigns and managing key relationships with media organizations. Our credibility with the media is vital to our clients who depend on us to send out their content. When journalists visitour site they know the information and our sources have been vetted. Our content is clearly attributed with a legitimatesource and media contact for more information. We must continue to build these media relationships in order to increase the value of our services both to ourclients, media and the public. This is where my client outreach experience comes in handy, as I’m comfortable givingpresentations and managing relationships. I can develop a communications strategy comprised of outreach and education, identifying and engaging with topinfluencers. For example, we do this already on the @PRNGreenTech handle. Ive created lists of influential journalistsand organizations that we go to for consistent, reliable information that gets retweeted. We could streamline the PRNJ interface to make it match the updated look of the rest of the PR Newswire website andProfNet, making it more user friendly. I could assist in the Q3 implementation of this as I already work hand in handwith tech for USES deployments.
  5. 5. This person will participate in creating credibility and influence for PR Newswire by beingan active voice in online conversations about the media environment, and via outboundcommunications campaigns that target specific groups. Increased Twitter curation - we could invest more time and have more involvement if we could develop the volunteerteam into full-time curators or if the curation work counted as a productivity statistic for customer content services. Wecould also offer more training resources for curators and a certification program, similar to the ones being rolled out inthe customer content services department for other skills. Google now highly features more social results than ever before and is an optimized platform that showcasesnews in a search friendly way. Once journalists see that on our pages theyll want to return again and again, using us as atrusted source of information. We should generate content on our website by creating industry-specific blogs that corresponds with our twitterhandles. This will do even more to provide value to our service and get our news out to those target audiences we aretrying to reach. We also have room for expansion with Facebook, Pinterest, and other social sites.
  6. 6. In addition, the Manager of Media Relations educates clients and staff about interactingwith media by writing articles, moderating webinars and blogging about the evolvingpractice of media relations. Staff: Ive already streamlined our SocialPost newsroom procedures and am a resource for staff on the subject. Id like to also reinforce our messages by creating webinars and talking points for content services so that they have thetools to make every release shareable. I can educate content services on how to counsel clients on that (i.e. using ashortened, tweetable headline so that our content is usable by media, practicing common SEO guidelines, includingmultimedia, etc.). Clients: One of the biggest challenges we have in the newsroom is bringing our clients into the world of emergingmedia and showing them that social media can be monetized. Clients want this information from us and staff will beable to provide that information based on the articles and webinars I present to them. Company-wide: I suggest we tie SocialPost into our premium wire distributions, making it standard for every releasethat goes out. Clients can opt out of it, but itll be tied into the cost. Lets increase the value of SocialPost by providing reporting, built into the visibility reports, for their tweets. Lets alsomove forward with the idea of tying clients social accounts directly to USES so that we can auto-post their news straightto their audience as well as our audience.
  7. 7. This person will also contribute to the overall goals of the Audience Developmentteam, including curation and creation of content for social media, including the brandTwitter account, @PRNewswire. I was personally responsible for the biggest spike in audience growth across all curated Twitter accounts when I joinedthe @PRNGreentech handle last summer. I can do the same for @PRNewswire. Twitter is the key market where we need to be building relationships with journalists and bloggers. If selected for theposition, I can build online communities and engage more influencers through our social accounts and continue to growour audience.
  8. 8. What’s my social mediastrategic vision?My strategic vision will:Define our ObjectivesFind our AudienceResearch InfluencersPost Popular ContentBuild Online PresenceConnect Brand with PeopleDrive Traffic to our SitesTrain CuratorsGather AnalyticsMeasure SuccessInfographic Source: The Social Lives of Press Releases
  9. 9. How will I benefit your team?Here are my few recent accomplishments: Social Media Ambassador 2012 Outstanding Colleague of the Year Award Winner 2nd Place for Catch of the Year for 2012 Expert ability to communicate orally including giving presentations, crafting webinars and speaking to groups Experienced with Content Management Systems CMS, XML/XHTML web publishing programs Basic HTML knowledge ( certificate), Microsoft, Adobe and Apple applications Skilled in public engagement/audience development tools: Twitter, Pinterest, HooteSuite, SocialBro, Klout Three Above and Beyond Recognition Awards in 2013 Alone: From Heather Brack, UAT Tech Manager From Jennifer Tolhurst, My Manager From Dominic Buccilli, Training Manager
  10. 10. If you like what you see so far, imagine what I can do once selected for theManager, Media Relations position!