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Re imagining the future of local government 2017


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Features of innovation and how community can be leveraged to solve local challenges.

Local government innovation - Local Government Professionals NSW

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Re imagining the future of local government 2017

  1. 1. Reimagining the future of Local Government @ChiefDisrupter
  2. 2. Global challenges •Systemic failure •Rise of Robotics and AI •Disaffection from government & politics
  3. 3. What does this mean? Government services failing 01 Infrastructure failures 02 Rising unemployment 03 Increasing divide in wealth 04
  4. 4. Local Government More relevant 01 More agile 02 Shape communities 03
  5. 5. The Opportunity Connect Mobilise Co- create Invest
  6. 6. Leadership Vision Courage Inspire Enable
  7. 7. Local Hubs •Maker spaces •Technology and creative skills •Collaboration spaces
  8. 8. Join me – Ask me how @ChiefDisrupter