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Lesson 5 culture clashes


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Lesson 5 - pp. 157 – 181

Published in: Education
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Lesson 5 culture clashes

  1. 1. L.O. Understanding Marji’s culture shock and changes as she settles into a new life
  2. 2. Starter • Discuss in pairs: • What would be the biggest problem/ culture shock you might face if you had to move fromKenya to Iran. • How do your issues compare to whatMarjane experiences in her first weeks in Austria?
  3. 3. Comparing frames of reference • What does this conversation (page 158) tell you about eachof the girls’ frames of reference? • Can youconnect it to problems Marjanewill havelater on in her time in Austria?
  4. 4. Clashing characters and friends • How would you describe Marjane at this point in her life & • How would you describe Shirin? • Is it fair on Shirinthat Marjane secretly calls her ‘Shirin the inane’ (p.160)? • What makes Marjane connectto Lucia(p.174) andto some of her classmates after a while (p.169)?
  5. 5. Fitting in • Two concepts play an important role in Marji’s attempts to fit into her new surroundings: food & reading. • Look for examples of her using both food and reading, and describe how successful Marjane is using these ideas to fit in. • Also, explain how she uses images, speech bubbles, emanata, voice over and facial expressions to clarify what is going on in the panels you picked as you evidence.
  6. 6. Rounding off • How successful is Marjane at fitting into her new life? • What causes this?