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UChicago Alumni Association - LinkedIn for Job Search, Networking and Career Building


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LinkedIn® is simply the most powerful online tool for job search and career building today, and it keeps evolving.

In this webinar for The University of Chicago Alumni Association and guests, executive coach and writer Anne Marie Segal discusses how to build your credibility and opportunities on LinkedIn, including profile writing styles, job search tools and tactics, networking strategies, thought leadership and profile optimization in the age of artificial intelligence.

This hands-on presentation includes content-rich slides and handouts to illustrate advanced functionality and help you leverage the LinkedIn platform to move your career forward.

For more information about Anne Marie, please visit the Segal Coaching LLC website at:

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UChicago Alumni Association - LinkedIn for Job Search, Networking and Career Building

  1. 1. Anne Marie Segal, AM ’96 March 14, 2019 LinkedIn® for Job Search, Networking and Career Building
  2. 2. About LinkedIn LinkedIn is simply the most powerful online tool for job search and career building today, and it keeps evolving. There are a host of reasons to be present on the platform, build out your LinkedIn network and maintain a profile is clear, current, consistent, compelling and optimized. Professionals in certain fields benefit more from LinkedIn than others. If your colleagues (and/or clients) are on LinkedIn, it is the place for you. Note: I receive no compensation from and am not affiliated with LinkedIn. © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. How LinkedIn “Fits In” Out of four main spheres in career-building and transition, and LinkedIn may touch one or all of them. • Vision / Direction – Career / Life • Organization / Optimization / Effectiveness – Time / Energy / Resources • Presentation / Branding – Resume – LinkedIn and Your Greater Online Presence – Interviews – Networking / Other Career-Related Communications • Leadership / Thought Leadership
  4. 4. Why LinkedIn Matters Recruiting / Job Search Tool (with ATS, AI and ML) Lead Generation (your leads + others finding you) Credibility / Verification (presence / profile) Platform (thought leadership / “mini-blogging”) Research Networking / Referrals and Recommendations “Rolodex” The elements above may take different priority levels for each of us, and entrepreneurs and others obviously have additional uses (client-generation, etc.) © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. LinkedIn: By the Numbers Source: (as of 12/6/18). © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. LinkedIn Users 590M US Users 154M Active Monthly Users 260M Senior-Level Influencers 61M Decisionmakers 40M (incl. 11M Millennials) Students / Recent Grads 40M Earners of $75K Annually 44%
  6. 6. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning New Way: Want-Ads that (May) Want You LinkedIn is a superdatabase that employs artificial intelligence and machine learning – working in the background - to power many of its important features, including to determine which candidates match open roles. © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. Old Way: Want-Ads
  7. 7. LinkedIn’s AI/ML: Want-Ads that Want You Open Candidates is a powerful feature LinkedIn has added to its platform to match candidates with jobs. “Candidate spotlights” include: Open • Likely to Respond • Company Connections Engaged with [Company’s] Talent Brand • Past Applicants By identifying signals from [LinkedIn members who have turned on] Open Candidates, as well as member actions (i.e. connections or viewed jobs), we’re able to gather the data that surfaces candidate spotlights such as “likely to respond” or “open to new opportunities.” Source: John Jersin, “How LinkedIn Uses Automation and AI to Power Recruiting Tool,” available at: automation-and-ai-to-power-recruiting-tools See also: © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) Systems Recruiter System Connect (RSC) integrates LinkedIn profiles with many leading (but not all of the 200+) ATS systems, allowing recruiters to export and view candidate profiles and streamline the recruiting process. For example, companies can use RSC to power their “Past Applicants” spotlight and see the best candidates based on prior interactions stored in the company’s ATS. © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. Image credit: LinkedIn.
  9. 9. Open Candidates Feature: Benefits and Choices* © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. *Tread cautiously if currently employed. If unemployed, use Open Candidates. Don’t write: “Open to new opportunities.” Don’t take all open invitations to connect: You will confuse LinkedIn’s algorthms by having irrelevant connections. See Robert Hellmann’s article: looking-for-a-job-dont-tell-linkedin/#2b62b20c1e75
  10. 10. Lead Generation for Job Search Candidates © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. • “Open Candidates” (renew each 90 days) • Headshot • Headline • Job Titles • Skills • Keywords/Narrative (gear to audience, match overall personal brand) • More AI/ML – your contacts, activity, etc.
  11. 11. LinkedIn: Job Search Terms and Functionality © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. Job posts: check out CONNECTIONS AND ALUMNI >
  12. 12. LinkedIn for Job Search © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. • Search for jobs within LI platform • Check “Jobs You May Be Interested In” and “Jobs In Your Network” on jobs page • Get email alerts for job posts • Research companies and see connections at each • “Easy Apply” button • “Featured Applicants” (LI premium – to be discussed) • Networking building, connections and posts
  13. 13. Research: Companies & Connections © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. Profile: Network Connections’ View © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. Consider how your profile and banner will appear in all formats, including mobile.
  15. 15. Recruiters’ View: Snipets & Search Terms Open Candidates - Past Applicants - Connections © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. Some helpful links to understand how recruiters use LinkedIn:
  16. 16. LinkedIn Profile Fields (Edit Mode) © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. See also “Profile Fields” handout.
  17. 17. Public Profile Settings © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. Choosing what shows up in a public search
  18. 18. Headshot Goal: Balance of Professional and Welcoming - > < - © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. Images to avoid: too relaxed, tense or unsmiling, bad or uneven lighting and the obvious crop (to remove another person from the photo)
  19. 19. Headline, Job Titles & Skills © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. Your headline, job title and skills are given extra “weight” in the LinkedIn algorithm (to match you with searches of candidates) • Headline: Make it descriptive and engaging with an appropriate tone and keywords; also it should match your brand (e.g., don’t label yourself something you no longer want to be) • Job Titles: Combine actual title with descriptions if helpful (not just Vice President, for example, but include Marketing | Latin America, even if not “technical” title) • Skills: Include a wide range of skills (up to 50) across: Top Skills (you can list three), Industry Knowledge, Interpersonal Skills, Tools & Technologies, Languages and Other Skills
  20. 20. Skills (and Endorsements) © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. There are 50K+ skills on LinkedIn (with redundancies). As a writer, I keep a growing master list of hundreds of skills, some of which are: Full directory (not search friendly): • Logistics • Negotiation • Operations • P&L • Patent Litigation • Pharmaceuticals • Private Equity • Procurement • Python • Spanish • Start Ups • Talent Management • Audit Committee • Business Strategy • Cash Flow • Commercialization • Concept Generation • Cross-Functional Team Leadership • Energy Derivatives • Entrepreneurship • Facility Management • GDPR • Legislative Testimony • Loan Portfolio Analysis
  21. 21. LinkedIn Summary: Why is it so Hard? © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. Why is it so hard to write a great profile? You are not alone. Here are some of the stumbling blocks, even for great candidates: Fear Inexperience Lack of time Lack of drive Lack of inspiration Lack of perspective Another common stumbling block is holding multiple roles and/or considering multiple targets and not knowing how to address them both in a single summary. We will get to this! Embarrassment Distractions Confusion Poor writing skills Poor proofreading skills Impatience
  22. 22. LinkedIn Summary © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. Make drafting easier by outlining key reference points: • Audience(s) – What they need? Why should they hire you? – Repeat for multiple audiences, if applicable • Personal Value Prop / Branding – If multiple role or targets, decide what comes first and what is the complementary aspect – or are they close enough to cover together? • What and how much to share? • Narrative / Tone • Keywords (gear to audience, match to brand) See examples in handout.
  23. 23. How to Write Your Profile Summary © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. 1) Follow any process that has brought you success in the past, or 2) Try this: • Review your resume and other career documents. Highlight most important points to communicate about you, including accomplishments or special skills relevant to your audience. • Make rough notes about points to cover, such as value prop and keywords. • Choose a structure/order/length (max. 2000 characters). • Locate and print out 3-5 profiles with elements you wish to emulate, circling the portions that resonate for you and apply to your audience. • Write what comes/keep writing – no perfectionism allowed at this point. • Determine what flows/works best and drop it into a new document. • Revise and seek feedback as needed. See examples in handout. Don’t post or rehash your resume on LinkedIn!
  24. 24. Examples of “Straddling”: Career Evolution, Multiple Roles or Targets © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. From new graduates to seasoned professionals, it is extremely common to have more than one target role or audience, such as: • Recent Graduate – considering two types of roles or undecided • Academia or Non-Profit & Industry • Executive & Board of Directors • Individual Contributor & Management • Consulting Clients & Full-Time Job Search • Current (Safe) & Dream (Risky?) Roles • Career Changer Some specific examples: • Attorney & CEO, COO or Business Role (current role + open to possibilities) • Business Mgmt. & Risk Mgmt. (hold dual roles, both highly specialized) • Programmer/Coder & Musician (different fields – can they tie together?)
  25. 25. Multi-Faceted Summaries or Audiences © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. When your narrative has multiple themes and/or audiences, structuring and tone are very important. Structuring: - How much emphasis do you want to give to each? - Should they all get “equal play” or should one be the central theme and another added on? - Does one support the other or are they completely separate? Is there a novel way to bring them together? - Can you support three separate areas (very hard to do) and does that make the most sense? Tone: - If each audience has a certain lexicon or style that works best, how do you create a cohesive narrative?
  26. 26. Overview of LinkedIn Network(ing) © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. 1st Degree 2nd Degree 3rd Degree You Kevin Smith Lisa Garcia Gary Andreas You work with Kevin Kevin knows Lisa from conference Lisa knows Gary from kids’ summer camp Steve doesn’t know Kevin Lisa knows Kevin and Steve, not you Gary knows Lisa, not Kevin or you Gary works at Amazon, where you have an interview, and is a U Chicago alum First Degree = You Connected with Them Second Degree = Connected to One of Your Connections (Not to You) Third Degree = Two Degrees of Connection Between You (No Closer Connection) All can see your profile, plus those in your groups. This is your ”LinkedIn network.” You also have a public profile which can be set for search engines.
  27. 27. Activity: Posts and Pulse Articles © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. To get to the right screen, click on the “in” icon at the left of the toolbar.
  28. 28. Sharing Original Content, Video and Links © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. • Post engaging and timely news, thought leadership and information • Share others’ posts • Speak to your audience • Be gracious when sharing awards or honors (but do share them!) • Consider adding hashtags and/or tagging others (use #topic and @Name) • Aim for variety • Keep it relevant • Respond to comments
  29. 29. Continued/Systematic Career Building © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. • Many professionals ignore or minimally engage with LinkedIn following a career transition. • If you want to continually evolve in your career, this is (most likely) a mistake. • Any day, the right opportunity can arise. (Will they find you?) • Make engagement on LinkedIn a habit, not a chore. • Find ways to delight in the engagement. • Help yourself move in the direction you wish to develop. • Don’t forget to change your password periodically! LinkedIn can work for you, but only if you invest in making it work.
  30. 30. Further Resources “15 Ways to Boost Your LinkedIn Profile,” Forbes linkedin-profile/#3a410bbb3137 “LinkedIn Profile Pictures: Do They Make You Want to Connect?” Segal Coaching Blog connect There is also a plethora of resources on Inc., Forbes, Business Insider and other sites. Search for “maximize LinkedIn profile” or another relevant phrase. UChicago Career Advancement Resources Image credits in slides above: Main image of Anne Marie: © 2018 Alejandro Barragan. All rights reserved. Additional images of Anne Marie: © 2018 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. Other images sourced from Adobe Stock Images (slides 2-3) and LinkedIn (remaining slides).
  31. 31. Presenter Anne Marie Segal, JD, CCMC, CPRW and NCOPE Executive Coach, Career Strategist and Resume Writer Background: 15 years in law and finance, prior to coaching Education: J.D., NYU Law School; A.M., University of Chicago; and B.A., Loyola University of Chicago Upcoming Seminars: Books: Master the Interview: A Guide for Working Professionals and Know Yourself, Grow Your Career: The Personal Value Proposition Workbook Articles and Media Quotes: LinkedIn: Website: © 2019 Anne Marie Segal. All rights reserved. This presentation is not legal advice.
  32. 32. Thank you for joining today’s broadcast To find out about upcoming programs and to view previous webinar recordings, visit