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Employer Branding @ Atlas Copco

  1. 1. Employer BrandingKristian VandenhoudtAntwerp, April 14, 2013Insert picture here and delete this rectangle
  2. 2. Kristian Vandenhoudt: facts in briefLegal • European Commission• Université de Montpellier (Centre du Droit de la Consommation et de la Concurrence)• Lawyer (member of the Bar of Brussels)• Head Legal Department (TOTAL BeLux)Operations • Business Unit Manager (TOTAL BeLux)HRM • Director Personnel & Administration (Stork MEC)• Divisional Human Resources Manager (Atlas Copco - Airtec Division)• Vice President Human Resources (Atlas Copco - CT Service Division)(HR Process Owner for Employer Branding)© 2013 Atlas Copco, Kristian Vandenhoudt2
  3. 3. Atlas Copco: facts in briefEstablished 1873 in Stockholm, SwedenFour focused business areas • Compressor Technique (HQ in Belgium !)• Mining and Rock Excavation Technique• Construction Technique• Industrial TechniqueGlobal presence Customers in more than 170 countriesEmployees 39 800 in 90 countriesAnnual revenues 2012Market cap Feb 2012BSEK 90.5 (BEUR 10.5)BSEK 222 (BEUR 25.8)Operating margin 21.6%© 2013 Atlas Copco, Kristian Vandenhoudt3
  4. 4. Great products© 2013 Atlas Copco, Kristian Vandenhoudt4
  5. 5. Customers in all industries5 © 2012 Atlas Copco, Kristian Vandenhoudt
  6. 6. A strong brand portfolio6 © 2012 Atlas Copco, Kristian Vandenhoudt
  7. 7. Customers everywhereAfrica/Middle East12%30%EuropeNorth America20%South America10%Asia/Australia28%7
  8. 8. First in Mind—First in Choice ®8 © 2012 Atlas Copco, Kristian Vandenhoudt
  9. 9. Employer Branding StrategyA communication strategytowards current and potential employeesto be “First in Mind, First in Choice” ® as an employer
  10. 10. How can we make potential customers chooseour product?10
  11. 11. Building a strong brand11
  12. 12. How can we make potential employees chooseour company?12
  13. 13. Building a strong employer brand
  14. 14. Employer Branding3 componentstarget groups value proposition media
  15. 15. GAPEmployer BrandingEVP KADAtlas CopcoEVPEVPKADCompetitors Target Groups SWOTGAP
  16. 16. Employer BrandingTarget groupsThe Capacity Plan shows our manpower needsneeds
  17. 17. Why do we need a Hiring Plan to complement the Capacity Plan?Employer Branding
  18. 18. The Capacity Plan shows our manpower needsThe Hiring Plan shows our recruitment needsThe Employer Branding Plan makes us first in mind, first in choiceEmployer BrandingTarget groups
  19. 19. Employer BrandingIT, Finance, ...SalesService technicianstimeTarget groupsRecruitment needs – Atlas CopcoWhat is your Hiring Plan for the next 3 years?CapacityPLAN+hiring plan
  20. 20. Employer BrandingTarget groupsRecruitment needs – CompetitiontimeTotalCompany CCompany BAtlas CopcoWho are your main competitors on the labor market?What are their Hiring Plans?CapacityPLAN+hiring plan
  21. 21. Employer BrandingTarget groupsAvailable resources on labor marketTechnicalSalesIT & FinanceAvailableresourcesWhat factors influence the availability of target groupson the labor market in your region?time
  22. 22. Employer BrandingGapNeedAvailableAvailableresourcestimeTarget groupsAvailable resources on labor market
  23. 23. Employer BrandingTarget groupsInternal manpower supply throughinternships and apprenticeships...High turnover rate...S WTOIncreased inflow of womenin technical education...Gap between manpower needand market supply...Define other Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threatsin relation to your target groups.
  24. 24. Employer Branding3 componentstarget groups value proposition media
  25. 25. GAPEmployer BrandingEVP KADAtlas CopcoEVPEVPKADCompetitors Target Groups SWOTEVP KADEVPEVPKAD
  26. 26. What do we stand for as a company? EMPLOYEE VALUE PROPOSITIONEmployer BrandingValue propositionEVP is our DNA
  27. 27. Employer BrandingValue propositionWork style and cultureGlobalInnovativeCareer offerBusiness contextAtlas Copco Employee Value Proposition (EVP)Well-knowncustomersCaring cultureIndividual responsibilityDevelopment opportunityInternal career possibilitiesNumber ofnationalitiesOrganizationalhistoryPatentsEmployeesurveyTestimonialsMissionsTraininghoursKey PerformanceIndexInternal mobility Internal jobmarketLocal adaptation Local adaptation Local adaptationLocal proofs Local proofs Local proofs Local proofs Local proofs Local proofsAdapt the Atlas Copco EVP locally.
  28. 28. Employer BrandingValue propositionWhat EVPs do we have to compete with?Company CCompany BAtlas CopcoWhat are the main differences with your competitors’ EVPs?
  29. 29. What are the expectations of our target groups? KEY ATTRACTION DRIVERScareer opportunitiestraining opportunitiessalaryEmployer BrandingValue propositionDo you know the real KAD of your different target groups?
  30. 30. Employer BrandingValue propositionStrong company culture...EVP not distinct enough fromcompetitor EVP...S WTOCore values match expectations ofyoung generations...Weak image of industry in general...Define other Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threatsin relation to EVP and KAD.
  31. 31. Employer Branding3 componentstarget groups value proposition media
  32. 32. GAPEmployer BrandingEVP KADAtlas CopcoEVPEVPKADCompetitors Target Groups SWOT
  33. 33. Employer BrandingMediaWhich media do we currently useto communicate to our target groups?
  34. 34. Employer BrandingMediaWhich media do our competitors use?
  35. 35. Employer BrandingMediaThe better we know our target groups,the better we can select the right mediaWhich are the preferred media of your target groups?
  36. 36. Employer BrandingMediaCentrally located head officewith visible logo...Website not clear to outsiders...S WTOTeachers using Atlas Copco examplein lectures...Social media content difficult to control...Define other Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threatsin relation to media.
  37. 37. Employer BrandingGAPEVP KADAtlas CopcoEVPEVPKADCompetitors Target Groups SWOT
  38. 38. Employer BrandingAction planTarget groupsValue propositionMediaFemale, technical educationAge 25-30Caring culture: room for family & childrenInternetPublish female employee testimonial on website+ send tweetTiming: after summerCost: working hours + resources needed
  39. 39. Employer BrandingAction plan+ Budget+ Timing+ Measuring instruments+ Budget+ Timing+ Measuring instrumentsAction 1Action 2Action 3, 4, ...+ Budget+ Timing+ Measuring instruments++=
  40. 40. Employer Branding
  41. 41. Weakness: no transparency on careeropportunitiesEmployer Branding - BelgiumAction planTarget groups Threat = Technical education & jobs lessattractive for females (only 10% of the engineerstudents in Belgium are females)Weakness : no testimonials on website, via PR,via direct contacts ambassadors (company visit)411. Pleiades2. Techno Girls3. Female Mentorship Program4. Female ambassadors
  42. 42. Company visit of Secondary school : 17 – 18 year oldstudents who need to choose their further education―Pleiades‖ event:Network event for employees―Techno Girls‖:10-12 year old girls discoverhow attractive industry canbe42
  43. 43. 43Female Mentorship Program: interview with MarinaKrassyuk and her mentor Paul FringeTestimonials of femaleambassadors
  44. 44. Weakness: no transparency on products,processes and applicationsEmployer Branding - BelgiumAction planTarget groupsWeakness: closed company culture and lessopportunities for potential employees to participatein customer eventsThreat: decreasing number of technical profiles asa result of weak image of technical industry441. Product launches2. Open Company Day3. I-days
  45. 45. 45Product Launches:as part of job eventImprove image of Industry:I(ndustry)-DaysCreate transparency on our activities:Open Company Day (discover the secret of Compressor Technique)
  46. 46. PR Strategy : Story model46merational emotionalproximitysignificanceprominenceconflicthumaninterestunusualnesstimelinessnewnessworld
  47. 47. 47140 years Atlas CopcoDe Tijd – 22-02-2013 – Ad Value: € 4 461.76
  48. 48. 48Engineers day & Equal Pay dayL’Echo – 20-03-2013 – Ad Value: € 1 573.29
  49. 49. 49Other actionsDe Tijd – 16-02-2013 – Ad Value: € 16 740.54L’Echo – 23-02-2013 – Ad Value: € 11 314.39Facebook: 141– Twitter: 27
  50. 50. 50Other actionsKmo-insider.be – 25-01-2013Chronique – 01-02-2013 – Ad Value: € 564.92Engineeringnet.be – 27-02-2013La Libre – 01-03-2013 – Ad Value: € 4 412.53People Sphere – 01-12-2012 – Ad Value: € 11 758.04
  51. 51. Media coverage on prime time TV51
  52. 52. Employer brandingBelgium: www.meetatlascopco.beOBDATVJobeventInterview RLDM: StudentworkTechnogirlsJobfairsTwitterFacebook
  53. 53. Social Media Strategy:
  54. 54. 54Equal Pay Day + Day of the Engineer + Happiness Day
  55. 55. 140 year Atlas Copco55
  56. 56. 140 year Atlas Copco56
  57. 57. 140 year Atlas Copco5713/02 – 140 jaar Atlas Copco? (90 mentions)21/02 - we zijn jarig! + Virginie Claes interviewt (246 mentions)25-27/02 – 140yr Atlas Copco album + ARPIC (130 mentions)
  58. 58. Social Media Statistics - Facebook58*Like stats tot 24/03
  59. 59. Social Media Statistics - Twitter59
  60. 60. Weakness: international multinational with strongfocus on innovationEmployer Branding - BelgiumAction planTarget groups Threat: unknown by general public (Influencers)Weakness : old fashioned mainbuilding, B2B,…601. Banner@Brussels Airport2. Restyling HQ3. Bannering on trailers4. Use of corporate logo
  61. 61. 61Positioning @ BXLAirport:“Imaging what you can do withair”
  62. 62. 62Atlas Copco logo:Increase visibility by use of corporate brandRestyling main building @ Airpower:Make our facilities more attractive
  63. 63. Employer Branding - BelgiumAction plan Target Group: Increase the interest for technicaljobs via students & influencersMessage: Share Atlas Copco technology, career-& development opportunitiesMedia: Organize guest lectures & events,communicate via ambassadors & inspiringmanagers, Use Website & Social media as aknowledge portal631. Schools as stakeholder2. Job fairs & Job event3. Guest lectures4. Working principles5. Sponsorship
  64. 64. 64Job fairs and AC Job event:Network events between students &ambassadorsGuest lectures:Share AC technology and processesat Universities or events.
  65. 65. 33 engineering students – Lessius College …… building the first Belgian electrical race car …… to compete in an international race (UK – Germany – Italy)!Lessius Racing team:Collaboration between Atlas Copco and Engineers students.65
  66. 66. 66
  67. 67. 67Share Atlas Copco technology:Working principles & compressed airmanual is used by teachers duringcolleges
  68. 68. Employer Branding - BelgiumAction planTarget group: general public, employees &influencersMedia: organize CR activities and set up actionwere employees become ambassadors.Communicate via social media and PRmainstream media (story model: Human interest)Message: Communicate on our Corporateresponsibility projects and strengthen ouremployee engagement681. Fan for life2. CR world map3. 10miles4. ―Atlas Copco spotted‖
  69. 69. 69Use of social media:Launch of EB Facebook page linked tocorporate engagement of Atlas Copco
  70. 70. 70Corporateresponsibility ofAtlas Copco:Interactive map withinfo on social projectsaround the worldProject with KarinHolmquist to shareour map in the Groupand to manage thecontent.
  71. 71. 71Belgian employees running for a good cause:
  72. 72. 72―Atlas Copco spotted‖:Employees post pictures from our products during theirvacation on Facebook.Atlas Copco worldwide presence!
  73. 73. 73Committed tosustainable productivity.